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The Current Stay at Home Orders Shouldn’t be an Excuse Not to Stay Healthy

It’s easy to be lazy when you’re at home. The magic tidying up fairy, otherwise known as mum, does all the work. Often, kids do not realize they have any responsibility for keeping things in order. Neither do they realize how unfit they become when lazing around?

The lockdown resulting from the action against coronavirus has drastically changed the lifestyle of everyone. The truth is that just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you have to abandon your health. You can still stay healthy even if you don’t need to meet other people.

Observe good hygiene

Some people think that they have to look good because they will face other people. Since they have to stay at home, they don’t see the need to observe good hygiene. Kids are even worse than adults – we constantly have to remind them to wash their hands, cover the mouth if they cough, etc. Observing adequate hygiene needs to happen even if you are not making contact with the outside world. It’s even more important now since we are fighting a pandemic. Always wash your hands and keep your body clean. Showering, bathing and washing body and clothes are some of the cornerstones of a civilised society.

Curtail electronic device usage

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Since you probably have little to nothing in your schedule, you can spend as much time as you want watching TV. Make sure that you still set a limit on your screen time. Keep regular hours; maintain sleep patterns and meal times. The same thing is true with your phone. Now you have more time on your hands, it is tempting to sit glued to your phone.

At all times you should consider using EMF protection if you want to avoid overexposure to EMF radiation. In fact, the World Health Organisation has undertaken much research on the subject. The research indicates that exposure to EMF causes insomnia, headaches, learning difficulties, depletes immune systems, can lead to sterility and quite possibly is ‘cancer-causing’. (Data sourced from

It’s easy to feel tempted to spend too much time on these electronic devices. However, based on the number of health issues linked to EMF, you really care about your health and stay disciplined.

Watch what you eat

You might also forget to eat healthily because you no longer care about your appearance. It’s crucial for you to still watch what you eat. Staying at home doesn’t give you an excuse for changing your eating habits. You still need plenty of fruits and vegetables and maintain a balanced diet. You have more reasons to boost your immune system now since we have to stay strong against potential viral infection. You might also start to learn how to cook. Use it as an opportunity to prepare healthy meals at home. Next time, you can’t say that healthy dishes are unavailable in local restaurants since you can make one yourself.

Exercise regularly

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Exercising is also essential. It’s easy for you to feel lazy if you don’t have to go outside. You might also use the closure of leisure and fitness centres as an excuse for not exercising. The truth is that even if you’re at home, you can still continue to exercise.

There are video tutorials that will help you do the right thing even while at home. You can even spend more time exercising now since you don’t have to fit it in to a normally hectic schedule. You can even follow dance videos as a form of cardio exercise. Stay as physically active as possible despite being in a limited space.

Stand up more often

Since you’re working from home, you have to be in front of your computer for several hours during the day. It might be your reality for the next few weeks. Make sure that even if you try to be productive by working online, you also take time to stand up and move around. A few stretches every hour would suffice. You don’t want to develop problems with your spine and posture if you spend too much time sitting. You also need to allow proper blood circulation, and sitting for a long time could impede it.

Focus on mental health

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Apart from physical health, you should also pay attention on your mental health. If you seem to be on the edge now because of the situation, you need to talk to someone. You can reach out to your friends and family members. Since it’s easy for you to talk to them online, you have to do it. You need someone to share your feelings with. You also have to do the same to others. You might know someone who is going through a lot right now. This is the perfect opportunity to be there for each other. If you don’t know anyone who can listen to you, there are hotlines out there that you can contact any time. There are professionals willing to listen to you.

Don’t neglect pre-existing conditions

Your attention is on the coronavirus right now, but you might have underlying conditions that are more life-threatening. Make sure that you don’t neglect them. If you have to take maintenance pills, you should remind yourself to do it. You also need to be in touch with your healthcare provider if you feel unwell. Look for hospitals that cater to patients who have other illnesses since some hospitals are currently used as Covid-centres. Although thousands of people are dying each day because of viral infection, other underlying conditions remain fatal. Always monitor your health and your daily activities.

Some people succumbed to the viral disease because they already have a weak immune system to begin with. You have more chances of survival if you use this opportunity to boost your immune system. You should also get used to the idea of living a healthy lifestyle. Even when you’re no longer at home all the time, you can still stay healthy.

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