Big Head? No Problem! 5 Hat Trends to Try Now

Big Head? No Problem! 5 Hat Trends to Try Now

Hats can become a crucial component of your wardrobe because they enhance your outfit and make you seem stunning by adding the perfect finishing touch. Hats exist in many styles and dimensions. Many manufacturers work hard to create the best hat models every day.

However, several people often ask, “Can men with large heads don hats?” It is so because most people believe hats are best styled on small and average-sized heads. Then again, large hats are designed especially for men with large heads.

It would be awkward to wear a little hat on a large head. In addition to being uncomfortable, it throws off the balance of your entire outfit and makes it hilarious. As a result, this article will assist you by identifying a few hats that may work well for large heads.

1. Cowboy Hats

Cowboy Hats

Nothing in your wardrobe is more adaptable than a cowboy hat. This hat will accessorize any outfit and offer sufficient shielding from ultraviolet rays and the cold.

A leather cowboy hat will be smoother and cozier than a typical felt hat. Additionally, leather hats often work better and may feel less heat on your head in hot conditions.

Furthermore, this hat comes in different sizes, allowing you to choose the ideal, comfortable fit. Cowboy hats will relieve your problems if you are sick of searching in stores for hats that can accommodate a larger head size.

Nothing is more timeless than a cowboy hat, and you’ll appreciate the access to this selection daily.

2. Fedoras


Most people automatically think of a fedora when you mention “men’s formal hat” unless you ask them to envision an elaborate top hat.

A fedora differs from a trilby or a bowler because of its pinched sides, crease-down middle, and medium-width, adjustable brim. However, Fedora has become a catch-all for any styled felt men’s hat featuring a wide brim in modern times.

Depending on the season and the event, the user could bend the brim upward or downward decades ago.

The fuzzy firm-brimmed hat is back in style right now and makes a great complement to your wardrobe. Even though fedoras come in many shapes and hues, it is better to stay with those with a more muted color palette and moderate widths.

Nothing is more timeless than a fedora. When you wear this hat, you’ll love how light and cozy it feels, and the superior lining will keep your scalp comfortable and cool even in heated weather. Fedoras look excellent on heads of all sizes and are a great way to spruce up casual clothing.

3. Snapbacks


The classic casual kind of hat for men is the snapback. Although it is a baseball cap’s cousin, New York Yankees fans are credited with its start in the 1990s.

Snapbacks set themselves out from baseball caps in some ways, regardless. They include a flat bill, a five-panel design, and a plastic pin-and-hole fastener on the back for alterations. These days, you can find it in large sizes, and many people view it as a necessary item for fans of trendy hats.

You can rock this hat with your big head because you can adjust it to fit your head size and conformation.

4. Bucket Hats

Bucket Hats

When you want something stylish and functional to wear on your head, a bucket hat is a terrific option. You’ll like how easily you can fit this hat into your suitcase when you bring it on vacation and how versatile it is as a seaside hat and an accent to liven up any outfit.

It is an excellent option for sun protection instead of needing a hat with a big brim.

The bucket hat is an intersection between the basic design of the ball cap and wide-brimmed forms like the Fedora hat. When you wear this type of hat for convenience, you will benefit from the advantages of both style options, and the knowledge that this is a relatively trendy style in 2024 isn’t detrimental either.

This year’s popular hat type is the bucket hat, and when you select one for your requirements, you may choose from different colors and styling possibilities without worrying about your head size.

5. Beanies


Since the beginning of time, staying warm is a necessity for humans. A cold or the flu may have meant death for many 100 years ago, before the development of antibiotics and the advances in medicine that people don’t appreciate today.

In numerous ways, the hat (especially the beanie) began as a need to stay alive and healthy. The hat has changed over time to become an apparel item and an emblem of wealth in various cultures.

A beanie is a snug-fitting soft cap. A folded cuff may or may not be present on beanies. They could be plain or with decorations like buttons, beads, pom-poms, and other patterns. These hats are multi-seasonal since they can be made from various fabrics, such as cotton, knits, rayon, synthetic fibers, and wool.

Additionally, they come in several fits, from snug around the head to free and floppy up top. They can be the ideal hat option for folks with big heads without needing to say much. Various beanie types are available for men, women, and children. Beanies are usually unisex.

You don’t need to wear it only from fall to springtime. Beanies are a terrific winter accessory, but you may also wear them year-round because of their soft fabrics and creative designs.

Taking Your Outfit to the Next Level with Hats for Large Heads

It can be challenging to tell the good hats from the fantastic ones. Any hat you buy should be functionally excellent while still being quite fashionable. You don’t need a giant, ungainly hat on your head to be incredibly comfortable and warm.

Even the most fashionable hat can preserve your head if made rightly, without accidentally obstructing your eyesight or giving you an unflattering appearance.

Long after 2024, these hat designs will still be in trend, and you’ll appreciate how easy it is to decorate your clothes once you have them in your closet.

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