Fall Fashion: What You Should and Shouldn’t Wear!

You can easily create an elegant and stylish outfit for all seasons, but there’s no denying the excitement and glamour of fall fashion. Simple combinations can do the trick, such as pairing a dark dress with a new blazer. Likewise, you can glam up your everyday look with little updates, like a nice striped sweater matched to a comfy pair of cargo pants.

With that said, fall also has some distinct fashion themes. If you’re not careful, it’s easy for your patterns to clash or your colors to mismatch the season. Make sure you’re embracing the season right by keeping a few pointers in mind. Here’s what you should (and shouldn’t) wear this fall.

Try a Blazer


Blazers are generally used to add a professional touch to casual wear, but that doesn’t mean you need to save them exclusively for the office. In fact, a well-fitted blazer can turn a plain t-shirt and jeans into a sharp, trendy look. For the fall season, try to go for warmer colors. A soft orange, red, or even a darker yellow will help set up the right tone for the autumn weather.

As a plus, blazers are not heavy coats that will make you overheat in these mildly cool but still-warm days. Keeping one on hand will ensure you’re cozy both after sunset and in the early mornings, especially in the first weeks of this season.

If you want to keep to a budget, purchase one blazer in a neutral color. Beige or black goes well with any outfit, but for that fall touch, try a gentle maroon. In the right shade, this can give you the “black goes with everything” effect, while still having that pumpkin-spice feel to it. You’ll find this blazer can match easily with your Monday through Sunday outfits.

This also works great as a knock-out statement piece. If you aren’t that happy with certain articles in your closet, you can use this low-key jacket as a way to spruce them up and make the outfits wearable again. Blazers can easily steal the show, also helping you smoothly transition between weather-appropriate clothes, such as your skirts and a pair of jeans.

Go With a Nice Beach Bag


There is no need to stick your summery accessories and outfits in the back of the closet. Instead, try sporting an elegant, neutral beach bag as a daily carry-all. If it’s decorated in understated patterns, it can immediately add a cool factor to most of your fall outfits.

While small clutch purses are favored in the winter, when you’re already bundled up and don’t need more gear to carry, fall still allows for casual walks and outdoor fun. As such, bigger purses or bags are a great way to keep all your items together, while also sporting fun colors, designs, or bedazzlements. Try to go for soft yellow, beige, or orange colors, so it can have that fall touch and easily transition into the cooler winter colors.

Try Leather


Fall’s cool temperatures mean that you can easily break out fashionable leather pieces. There is no doubt that buttery-soft jackets, skirts, or even jumpsuits will always be in. As a plus, leather balances right between “insulated enough to keep in the heat,” but “breathable enough to avoid feeling stuffy.” It’s no wonder leather jackets are best paired with light-colored shirts and long-pants – it lets you transition with the weather and your activities.

Although real leather can be expensive, you can still enjoy this chic look when you shop with offer codes from Slickdeals. With them, even American Eagle Outfitters have money-off deals that make leather affordable. Just be sure to make the rest of your outfit understated in comparison; leather doesn’t compete well with others.

Go With a Cropped Sweater


It’s no secret that pairing a maxi dress with a cropped and fluffy sweater is very trendy. This option is flattering, stylish, and versatile for fall, balancing between warm and flirty with a hint of summer fun.

Did you know that a cropped sweater will help make your torso look longer? That’s a great way to accentuate a tall figure or make pear body shapes appear lithe. A cute pair of booties will definitely complete the look.

Take Out That Denim Jacket


In contrast to blazers and leather, you can go with a spunky twist. Fall usually signals the beginning of denim jacket weather. If you would like to improve or breathe new life into this look, you can incorporate a shimmery top.

You can even go the extra mile with two shimmering pieces of different colors. This creates an elegant but dressed-down vibe. You can tie the ensemble together easily with a pair of fancy sneakers to match your top.

Don’t Wear Floral or Colorful Patterns


There is no doubt that colorful patterns and bright designs are the norms both in summer and spring. However, as the weather gradually cools, they look strange and out of place.

You don’t want to oversell your outfit. Let its understated nature be what flaunts your figure or accessories. Long, flowing hair will be accented by plain colors in your wardrobe, so the eye is drawn up.

Likewise, if you want to show off your cute new boots, keep pants or skirts one uniform color, so that the knee-highs or mid-calf design is the center of attention. When you stick to basic designs or no designs at all, the colors themselves can create a sleek, refined look. Get more information here.

Avoid White Sneakers


Although white sneakers are usually the slickest thing to wear during summer and spring, they do not belong in the rainy fall season. Not only will they suffer from the weather – and all that mud – but they’re too striking in color.

Autumn is known for its soft, warm colors, so you should try for the types found in nature – think reds, oranges, dark yellows, light browns, or even cream. You should try to avoid pastel colors, which are better suited for spring, or bright colors, like for summer.

With these little updates to your wardrobe, you can embrace the cooler season and make its aesthetic your own.

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