Best Gifts for Kids They’re Surely Love

Giving gifts to the little one will certainly make them feel happy and full of joy. Moreover, if you choose the kind of gift that you know something that they like.

But it might be a little complicated if the gift is for a 1-year-old child who still doesn’t have their preference. You may feel confused about what to choose and to buy. For a 1-year-old baby, you might want to buy a useful thing that will be beneficial for the children’s growth – but at the same time will be loved by them.

But worry not, because this is not a difficult thing to do. This is because a child’s favorite activities at the age of 1 year tend to be simple. According to Marie Conti, a certified American Montessori Society Early Childhood Credential, 1-year-old children are practicing speech and word recognition, so they are ready to read books that teach words. If you want to give toys, look for a variety of textured toys that they can explore with their hands.

These tips can be the ultimate way for you to decide which gifts can be the best kind of gifts for your little one. Keep on reading to get the best inspiration on what gifts to give out to a 1-year-old toddler you know!

1. Music & sound toys


Toys that have sound are very suitable as gifts for 1-year-old children. Upon hearing the music or sound, they will be excited to explore and play with the new toys. The toys will pique their interest, thus they will want to grab them and start playing with them. Because usually if the toy that you give cant help to excite them on the first try, it will be hard to pique their interest again after.

But keep in mind if you want to buy toys that can produce music or sounds for a toddler, be sure to purchase something that the sound can be adjusted and is not as big, thus the noise won’t hurt their ear.

2. Sensory block

Sensory blocks can be the right gift for a 1-year-old. This toy is a type of toy that can help them to imagine and experiment with various forms. Their little hands will also develop better because they keep moving to find the shape they want.

3. Block puzzle


Block puzzle is also a wonderful gift idea for a 1-year-old toddler! This can be a perfect toy because it will be very beneficial for their brain. Playing with block puzzles can help to improve cognitive development in children, their motor skills, eye and hand coordination, and memory capabilities! Help them while assembling the puzzles, and it will not only give you a great memory but also help the children’s imagination to develop further.

At first, they may be confused, when they find out that what they put together is not right. But upon learning from the past mistake and assessing the condition of the hand, they will eventually complete it. Successfully assembling the puzzle will excite them!

4. Sound and textured books

Besides being able to introduce vocabulary to them, books with this kind of model will attract children’s attention, especially if you choose a book that can produce a sound according to the picture on it.

For example, you can choose a book about animals – and the contents will also introduce animal sounds. There are also lots of books nowadays that are designed with a variety of textures for your little one to feel. It will be a pleasant gift for the children!

5. Stacking blocks


Children enjoy the game of stacking, dropping, hitting objects, emptying containers, and refilling them. It’s no wonder that purchasing building toys can be great gift choices for a one-year-old.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children explains that there are many benefits of stacking block toys, including:

  •  Teach problem-solving
  •  Improve imagination
  •  Increase creativity
  •  Increase self-confidence
  •  Good for motor development

These many benefits are the reasons why a set of colorful wooden blocks can often be found in Montessori classrooms.

These block toys can be stacked, balanced, and combined with others to create imaginary cityscapes with bridges and buildings, or just to experiment with texture and gravity.

6. Drawing and coloring tools

For a little one who likes to draw and color, you can give creative tools such as crayons or colored pencils. Giving this tool to them can be a way for you to encourage them to do their hobbies often or express themselves better. This is because, according to the Public Broadcasting Service, creativity can help children express and deal with their feelings. As well as, optimizing mental growth by providing opportunities to try new ideas. This creativity also trains new ways of thinking and solving problems in toddlers.

7. Water bottle


These may not be toys, but these are equally as important for the children. Water is an essential element for children to grow, without proper water intake – children’s growth and their health can be threatened. To help them drink better, you can purchase a personalized bottled water for these children. Write their name on the bottle, or design a bottle with the children’s favorite cartoon. This is the ultimate useful but simple kind of gift!

1-year-old toddlers can play with a wider variety of toys than when they were little. They may still enjoy some of the toys they played with as a baby, however, they also need toys designed with children of their age in mind! Aside from buying educational toys, you can also buy them a useful gifts such as drawing book or water bottle!

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