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3 Popular Chinese Animated Movies for Children

Recent years have witnessed dynamic development in the Chinese original animation market. Many excellent local animations with distinctive characters spring up across the country and even go global. Now, I am going to walk you through three top-rated Chinese animated movies for children, which are definitely worth watching.

Ne Zha

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There is no doubt that the success of 3D movie NE ZHA: I am the destiny gives impetus to China’s domestic animation. The movie is adapted from a Chinese mythological story about Ne Zha’s “fighting against the heavens to the end” though he was born a demon. The image of Ne Zha has become a famous cartoon and rooted in the heart of everyone who has watched it. It is the highest animated film in mainland China’s movie box office and the highest-selling animated film in the single global market.

The Legend of Hei

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The recently released 2D animation The Legend of Hei is also unanimously praised by the general audience. Here is the story: Luo Xiao-Hei, the cat demon begins his journey of wandering because human destroys his forest home. With sympathetic goblin partners and earnest human master appearing one after another, Hei is in the dilemma of which side will be his correct attribution. This animated film grossed more than 100 million yuan in three days and topped the box office three days in a row.

Happy Friends

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As the top Superman brand in China, Happy Friends had got a lot of attention and love from the audience since its broadcast in 2010. It is a creative cultural brand for people of all ages, which integrates parent-child, education, and entertainment. Based on a humorous and funny plot, the film tells a story of the struggle and adventure among Five Supermen who work together and fight against the “General Big Monster” and “Corporal Little Monster” who invade the stars. Happy Friends 12 Start Challenge became the number one animation once it is broadcast in this summer vacation. Given its complete success, it is worth watching.

These three animations are growing popular in China, for now, all of which are the epitome of Chinese originality. Among them, I highly recommend is Happy Friends, and three reasons as follows can account for that. First of all, the film is well-crafted, and the picture, dubbing, and soundtrack all show a high level of production. Second, the characters are cute and funny, and the story has a strong sense of rhythm. Third, the film is full of humorous, spreading knowledge in a lively and exciting atmosphere and promoting the spirit of Chinese culture.

It is reported that the latest season Happy Friends 13 The Guardians of Energy Nuclear is expected to debut in 2019. It is the first time to adopt a two-wire interweaving narrative method in this season. And there are also new characters joining and old characters returning, which adds a lot of fun to this animation. The great movie Happy Friends The Stones will be premiered in 2024, bringing a special animation feast to the animation lovers.

The production team “Happytoon Co. Ltd” adheres to the concept of “Spreading Happiness Around the World,” which means they hope the global audience will enjoy the material they produced. So, they make every effort to create high-quality animation content. So far, they have produced 15 plays, and two original animated films with more than 700 episodes and nearly 10,000 minutes of production, all of which received rave reviews from both the critics and the populace. In the authorizing industry, the company is striving to expand its industrial chain, and actively promote the licensing of derivatives and commercial business.

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