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4 Useful Tips for Staying Healthy During The COVID-19 Crisis

It was only a few months ago the world was taken aback by the revelation of a killer virus spreading rapidly in China’s industrial epicenter, Wuhan. And, within weeks, the virus had spread to countries across the world. Its death toll is constantly rising and despite some countries managing to combat the virus effectively, its massive death toll appears unwaning.

In a time like this, it is best to air on the side of obsessive compulsion. Excessive cleanliness and workout routines for which you can visit this page, have become mandatory in preventing the virus from affecting us, our families, neighbors, and friends. The world as we know it has changed, however, there are some tried and tested methods you can apply to prevent the virus from devastating your life, as it has with many others.

Exercise as Much as You Can!

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The COVID-19 virus has been proven to attack your lungs and result in secondary pneumonia in the most extreme cases. In those with weak pulmonary systems, the virus overwhelms them and renders their lungs a bubbling mess, full of mucus and liquid. Many of the patients suffering from this nasty potential side effect end up ventilated or on respirator machines. The mortality rate of those ventilated or oxygenated is very high, with a small rate of survival in the area around 20%. In order to survive respiration, or to completely circumvent having oxygen administered via machine, then exercise is imperative.

The best way to cultivate a better pulmonary and cardiovascular system, often the only way to combat this virus, is via rigorous and testing exercise. Exercise such as using a stationary bike, shadow boxing, sit-ups, push-ups, squats, and crunches, are all tried and tested beneficial exercises that promote a healthy and functioning pulmonary and respiratory system, as well as aiding your heart, digestion, and helping you to sleep. Sometimes the devastation of a virus can be a result of poor care. It is important in a time like this, especially to take good care of your body and yourself, in every way imaginable.

By cultivating a strong and healthy pulmonary system you will develop antibodies that can aid in fighting viruses, and your lungs will work like a finely oiled machine, fighting the virus in every part of your body. It is imperative to survival that you also cultivate a healthy cardiovascular system, as anecdotal studies have shown the COVID-19 virus moves rapidly from your lungs to the heart and then to all of your other vital organs. By making yourself stronger and more ready to fight the virus you are one step ahead of a lot of people, as many have not even bothered to exercise during this considerable lockdown and isolation from the rest of humanity.

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

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As with the last point, the COVID-19 virus feeds on a body that is underwhelmed and fatigued. Bodies with healthy immune systems and are statistically more likely to defeat the COVID-19 coronavirus and are more likely to survive with a much higher survival rate listed in those whose bodies are significantly healthier and more prepared to fight the virus. The COVID-19 virus causes extremely high temperatures which can often render you unable to sleep for days, or weeks. By having had enough sleep, if you do unfortunately contract the virus, you will be well-rested, and your body will be one step closer in its fight to completely defeat the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Sleep is important in all aspects, and as exercise helps to defeat the virus, you cannot exercise without a proper amount of sleep every night. Everything you do contributes to a healthier system and a stronger body, so it is important that you make the right choices and do not allow yourself to become a statistic and a victim of this terrible virus.

Make Sure to Eat Healthily

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Many of us have heard the idiom, starve a cold, feed the flu. It is important that at any time, really, but now more than ever, we have a healthy immune system and receive all of the nutrients we need through our diet. A diet should be rich in fiber and vitamins, full of leafy green vegetables, meat, and fruit. By eating a healthy diet your body is prepared and able to fight the virus. Should you contract the virus you should continue eating your healthy diet and lots of fruit, rendering you physically fit and strong enough to fight the virus and to allow the vitamins and minerals you take in from your food to equally do their part.

Part of a healthy diet should be supplemental additions of nutrients you do not take in enough of your ordinary diet. It can be very expensive to eat a perfect diet, so nutrient supplements can be a great cost-effective addition to a healthy immune system.

Exercise Your Mind

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In times of complete isolation, unprecedented for hundreds of years, since the plague nearly, it is important to feed your mind. A stagnant mind can become unhinged, causing Cabin Fever or delirium. At times like this you should be playing many mind games, such as chess and mahjong, as well as reading and writing.

Why not take this lockdown and use it effectively by learning and extending your vocabulary, imagination, and all-around knowledge. Try to read a book a week, whether you read an online book or physical copies. It is always recommended to avoid your screen time in periods such as this, and you should remember to give yourself a break from staring at your phone or computer.

Stay Aware and Concerned

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Perhaps the best way to fight the COVID-19 virus is to put in place preventative measures. The COVID-19 virus can only infect you if you allow yourself to be outside or exposed to people who can infect you with the virus. It cannot get inside your home unless you allow it, not too dissimilar from vampires!

If you exhibit personal hygiene and obsessive-compulsive cleaning of your hands and face you should be effective in combating initial infection. Exhibit cleanliness and only makes essential journeys. We together can defeat this virus, one person at a time, and must not forget those who have fallen victim to it.

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