10 New Rising Fashion Labels You Should Know

These days people are quite fashion conscious. They are picky about their dresses and they won’t step out unless and until what they are wearing pleases their eyes. However, the fashion attire by reputed brands cost the earth. So, the middle-class population looks for labels that are not quite expensive and design attractive dresses.

So, of late, new fashion designers are becoming popular. Wearing attractive looking, durable dresses is the need of the hour. The reason is that a beautiful dress makes us feel comfortable.

These brands produce high-quality dresses that almost everyone can afford, however, due to the lack of exposure, they fail to make a name for themselves. You can know more about these brands at

Minimal designs are the need of the hour because most of the people are working from home. So, gorgeous dresses have become redundant.  Again, designer wear by stalwarts like Manish Malhotra or Rohit Bahl is beautiful without a doubt, but not suitable for daily wear. Dresses made by the upcoming designers cater to the situation.

They also provide an impressive collection of dresses that are tailor-made to the job. Also, they are quite attractive and match the level of the big brands in the field of fashion designing. It is about time we support these upcoming talents and buy their products.

So, let us find out about some of the less expensive designer labels that are slowly rising towards the pinnacle of success:

1. Paris Georgina


Two friends named Georgia Cherrie and Mitchelle Temple were brought together by their love for fashion. As a result, they had launched a brand called Paris Georgina in 2015. This brand caters exclusively to women. It offers designs that look elegant but effeminate. It is known for producing brands that look good but have the potential to be unique at an affordable price.

2. Gauge81


“Parrot” is an organization associated with fashion. It is a reputed organization. Once, Monika Silva, a Columbian lady who specialized in knitted dresses, had met the founder of Parrot. This meeting had so inspired her that she had stared her indigenous brand named Gauge8 1in 2019. The decade long experience she had was utilized here. This fashion label came to be known for its simple, no-frills design of the ‘90s, that blended with a hint of boldness. Almost all the fashion stores stocked clothes from this brand.

3. Bite Studios


The name of this brand is an acronym for “By Independent Thinkers for Environmental Progress.” This London and Stockholm based brand started its journey in 2016. A group of imaginative wizards had been behind the brand. This environmentally conscious brand specializes in outer garments and knitted wear. Materials like organic wool, silk, and cotton are used here.  The brand ensures undivided attention to minute details and the cut of each dress. The best news is that the price fits the budget of the dresses.

4. Khaite


In 2016, a brand named Khaite was started by Catherine Holstein. Since she had started her journey as a creative director, she had paid particular attention to the details. The designs of this brand combine the sobriety of the ‘90s with the voluminous and effeminate shapes. It specializes in evening wear and suits. The base is of cashmere and denim separates. Catherine had made her debut in New York Fashion Week last year.

Thanks to this brand. Most of the fashion-conscious women had made dresses from this brand a part of their wardrobes.

5. Rotate


This brand had been launched by Danish people, known as Jeanette Madsen and Thora Valdimers. The first dresses of this brand had been showcased in Fall 2018. It specializes in party wear and bold outlines. It also provides dramatic, readymade dresses, following the designs of the 80s. The party wear of this Copenhagen-based brand is doing the rounds of Instagram.

6. Christopher John Rogers


Christopher John Rogers cannot be included in the gamut of young, wannabe designers. This designer was born in Louisiana. He has been responsible for the couture of Michelle Obama and Rihanna. He has recently won the Vogue fashion award in November. He is prepared to become a star in the world of fashion.

7. Pyer Moss


This brand had been founded by Kerby Jean Raymond in 2013. However, the design of the garments by this brand had turned heads in New York Fashion Week show, in 2019. This brand promotes the superiority of black culture without any regrets. Thus, it believes in mingling activism with a new thought on streetwear.

8. Bande Noir


Mayte Allende had founded this label with an impressive collection. It introduces a blend of the designs popular in the ‘80s and ‘90s. The designs seemed to play with femininity. They seemed to include sheer dresses with puffed-up sleeves and turtleneck dresses with open backs. Moreover, this offered designs with an unexpected emphasis on the details. As of now, it has showcased only one collection.

9. Tach Clothings


This label provides dresses that are hand made in Uruguay. The blouses have been encouraged by vintage. Apart from that, cropped cardigans and trendy jackets from this label are popular.

They are doing the rounds on Instagram. Fashion lovers have discovered this label late in the season. But, the popularity and recognition this label has received have made up for this delay. The dresses are also designed in Uruguay.

10. Orseund Iris


This label offers a collection of dresses that may be worn on all seasons. It is not restricted to party dresses. A fashion-conscious young girl must own a suit and a blouse from this label. The designs of this dress are popular on Instagram.


The labels mentioned above are the newly discovered jewels in the world of fashion. They produce reasonably priced clothes, of premium quality material. The importance is given to the quality of the material used while manufacturing these dresses. By buying from these stores and labels, you will get to wear high-quality dresses just like ones from the big labels, but at a nominal price.

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