5 Useful Tools to Track Down Your Missing Phone

For most individuals, losing their smartphones doesn’t mean that they’ve lost the investment they made. Instead, it means that they’ve lost precious personal data, which can include things such as their credit card numbers & pins, pictures, video recordings, as well as email and contact details.

If you found yourself in an unfortunate situation where you got your device stolen or lost, don’t worry, there are some things that you could try in order to locate it. So, without further ado, here is a list of five useful tools that you could try to use for tracking down your missing mobile device:

1. “Find My Device”
Price: Completely Free of Charge


If you have an Android OS, one of the best and most effective apps that you might want to try is “Find My Device”. By using it, you’ll be capable of locating and tracking the missing device, however, it does come with additional features that you might find useful. For instance, by accessing it, you could take the necessary steps to protect the private data on it, hence, you could choose to reset it to its factory settings – something that’ll delete all the data.

Additionally, if you think that you’ve left it somewhere in your home, you could use this app for calling it. It’ll also allow you to display messages on your device, hence if someone finds it, they could use the message for contacting you. You can also use this tool for viewing a wide range of maps that include places like shopping malls, huge buildings, and airports, meaning that it’ll be easier for you to locate the device.

2. “Life 360”
Price: There is a Free Plan, But it Misses Important Features


You might need to track your phone or tablet, and if so, you might want to try “Life 360”. This particular application will allow you to connect with your family and/or friends, mostly because it has a feature that can be used for sharing your location with other individuals that are using the app. Hence, by installing it, you could create groups, add users to it, and monitor their locations on a map that’ll only be available to the members of the group.

When compared with some other tools available on the market, this one will offer you a wide range of safety features. For instance, if you even find yourself in an accident, you could call an ambulance and notify your emergency contact. Now, there is a free plan that you could use, however, it’ll only allow you to place two alerts and you also won’t gain features such as crime reports. Additionally, you cannot factory reset it if it gets lost.

3. “Find My Phone”
Price: From $0.99 Per Day To $39.99 Per Month


If you don’t want to download and install an application on your laptop or computer, you could choose to use “Find My Phone”, a platform that’ll allow you to geolocate a number that you enter on their website. Once you enter the number, you’ll have to make a payment of $0.99 for 24 hours, and then, you’ll receive a text message that’ll tell you the precise location which will be displayed on a map.

This specific tool can support all carriers, as well as all mobile brands, hence, no matter if you own an Apple or Android OS, you could locate it by using this platform. Keep in mind, this particular online tool will only work if it is turned on, and more importantly, if it is connected to the Internet. If you want to find out more about this platform, check out

4. “Family Locator”
Price: Free, But There Are Payment Plans That Unlock Extra Features


Similar to the second tool on our list, “Family Locator” will also allow you to track your devices, as well as the phones of your family members. It comes with a wide range of features that’ll enable you to track, talk to your family members, and create groups that you could use for seeing where your family members are. It’s incredibly beneficial for parents, mostly because they can monitor where their children are, thus, they can ensure that they are safe and sound.

Additionally, there is also a history browser, which means that you can see where your family was in the last week. So, what makes it different than “Life 360”? You could use it for creating safe and dangerous areas, hence, if one of your kids enters the danger zone, you’ll receive a notification. It’s worth mentioning that it’ll also notify you when they’re in the safe zone, hence, when they, for example, return from school, you’ll know.

5. “XFI Locator”
Price: Free, But There Are Payment Plans That Unlock Extra Features


Last on our list, but equally as beneficial as all the other tools we mentioned is “XFI Locator”. Now, it’s an app that is quite straightforward, mostly because its main focus is finding lost or stolen devices. By accessing the live maps, you’ll be capable of quickly and easily navigating the streets, thus, you could find it in no time. It’ll allow you to register a couple of accounts, and the alarm feature will help you call the missing device.

However, there are other things that this app offers. For instance, you could opt for using different map types, so, you could opt for seeing it in street view or you could change it to high-resolution if needed. Also, you could also locate your phone by simply logging into their online platform or app from another device. You should know, it doesn’t allow you to erase your personal data on it – something that might be quite important if it got stolen.


As you were able to read, there is a wide range of tools that you could use for tracking your missing or stolen phone. Now, although the ones we mentioned do come with free packages, you might want to pay for such services, mostly because you’ll unlock additional features that can allow you to do different things with your smartphone.

Hence, if you currently have no idea where your phone is located, you really shouldn’t waste any more of your time. Instead, you should return to the beginning of our list, determine which tool is the most suitable for you, and then start looking for your missing smartphone immediately.

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