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Automatic Pasta Cooker for Restaurant Owners 2024 – Buying Guide

With the development of technology and innovation, methods to cook pasta has gone through tremendous shifts. An increasing number of restaurant owners prefer automatic pasta cooker for those excellent properties and the convenient user experience. If you feel like to purchase a commercial pasta boiler machine for your business, keep reading the following buying guide.

It seems that cooking pasta is quite simple and easy, but if the temperature and time are not well handled, the truth is that pasta will not taste so good. The pasta boiled at low temperature for a long time will be too tender, while at the other hand – pasta cooked at high temperature for a short time will look like well-done but actually, it will have a bad taste which is not conducive to digestion and also has a harmful influence on health.

Traditional cooking utensils mostly use coal or gas as the primary heating energy. Therefore, the heating speed is slow, and the temperature is hard to control. In this case, the taste of cooked pasta is difficult to handle, which may cause significant losses to the restaurant owners. However, a commercial pasta cooker bears no resemblance to a traditional utensil. When it comes to selecting a perfect industrial pasta cooker, you should take the following items into consideration.

Famous Brand

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In general, famous and leading brands are more trustworthy and reliable for their immense influence and quality guarantee of products. Sometimes the price of products may be a little expensive, but choosing a responsible brand can save you lots of expenditure, such as the cost of repairing and replacing. Under the humid environment of the kitchen, electronic components may face the problem of failure. Only a perfect after-sales services system can help you bid goodbye to that problem.

For example, a professional kitchen cooking equipment manufacturer, Smabo has rigorous standards and extensive production capacity to meet the massive market demand. It specializes in commercial induction cookers, such as induction stove, induction cooktop, induction fryer, automatic pasta cooker, induction griddle, etc. Companies like this even have the WAP system to track the instructions of after-sales service in real-time, to provide customers with faster and better after-sales service.

Appropriate Power

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Many customers pay much attention to the heating speed, so they prefer high-power commercial noodle induction cookers. Please note that the higher the power, the more power consumption, and the higher the cost you should pay. To avoid unnecessary waste, the selection of power should refer to customer factor.

For example, a pasta boiler commercial is an ideal pick if the customer traffic is pretty high in your pasta restaurant, because it can cook 12 servings at a time. You can also opt for automatic noodle-cooking equipment for some dishes needed timer control.

Powerful Function

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With modern tech improvements like magnetic field eddy current induction heating (technology), you can get enormous help for your cooking and service, especially in the busiest time.

Companies like Smabo can even add a timer and thermostat system for Commercial Induction Pasta Cookers, which is one of the customized service items. Also, a modern commercial pasta cooker should have six presets and reserves available. Based on the food you usually cook, you can prepare everything at the same time.

All pasta cooking equipment must be anti-oil, anti-water, energy-saving, low-noise, and eco-friendly. Also, usage of advanced “Infineon” IGBT and a waterproof LED display is very popular recently!

Hopefully, this guide will be helpful for your next purchase!

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