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11 Fashion Trends That Are Making A Comeback In 2024

The year ahead will be full of challenges and innovations when it comes to fashion. At the end of last year, the new collections were presented at the shows of world-renowned fashion designers. What we can say with certainty is that 2024 will be a sign of old trends brought along in a new way – but also of brand new and unseen collections so far, which we are sure you will not remain indifferent to.

Fashion Always Returns

Have you noticed that every ten to twenty years, fashion is repeated – more precisely, that fashion pieces that were once current are becoming a new trend today, but in a slightly redesigned edition? Last year, at least when it came to fashion – was totally in the 90s. 2024 is slowly bringing back some of the new-old trends we will follow. Therefore, before you go shopping to buy some of the things we are going to mention – take a peek into your mom’s and grandmother’s closets – as they are surely hiding some good retro piece that only you will have.

1. Neon Colors Will Rule

Forget about the bright, gentle and unobtrusive colors as we will be wearing the exact opposite of them in the coming year. The most up-to-date pieces of wardrobe will be in neon colors – with yellow, neon blue, pink and green ahead. The world’s greatest designers have created entire collections based on these colors. So if you already have some older pieces of clothes in one of these colors – you will be trending.

2. There Will Be Striking Sleeves In Focus

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For 2024, the following rule applies: The bigger – the better! The focus will be striking, large, so-called “puff” sleeves – while those plain or wide, which have been trending last year, will go out of style. So, now look for the perfect puff sleeve shirt or a dress – and welcome the next year ready and trendy. Be bold and brave and combine incompatible. The upper part of the puff sleeve wardrobe will make even the most ordinary combination look special.

3. Knitted Clothes Will Be Back In Fashion

Believe it or not, 2024 is a year of retro-style clothes. The pieces that will be worn will be like those worn by our moms and grandmas a long time ago. Therefore, before you go shopping to get these pieces, look in your grandmother’s closet. Maybe that’s where a great knitted piece that no girl in town but you will have. The year 2024 will be significant for wearing knitted t-shirts, skirts, dresses, and even pants.

4. Bermudas And Shorts Will Be Worn Again

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Another trend that goes back to the big door from the past is shorts. The materials will be the only difference between those from the past and the ones that are just going to be trending. Shorts used to be made of denim – while now they are made of quality and thick tweed materials. Beside them, the focus will again be on “hot pants”.

5.  Dots And Spots Will Be The Main Pattern

And the design that will fully master 2024 is tuffs. You will see the polka dots of different colors and sizes in almost all pieces at absolutely all brands. Therefore, when you first buy – choose one piece with cute dots and get ready for this year and the trends it brings with you!

6.  The Flounces Will Be The Focus Of Attention

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Skirts, dresses, and tunics with flounces will be necessary pieces during 2024 if you want to be trendy. The garments with the flounces are very feminine and ladylike – and are therefore ideal for festive occasions. It will always be good for women with a tiny figure – while those taller should choose the flounces that go from the waist to the feet, but not those on the upper parts of the body – as this will visually increase the shoulders and reduce the neck. Ideal colors for flounced clothing are pastel, such as pink, blue and cream, or vibrant colors like red and black.

7. Cheeky Panties Are Still In Trend

Thongs are going out of style, and trendy cheeky panties are still in fashion. This kind of underwear is far more comfortable for women who wear it. On the other hand, it is very sexy and erotic, but with a sense of taste. According to Hauteflair, you can find them in different variants – with higher or lower waist, those that cover more or less and certainly in different colors. This kind of melon can be flattering to any lady who wants to feel comfortable, stylish and desirable at the same time.

8. The Golden 60s Are Back To Trend

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Another motive, besides the dots that will be current this year – are the retro motives from the sixties. Popular patterns are taken from wallpaper and retro furniture – as well as colors. The colors in trend will be brown, gold, royal blue, orange and yellow. These patterns and colors will be featured on almost all clothing pieces.

9. Feathers Are Always Fashionable

In 2024, feather tops will be worn the most – as well as overalls and feather-trimmed dresses. As the feathers are very striking, the wardrobe decorated with it is only suitable for festive celebrations. However, if you like to experiment and be innovative – you can bring a feather top in a completely different and urban way.

10. Stylish Suits Will Rule

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During 2019, the most popular were oversize suits – which in appearance were two or even three numbers larger than the number you really wear. However, in 2024, the trend is changing and now the focus will be on professional and casual outfits. Besides the jackets and pants – vests also come back in fashion. That gives the whole styling a touch of seriousness and business appearance. As the outfit looks very strict – you can break the combination with some striking jewelry.

11. The Most Popular Material Will Be Leather

When it comes to materials, the one that will rule is leather. Stylish combinations made entirely out of leather will be worn – so get yourself a piece of this material on time. You will not go wrong if you combine a leather skirt, top and coat. Moreover, you will be the center of attention – wherever you appear.

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