5 Wedding Invitation Trends to Try in 2024

Like everything else, wedding invitations are subject to trends. Everything from the etiquette of wording and sending, to the materials they’re made of and the designs they use, can vary with the passing times. And if you’re looking to plan a trendy wedding in 2024, you need to choose an invitation that reflects your aesthetic. They should give your guests their first glimpse of what to expect from your ceremony and reception.

There are so many different choices to make when it comes to invitations, and today’s trends give couples even more options. From paper alternatives to illustrations, envelope liners, unconventional packaging, and more, here are some of our favorite wedding trends for you to try this year.

1. Non-Traditional Materials


What material do you want to use for your  invitations? Paper isn’t the only option anymore. Wedding stationers these days are using a wide range of materials. Have your invitations printed on vellum, stamped into pieces of leather, or laser-carved onto the wood.

Having a destination in a tropical island location? Have your wedding invitations printed on palm leaves. Going for a rusty, farmhouse theme? Ones printed on swatches of linen or burlap are a great way to tie it to your wedding theme, and you can even roll them up for creative presentation.

Want something minimalist and modern? Clear squares (or rectangles, triangles, circles, or whatever shape you fancy) of plexiglass are at the top of the list of non-traditional materials for invitations, save-the-dates, and even menus, thank-you notes, and guest books.

2. Minimalistic Typography

Traditionally, wedding invitations use a romantic, flowing typeset, but florid, baroque calligraphy is going out of style as the typography of choice for them and save-the-dates. Today’s trendy couples are opting for minimalistic fonts, which work especially well on sleek, streamlined, ultra-modern designs.

Choose a vintage font like Veteran Typewriter, My Underwood, or Telegraph, or go with something simple, modern, and sans-serif, like Corbel, Lucida, or Gill Sans MT. Simple, minimalist fonts are the perfect choice for the couple planning a low-fuss, low-key wedding ceremony, as well as for those looking to eschew tradition.

3. Illustrations


Take your personalized wedding stationery to the next level with illustrations. Antique illustrations are big right now, and Victorian-era botany and biology drawings can complement your wedding theme and colors.

Plenty of wedding stationery designers are taking a leaf – literally – from old anatomy drawings. Decorate your invitations with antique anatomical illustrations of your favorite flowers and fruit in your wedding colors. Link in yours and your fiancé’s love of birdwatching with some classic avian illustrations by John James Audubon.

Not feeling the flora or fauna? Go for a custom illustration of the venue – lots of couples are choosing to commission watercolors of their wedding venues to add a personal touch of color to their invitations and other stationery, but graphite sketches, letterpress illustrations, and even foil outlines are also attractive and unique.

Are you looking for something simple and classic? Try a colorful, eye-catching marbled paper, or full-color stationery that coordinates with your wedding colors.

Of course, your options here are really limited only by your imagination. Some couples like the idea of abstract artwork on their wedding invitations, while still others fall in love with a landscape or seascape. You could go with a print of the family crest, a colorful rustic tile pattern, or even a map showcasing your  destination for a special day. You can click here to see some personalized wedding stationery options.

4. Envelope Liners

Envelope liners are a tradition that’s on its way back. They can add color and pizzazz to minimalistic invitation design, or personalize a very traditional and formal one. They’re a simple way to really upgrade your wedding invitations, pull your package together, and coordinate with other wedding stationery, such as menus, thank-you notes, save the dates, and the guestbook.

They can also protect a thick invitation packet inside a thinner envelope, increase your privacy, and provide a place for couples to add information about themselves, their wedding, and their venue.

Well-made envelope liners should be cut to fit perfectly into the inner envelope in your wedding invitation package so that they remain intact when the outer envelope is sliced or torn open. Envelope liners are usually glued into place inside the inner envelope, and fold down with the flap so that their gorgeous colors and designs can be seen when the flap of the inner envelope is lifted.

Many couples choose envelope liners that coordinate with their wedding colors, especially if they’re going the more traditional, staid route with invitations. Illustrations, patterns, and motifs can make envelope liners pop. Try a skyline of your wedding city, an engagement portrait, or a depiction of the venue.

5. Creative Packaging


Plain, flat invitations stuffed into flat paper envelopes are so 2019. Today’s couples are getting creative with them. Boxed invitations are all the rage among couples going for glamour, and they’re the perfect way to package paperless ones made of unconventional materials, like wood, leather, acrylic, or linen. Hand-tie your wedding invite packets with velvet, silk, or satin ribbon, or match a more rustic theme with cotton or sisal twine.

Magnetic invites make your wedding information easy for guests to keep in mind – they can just slap them on the fridge, and they’re easy to slide into an envelope, too. Have your invitations printed as tiny scrolls and send them as messages in bottles; send balloon invites that appear when the balloon is inflated.

What if prospective  guests opened a small sack and removed six to eight jigsaw puzzle pieces that assemble to form your invitation? Again, you’re limited only by your imagination.

There are so many small details that go into planning a wedding, but choosing the right invitations is so important because they give your guests a first look at your wedding themes and style. These trendy invitations tell your guests that you’re having a stylish, modern wedding – and may even give them some planning ideas of their own.

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