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Becoming a Game Designer: Master the Art of Game Creation

Game design is the art and science of creating interactive experiences that entertain, engage, and challenge players. It is a multidisciplinary field that combines elements of storytelling, visual design, psychology, and technology to bring virtual worlds to life. In an introductory course on game design, you will delve into the …

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5 Wedding Invitation Trends to Try in 2024

Like everything else, wedding invitations are subject to trends. Everything from the etiquette of wording and sending, to the materials they’re made of and the designs they use, can vary with the passing times. And if you’re looking to plan a trendy wedding in 2024, you need to choose an …

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Don’t make a typo! Here at Imagup, we’ve been noticing a new trend in logos which are becoming more pared-down, with many going back to black and white or even single color use. One big advocate of this fresh approach is Nissan which joins a long line of car manufacturers …

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