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10 Kids Fashion Trends That Will Be Big in 2024

No matter how old your kid/kids are, you might have realized that they’re as aware of fashion as you. This is why they might have started searching for their style early on and if so, you might want to help them discover what they actually like. One of the things that could make it easy for you is if you suggest some popular kids’ fashion trends that are bound to be big in 2024.

However, when you think about how most fads come and go quickly, you might feel a bit confused and overwhelmed. But, there is no need for that, mostly because the article below will feature some things that you might want to consider suggesting to your children. Here’s a list of 10 kids’ fashion trends that will be big during this year:

1. For a Colorful Look: Tie-Dye

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Tie-dye has made a comeback once again, which is why you can see it on most kids’ shirts, dresses, and skirts this year. These colorful and creative clothes can be incredibly fun for your children to wear and if you want to, you could choose to make them with your kids at home! Not only will they be able to choose the colors that they want, but you’ll also ensure that you spend some quality and fun time with your kids as well!

2. For a Classic Look: Polka Dots

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If you browse through some online stores such as, you’ll see that polka dots were some major motifs for some really trendy clothing pieces. A lot of popular brands such as Marc Jacobs decided to go for this print as well, which is why it’s pretty safe to say that they’ll be popular throughout the year. From skirts to shorts, all the way to headbands and sneakers, your kid will certainly find something that he or she likes.

3. For a Feminine Look: White Dresses

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There is nothing more feminine than a white dress, and during this season, a wide range of brands opted for including light, airy, and beautiful white dresses in their kid’s selection of clothing. Hence, if your daughter is completely girly and enjoys wearing dresses, you should ensure that she has at least one white piece in her closet. This will allow her to combine it with other clothes and accessories, so, it could help her discover what she likes.

4. For a Rebel Look: Western

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This is, perhaps, one of the favorite trends in 2024, mostly because it allows children to combine different pieces together. Why is it a favorite trend? Well, for starters, both boys and girls can wear western pieces, but more importantly, it allows them to combine modern and old. For boys, they can wear cowboy boots combined with denim pants and white shirts, while girls can always choose to combine dresses with two-tone cut-out pink boots. The possibilities are endless, which is why children love the western look.

5. For an Adorable Look: Fruit Prints

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Summer is here, which is why a lot of kids’ clothes feature a wide range of fruits such as cherries, lemons, oranges, and strawberries. So, if your kid loves colors and fruits, you could opt for getting her or him some pieces that they could combine with other clothes in their wardrobe. Another interesting thing is that you could match your outfit with your kid’s which is incredibly adorable if you’re heading to an event together.

6. For a Chick Look: Stripes

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This year, a lot of classical motifs are making a comeback and the same can be said for stripes. Although they have always been popular, currently they’re everywhere. This means that most 2024 kids’ collections will feature some clothes with stripes. The most popular combination seems to be the sunny yellow stripes, however, a lot of kids opt for the vibrant and colorful rainbow stripes these days.

7. For a Casual Look: Checkered Prints

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If your kid wants to go after the casual look, you could show them some clothes that feature checkered prints. The simple and comfortable clothes can be combined with shorts, skirts, and pants, hence, your kid could easily determine what they like. Additionally, it’s a timeless look, one that could be worn in both formal and informal situations, hence, you can ensure that you’re kid is comfortable with what they’re wearing, even if they’re, for example, attending a wedding with you.

8. For a Sports Look: Athletic Clothes

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Your kid might love sports and if so, you could choose to purchase them a wide range of comfortable sports clothes. From leggings to baggy hoodies, all the way to some really amazing sneakers, there are literally thousands of options. Keep in mind, your kid could wear athletic clothes in school or in general, so, you can ensure that they show off their love for sports through the clothes that they are wearing.

9. For a Creative Look: Mixed Fabrics/Prints/Textures

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Nowadays, most children want to stand out from the crowd, hence, your kid might opt for combining different fabrics, prints, and textures together. The entire combining process will be incredibly fun for them and they can also ensure that they stand out from the crowd by, for example, combining modern and traditional jacket fabrics together. They’ll definitely look unique and they can get entirely creative with their clothes.

10. For a Futuristic Look: “High-Tech” Prints

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Last on our list of trends, but as popular as all the other option is the futuristic look, one that uses high-tech futuristic prints and motifs. Fabrics, prints, and motifs that feature holographic or metallic coating are increasingly popular in various selections, which is why your kid might also want to have a shirt or hoodie that features this coating. Keep in mind, some of the most popular colors are rainbow that has holographic effects.


There is a wide range of kids’ fashion trends that are bound to be extremely popular during 2024. And, if you wish to help your child or children discover what style they prefer wearing, you should definitely consider suggesting some of the looks we featured in our article above.

Since you now know what you could suggest, you really shouldn’t lose any more of your time. Instead, you might want to sit down with your kids, tell and show them some of the popular trends, and once they determine what they like, start browsing different online stores together.

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