Tips on How to Write a Research Paper in a Single Day 

It is inevitable for a student to write a research paper. Most students like to put off their assignments till the last minute, and they have to hustle to try and do it before the deadline. It happens under a lot of pressure. Most students want to know ways in which they can write their papers fast. Let us define the term research paper. A research paper is an academic composition that has theoretical and substantial information that has been taken through a process of deep research. It also contains arguments. It can be based on the thesis with significant evidence from different sources that support and are reliable. According to, it is very possible to write a research paper with fewer challenges.

Many students take writing a research paper as a challenging and very meticulous task. But if one gets enough practice in school, it can make it easier for them to write a research paper. Once used to, it becomes easier. Research paper writing is meticulous. It is because there is a lot of research that is required to be done. But if you take a step back and look at the research paper, with a few basic tips, it can be less challenging to people who are struggling to write it. To avoid waiting till the last minute also needs to be avoided.

The process of writing a research paper


As we have defined earlier in this article, a research paper has a thesis or argument backed up by research. These papers cite their sources, analyze arguments, pull different academic pieces, and compare them to make a point.

You need to understand your assignment

Before you even begin anything, you need to establish that you understand what the assignment is all about. Before any outlining is done, the Different sources that contribute to this research, including books, interviews, essays, articles, and more, need to be organized.

Choose a topic


Some instructors, when giving out a research paper, they provide a topic while others do not. If a topic has not been presented to you, you need to choose a topic yourself. When you have to brainstorm and choose a topic for yourself, here are some tips that you can employ:

  1. Brainstorm
  2. Pick something that you have a better understanding of. It will help you interpret your research better.
  3. Before you start the process, check for content on your topic and if it is enough. You can do a simple check online.
  4. When you identify a topic, write it as a research question that you want to answer.
  5. Do more research on the topic and find sources to back it up.
  6. List all the keywords that you find.
  7. Create the thesis

Perform your research

Doing research is easy. You can conduct yours online and search for sources. The most important thing you need to remember is that you need to verify how valid your sources are. Avoid using sites like Wikipedia as sources. It is because it is crowdsourced, and anyone can edit it. Instead, try to look for digital encyclopedias, trustworthy publications, scholarly databases, and more. Why these online options, since this is last minute and access to the library might be impossible. But to avoid such from happening, plan for the next research paper.

Write your thesis


The thesis statement summarizes what the entire paper is all about. The whole research and writing are to prove this point or statement. It is good to have a strong and clear thesis statement. This statement is usually on the introduction part of your research paper, and it has a hook statement that’s strong to lure your readers in.

In simple terms, a thesis statement is a written one sentence that tells readers what there are reading in the paper.

Write the paper outline


To this point, you have most of the ingredients for your paper. That is the thesis and the research to support it. The next step is to outline your paper. Different people do this process differently. An example of an outline is the flat outline. Here is how it looks like

  1. Topics to be discussed
  2. Sources of each topic
  3. Review of sources and more research
  4. Move topics to paper
  5. Write thesis on top

The introduction, body, and conclusion


When writing your research paper, you do not follow the normal format of writing. Most people do it systematically, but it can make the whole process slow. Use a method that will work for you and serve your needs. Regardless of which method you like to use, our paper has a structure that it needs to follow:

  1. Introduction – it has the thesis, hook sentence, and also the menu sentence.
  2. Body paragraphs – they include what has been mentioned in the introduction. Each section has a topic sentence that states what the paragraph is all about. The paragraph also has sources and support that prove the argument.
  3. Conclusion – here, you reiterate the introduction and the thesis but in a different light. The design needs to be memorable. Like the introduction, have a hook statement that will be remembered.

Cite sources


For a research paper, you have to cite your sources. At the end of your research paper, make sure to include your sources or have a bibliography. It is usually dependent on your instructor’s preference.


After finishing following these steps, take some time and rest. After you have rested, take time to proofread what you have written, revise and edit your research paper.

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