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Current Transformers: What They Are and How They Work

A current transformer is a specific tool used to diminish or multiply an alternating current or AC.

It offers current in its secondary, which is proportional to the current in its primary.

Outdoor current transformers are known as instrument transformers, as they aim to handle standardized values for determining instruments and protective relays. This type of transformer is meant to isolate measurement or protection circuits from the high voltage of your primary system.

Mostly, you can view a current transformer as an alternative current linked to your primary circuit. Primarily used for generating stations, electrical substations, or for industrial purposes, there are a couple of indoor current transformers that can be used at home.

What is the medium voltage current transformer?

A medium voltage current transformer is meant to be employed for almost any application. The indoor current transformer usually comes with compact CTs in the 24kV and 36kV ranges. These medium voltage transformers are meant to:

  • Layer current transformers with basic application in high voltage circuit breakers;
  • Suit several indoor applications, including secondary revenue metering;
  • Suit several switchgear applications;
  • Layer specific applications in switchgear and metal-clad enclosures for primary and revenue metering protection;

An indoor current transformer is excellent for collecting additional revenue without boosting the rates per kilowatt-hours. All it does is to raise the range and accuracy of metering. Yet the most recommended device for such purposes is the indoor resin cast current transformer.

What is the best resin cast, current transformer manufacturer?

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A resin cast indoor current transformer is manufactured with the aid of resin and can suit up to 33kv indoor application current. The resin cast offers extreme durability and mechanical strength, while it can shield the device from corrosive atmospheric conditions.

If you are considering installing such a device on your property, you most certainly want to opt for qualitative and professional products. One of the top resin cast current transformer manufacturer is ​Guangdong Sihui Instrument Transformer Works Co. Ltd They trade and manufacture a wide range of products, including epoxy resin current transformers.

You can find at them an epoxy resin insulation current transformer that can match your preferences and needs. We recommend it due to the qualitative materials used in its design, as well as its technical parameters.

Amongst the benefits of using an indoor current transformer, we can include:

  • A design made from cast resin, that insulated and offers both pillar structure and protection;
  • It is fully enclosed, being one of the safest resin cast current transformers;
  • It can be used for metering electric energy, as well as current monitoring;
  • It can function in all sorts of environments, like high altitude, high humidity, high pollution or salt

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