10 Richest Casino Owners: Las Vegas Billionaires Known to the Whole World

1. Sheldon Adelson



Net Worth: $29.8B

Forbes: #19, #28 at 2 categories, #72 at 2 categories

Age: 88

Source of wealth: self-made, casinos

Residence: United States

On Forbes list: Billionaires 2024, The Richest Person In Every State 2019, Powerful People 2016, The Richest Person In America’s 50 Largest Cities 2016, Vegas billionaires

First of all, it is worth telling who is Sheldon Adelson and why he is one of the richest casino owners. Before having such success in the gambling industry, Sheldon Adelson was just the son of immigrants, grew up, and slept on the floor. Sheldon Adelson’s education path was not cloudless, as he dropped out of City College of New York halfway. Sheldon Adelson’s first wife was Sandra Adelson, but they divorced. The second time he married Miriam Farbstein Ochshorn. The Sheldon Adelson family is quite large because it has 4 children and 11 grandchildren.

His self-sufficiency – 10, charity – 2. With this money, he bought the rights to sell newspapers. Sheldon Adelson worked for Las Vegas Sands. An interesting fact is that there is no one Sheldon Adelson house, because it has many properties, and its main residence remains a monster mansion with an area of 44,000 square meters. He owned more than half of the $ 14 billion in gambling empire sales.

Sheldon Adelson’s gambling career began at the age of 55. The average Sheldon Adelson net is worth approximately $ 29.8B, which is proof that he is one of the richest casino owners in the world. So what casinos does Sheldon Adelson own? He made a lot of profit as a shareholder of the world’s largest casino operator Las Vegas Sands, and also Adelson bought the legendary The Sands Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

2. Steve Wynn



Net Worth: $3.2B

Forbes: #956, #278

Age: 79

Source of wealth: self-made, casinos and hotels

Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada

On Forbes list: Billionaires 2024, Richest casino owners, Vegas billionaires

The next from the list of top 10 richest casino owners is a US citizen who was born on January 27, 1942. Speaking of Steve Wynn’s age, he is already 79 years old, but still full of energy. Graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Steve Wynn’s wife was Elaine Wynn, whom he divorced in 2010. The couple had already broken up in 1986 but resumed their relationship in 1991.

Another question you can ask is steve wynn married – yes, he has been married to Andrea Hissom since 2011. He has two children – Kevin Wynn and Jillian Wynn Early.

His self-made score is 8, and his charity is 1. After Steve Wynn was accused of sexual harassment, his name was struck by the Institute of Vision at the University of Iowa.

Interestingly, he donated $ 20 million to this university. What casinos does Steve Wynn own? He was the creator of gaming clubs such as The Mirage, Treasure Island, Bellagio, and Wynn Las Vegas. He is considered the largest Las Vegas casino owner, with Steve Wynn’s net worth about $ 3.2B. In addition, following the sexual harassment allegations by dozens of women, Steve Wynn resigned as President and CEO of Wynn Resorts in 2018.

3. Donald Trump



Net Worth: $2.4B

Forbes: #1299, #339, #3, #30

Age: 75

Source of wealth: real estate

Residence: Palm Beach, Florida

On Forbes list: Billionaires 2024, Forbes 400 2024, Powerful People 2018, Richest casino owners in the USA

Donald Trump is one of the main partners of Sheldon Adelson. Graduated from 2 universities – Fordham University and the University of Pennsylvania. He received his BA in Arts / Science. When he studied at the New York Military Academy in Cornwall-on-Hudson, he was into sports. Donald Trump has played basketball, football, soccer, and baseball.

He is married and has 5 children. His self-sufficient rating is 4, charity is 1. He first appeared on the Forbes list in 1982 with his father. He is the only billionaire president in American history. His main income comes from real estate in New York. In addition to casinos and real estate, Trump owns a winery and golf courses. He also issues licenses in his own name. If we talk about Donald Trump’s net worth, then this is somewhere around $ 2.4B. It’s important to mention the 2016 Las Vegas incident.

So Stephen Sandford tried to take the gun away from the officer in charge of Trump’s security. It happened right during Donald Trump’s speech. After this incident, Donald Trump remained in perfect order and safety, as they noticed in time that the attacker was plotting a conspiracy. The offender himself was detained by the police and convicted on several charges at once. Stephen Sandford said he just didn’t want Donald Trump to become president. Society was impressed by the news that Trump almost killed in Vegas. Despite all this, he was the owner of a large billionaire casino, which was founded in 1995. During the existence of Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, Donald Trump has earned more than $ 175.6 million in revenue. Donald Trump is owner of a lot casinos and if you want to know more about casinos you can visit

4. Phil Ruffin



Net Worth: $2B

Forbes: #1517, #359

Age: 86

Source of wealth: self-made, real estate, and casinos

Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada

On Forbes list: Billionaires 2024, Forbes 400 2024

The next richest casino owner in the USA was the son of a simple grocer, Phil Ruffin. HE went to college but left him selling hamburgers. He spent the profit from the sale on buying a mini-market. Phil Ruffin dropped out of Wichita State University. Having bought a convenience store, Phil decided to go into real estate. His journey began with office parks, shopping centers, and hotels. He bought his first casino in 1998.

Nine years later, he was able to sell it for $ 1.2 billion, although the purchase itself cost him only $ 165 million. It was acquired by Treasure Island two years later. The purchase cost him $ 775 million. However, today its value has doubled. He is married to Alexandra, former Miss Ukraine. Donald Trump was the best man at his wedding. Phil Ruffin has 5 children. His homemade score is 8. He once took part in a poker game organized by Forbes. Then he managed to beat five other billionaires. Since Phil is Donald Trump’s best friend, it comes as no surprise that he owns 50% of the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas and also runs the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino with Donald.

5. Kirk Kerkorian


Net Worth: $4.2B

Forbes: #114, #393

Age: (died at the age of 98)

Source of wealth: self-made, investments and casinos

On Forbes list: Billionaires 2015, Forbes 400 2014

Kirk Kerkorian graduated from high school and has a diploma. His homemade score is high at 10. Kirk is an outstanding film and real estate, tycoon. On his 98th birthday, he was honored as the second oldest billionaire in the world. Only David Rockefeller was older than him, receiving the title at the age of 100. Perhaps this success was due to the fact that his very life was like a real casino.

In 1962, he bought a piece of land in Las Vegas. He then bought the original hotel as well as the casino. In 2011, he left the board of directors of MGM Resorts International. Despite this, at the time of his death, he was the largest shareholder in the company with a 19 percent stake. He died on June 15 at the age of 98. It is also worth noting that he held a stake in another company, MGM China.

He did this through the holding company Tracinda Corp. In addition to business success, Kirk became famous for his vibrant personal life, the owner of the Kirk Kerkorian school of medicine. In 2012, he was engaged to the widow of comedian Rodney Dangerfield, Joan Dangerfield. She celebrated her 95th birthday by organizing a flash mob.

He was then betrothed to Bill Beard’s widow, Lee Beard, who was an old friend. In 2014, he married his ex-girlfriend Una Davis. Kirk has two daughters, Tracy Kerkorian and Linda Ross Hilton Kemper, and also three grandchildren. Kirk Kerkorian’s net worth has a fairly large number – $ 4.2B.

6. Lorenzo Fertitta



Net Worth: $2.7B

Forbes: #383 and #1444

Age: 52

Source of wealth: mixed martial arts and casinos

Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada

On Forbes list: Billionaires 2024, Top Las Vegas casino owners

Lorenzo Fertitta is a highly educated person with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He attended the University of San Diego and received an MBA from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business.

His homemade score is 5, charity is 2. Together with his brothers, Lorenzo bought the UFC in 2001. This purchase cost him $ 2 million. It was thanks to the UFC mixed martial arts promoter that Lorenzo and his brother were able to make most of their fortune. Sixteen years after the purchase, they sold the remaining UFC debt worth about $ 5 billion. In 2016, the Ferrite family officially announced their casino business, which was founded by their father, Red Rock Resorts. Overall the Lorenzo Fertitta net worth is $ 2.7B. Lorenzo is married and has three children.

7. Johann Graf



Net Worth: $7B

Forbes: #358

Age: 74

Source of wealth: self-made, gambling

Residence: Vienna, Austria

On Forbes list: Billionaires 2024

Let’s move on to the next casino owners. Johan studied meat cutting, so people expected him to work in the family’s butcher’s shop. However, these expectations did not materialize as it was imported by American pinball machines. He then became an agent for a British slot machine company. Johann Graf is the owner of the world-famous Novomatic Group.

This company not only owns casinos around the world but also creates different real money slots, the most popular you can try here

So, try free slots by Novomatic Group founded by Johann Graf to be successful. As a casino owner, billionaire Johann Graf’s net worth is $ 7B. He is divorced, has three children, and is fond of collecting vintage cars.

8. Lawrence Ho



Net Worth: $1.6B

Forbes: #38 and #1299

Age: 44

Source of wealth: casinos

Residence: Hong Kong

On Forbes list: Billionaires 2024, Hong Kong’s Richest 2024

He is the eldest son of the late Macau casino thief Stanley Ho. He is not the only son in the family, he has brothers. His father had 17 children from 4 women. Lawrence Ho is an educated person. He received his BA in Arts / Science. Graduated from the University of Toronto. Lawrence controls Nasdaq-listed casino operator Melco Resorts. The history and name of Melco go back to the Macau Electric Company.

It was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1927. Also, it’s important to note that his close relationship with Australian billionaire James Packer, Melco Crown, ended in 2017. This happened after the opening of 4 casinos. Melco Resorts operates 3 casino resorts. They are located in Macau. In addition, Melco Resorts operates a chain of slots clubs. Dream City Manila is also owned by Melco Resorts. In 2003, Lawrence Ho ditched investment banking in favor of gambling, he gambled under the license of his late father. Later, from 2006, Melko played under another Ho’s license.

9. William Boyd


Net Worth: $1.7B

Forbes: #1931

Age: 89

Source of wealth: banking and casinos

Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada

On Forbes list: Billionaires 2024, Top Las Vegas casino owners

In 1975, Boyd co-founded Boyd Gaming Corporation with Sam Boyard, his father. In 1993, his father died and he had to take over as the company’s CEO. He remained in this position for 15 years, until 2008. William Boyard still owns 17% of the company. In addition, he still serves as Executive Chairman. Today, Boyd Gaming Corporation has 28 headquarters in 10 different states. He is divorced and has 3 children. If you examine his gambling career, Sam Boyard’s net worth is $ 1.7B, which earned him a place in the list of top Las Vegas casino owners.

10. Stanley Ho



Net Worth: $2B

Forbes: –

Age: – (died at the age of 98)

Source of wealth: casinos

Residence: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

On Forbes list: –

Stanley Ho was born into a wealthy and privileged family. However, despite his position in society, he experienced poverty during his adolescence. After the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong, he had to flee to Macau. As early as 1962, he managed to obtain exclusive rights to manage all gambling operations in Macau until 2001. He shared this right with a group of investors. Stanley Ho was considered the patriarch of one of the largest gaming empires in Asia. His casino empire was built on the Chinese territory of Macau. His work was done through his own flagship company SJM Holdings. It was thanks to her that Stanley was able to turn the former Portuguese colony into one of the largest game centers in the world.

After Macau reverted to Chinese ownership, game licenses were granted to Stanley along with Galaxy Entertainment, Melco Resorts & Entertainment, MGM China Holdings, Sands China, and Wynn Macau. As early as 1992, Stanley Ho was able to appear for the first time on Forbes’ list of world billionaires. At that time, his fortune was already 1.1 billion dollars. His last appearance on such lists was in 2011 because his fortune declined due to a series of transfers of shares to his family. In addition to gambling, Stanley Ho was also interested in ballroom dancing, but eventually, they had to stop because of health problems.

Casino Owners Net Worth: How Much Do They Make in the USA by State


1. In the USA on average

The base casino owner’s net worth is from $41.887 to $1.133.093. It means that the medium size of salary is $203.842. In addition, on average casino owners earn between $203.881 and $510.593. Approximately 57% of individual entrepreneurs. The most profitable are Chicago, IL, and Dallas. The less profitable are Austin and Portland, OR. Also, we haven’t forgotten about the tax bracket. The average federal tax for individual entrepreneurs is 35%, and after the federal tax rate has been abolished, casino owners can receive a salary of $167.210 per year. Casino owners pay 17.9% of their monthly rent. This percentage is calculated from the amount they receive in their hands.

2. Reno, state of Nevada

The casino owner’s net worth in Reno is about $205.828. It is 6% below the national average. In total, salaries in Reno are from $114.632 to $374.508. It means that the medium salary is $197.742. 57% of casino owners can make between $197.742 and $252.121 and 86% of them can get $374.508. The least profitable is Salt Lake City. The most profitable is Washington, DC. The medium profit can get owners of casinos in Denver, Boston, Seattle, and Dallas. The average federal tax for individual entrepreneurs is 35%, and after the federal tax rate has been abolished, casino owners can receive a salary of $158.099 per year. Casino owners pay 19.02% of their monthly rent. This percentage is calculated from the amount they receive in their hands.

3. Atlanta, state of Georgia

The casino owners’ net worth in Atlanta, the state of Georgia is about $229.378. It is 4% above the national average. In total, salaries in Atlanta are from $46.526 to $491.378. It means that the medium salary is $219.586. 57% of casino owners can make between $219.586 and $310.129. 86% of casino owners can make $491.378. The most profitable are San Francisco and Washington, DC. The least profitable are Los Angeles and Portland, OR. The average federal tax for individual entrepreneurs is 35%, and after the federal tax rate has been abolished, casino owners can receive a salary of $159.833 per year. In this state, casino owners pay 8.9% of their wages, which they receive as rent. The total cost of living in the state for casino owners is 15.6% of their wages.

Digging into the world of casinos, it’s not just the billionaires who are making a splash. For every player dreaming of hitting it big, the thrill of gambling that you can win keeps the excitement alive. Whether it’s spinning slots or hitting the blackjack tables, the chance to turn luck into fortune is what makes the casino world so captivating. Below, we spotlight the zenith of casino magnates—the 10 Richest Casino Owners, whose legendary visions and audacious gambles have not only shaped the skyline of Las Vegas but also earned them global acclaim.

5 World Richest Casinos


The gambling industry is developing every day, more and more casinos appear, but there are those that are popular among users through yes. Next, we’ll take a look at the top 5 world richest casinos.

1. Sands China

Year Started: 2009

Owner: Las Vegas Sands

Revenue: $6.6B

Sands China is situated in Macau, the People’s Republic of China was founded in 2009. Nowadays its net worth is $8.8B. In the last 5 years, it has had a lot of increases and one decline. Their revenue was $7.5B in 2017. It increased 14% from 2016. In 2018 their revenue was $8.6B. It increased 14.2% from 2017. Their revenue was $8.80B in 2019. It increased by 1.65% from 2018. In 2024 their revenue for the 12 months ending June 30 was $0M and for the quarter ending June 30 – $M. It means for the 12 months ending June it declined 100% and for the quarter ending June, it increased. Despite a net loss of $213 million over the three months leading up to March 31, the company’s financial situation improved in the second quarter, as did revenue growth.

2. Ponte 16 Resort Macau

Year Started: 2008

Owner: Sociedade de Jogos de Macau (51%), Macau Success Limited (49%)

Revenue: $147 million

It is situated in San Antonio, Macau. Nowadays Ponte 16 Resort’s net worth is $147 million. If you look at the crash and take-off statistics of the company over the last years, you can say the following: the company suffered a loss of HK$33.5 million in 2017, in 2018 their profits reached US$6.9 million. It follows that in just one year the company managed to double its revenue to HK$1.1 billion. In addition, Sofitel Macau At Ponte 16 had an average occupancy rate of over 90 percent in 2018.

3. Rio Casino Resort, South Africa

Year Started: 2002

Owner: Peermont Global

Revenue: $2.24M

This casino is worth $516.3M. The original price of the casino hotel was estimated to be between $636 million and $836 million. Rio Casino Resort is situated in Corner of Tusk Boulevard & The N12 MeiringsPark, Klerksdorp, South Africa. Despite some of the company’s losses, in the third quarter of 2019, its net worth rose by 2.3% to $2.24M. As for the financial situation of the company in 2018, at that time it was 2.6% less and amounted to only 1.13 billion euros.

4. City of Dreams, Macau

Year Started: 2009

Owner: Melco Resorts & Entertainment

Revenue: $321.2 million

City of Dreams is situated in Cotai, Macau, the People’s Republic of China. Nowadays its revenue is $321.2 million. But if we talk about the financial situation of the company in recent years, we have to say the following. In the first quarter of 2024, the company was able to return to positive profits, despite having suffered a net loss of $197.7 million in just three months until December 31, 2024. In the 4th quarter of 2019, the company made a profit of $409.8 million, and in the same period of 2024, it amounted to $53.4 million. These figures would appear low, except for revenues from the third quarter, which amounted to $210 million. This means the profits are up 150%.

5. MGM Macau

Year Started: 2007

Owner: MGM Resorts International

Revenue: HK$5.1B

MGM is situated in Sé, Macau. It is owned and operated as a 50–50 joint venture between MGM Resorts International and Pansy Ho. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, casino revenues are the lowest in 14 years of operation. It has decreased by 78% to only HK$5.1B. In the fourth quarter, MGM China had an income of HK$2.4 billion. This amount is more than the amount of HK$550% in the third quarter. The third quarter of 2024 showed a loss of HK$730.6 million. The market share of MGM China rose to 9.9% in 2024, despite a 9.5% share in 2019.

5 Richest casino in Las Vegas


The gambling industry is well developed in Las Vegas and so you can find many high-quality gambling establishments, some of which are even designed for couples. They’re all great for adrenaline and gambling fans. The top five casinos in Las Vegas are Wynn and Encore, Sunset Station Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas Sands, and others.

1. Wynn and Encore

Owner: Wynn Resort

Net worth: $2.3B

The total playing area of Wynn and Encore is 189,000 sq ft or 17.600m2. Here you can try your luck with a variety of free casino slot games for fun because there are almost 850 types of them. In addition to all this, you can try racing, sports betting, poker rooms, and a luxury spa hotel. Wynn and Encore’s net worth of $ 2.3B is, therefore, one of the most popular and sought-after billionaire casinos.

2. Sunset Station Hotel & Casino

Owner: Station Casinos

Net worth: $2B

The next of the 5 billionaire casinos is the Sunset Station Hotel and Casino with a play area of 162.173 sq ft or 15,066.4 m2. You can get a taste of excitement and victory with over 2400 free slots to play for fun, as well as 35 board games. Among other things, you can visit a cinema with 13 rooms, a bingo room with 542 seats, and a bowling alley with 72 lanes. Net worth is almost equal to the aforementioned Wynn and Encore and is almost $ 2.3B.

3. Las Vegas Sands

Owner: Sheldon Adelson

Net worth: $20.807B

Las Vegas Sands Sheldon Adelson is another casino that deserves the title of the best. The total gambling space of Las Vegas Sands is 249,000 square feet. The number of slot machines to win real money in the casino is over 1,200 and table games – 270. The net worth is $ 20.807B, which is why it can be considered one of the successful Sheldon Adelson casinos.

4. Trump Casino

Owner: Trump Entertainment Resorts

Net worth: $2.3B

The total gambling space of Trump casino is 91,181 sq ft. The number of slots for fun and table games in the casino is quite big. Also, you can play video poker, blackjack, poker, craps, roulette, baccarat, and others in Trump casino Macau.

5. Marina Bay Sands

Owner: Las Vegas Sands corporation

Net worth: $6.88B

Marina Bay Sands is the next billionaire casino in the world, net worth is $ 6.88B. The total gambling space of Marina Bay Sands is 160,000 sq ft or 15,000 m2. The casino provides 1.600 real money slots and more than 500 gambling tables. Also, you can play in more than 30 private gaming rooms. It offers the newest and most popular electronic gaming machines worldwide.

Top 3 World Known Casino Magnates


To the list of top-3 world-known casino magnates, we can include Teddy Sagi, Chen Lip Keong, and Denise Coates.

  1. Teddy Sagi is only 49 years old but his net worth is already $5.5B. In the Forbes list, he is on the #69 as the Richest in the Tech in 2017 and on the #539 Billionaires 2024. His sources of wealth are self-made and gambling software. The residence of Teddy Sagi is situated in Tel Aviv, Israel. He became famous because of his Playtech firm which he opened in 1999.
  2. Chen Lip Keong is 74 years old. He is an educated man who has graduated as a medical doctor and at the University of Malaysia. His sources of wealth are energy and property, casino, and self-made. The residence of Chen Lip Keong is situated in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. His real-time net worth is $2.4B. On the Forbes lists, he is #9 in the category of Malaysia’s 50 Richest 2024 and #622 in the category of Billionaires 2024. Chen Lip Keong is married and has 3 children.
  3. Denise Coates is only 53 but her net worth nowadays is already $6.1B. She studied at the university Coates the STEM field of Econometrics. Her sources of wealth are self-made and online gambling. The residence of Denise Coates is situated in Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom. On the Forbes lists she is #69 in the category of Richest in Tech 2017, #81 in the category of Power Women 2018, and Europe’s Top 50 Women in Tech 2018, and #404 in the category of Billionaires 2024. She is married and has 5 children.

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