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10 Useful Transcription Software Tools for Journalists and Bloggers in 2024

The online world brought us many opportunities to improve or change our careers. Certain industries like journalism are now completely modernized. Indeed, we can’t deny the popularity of physical newspapers. Many people in the world still prefer to buy them at the store and read them at home. However, the newest generations have different expectations and requirements.

First of all, people do not like to research things for a longer time. They prefer to find different sources of information with a couple of clicks. This includes those that will inform you about the hottest topics in different industries. Because of that, running a news blog is tough and attractive at the same moment.

Many people that have good writing skills want to test their skills in this industry. It is easier than ever before to reach your target audience. However, the same opportunity is available to every person that has a stable Wi-Fi connection. Because of that, you need to use different ways to find your place in the competitive market.

Use Different Formats

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Let’s say that you want to cover a current subject from the marketing field. You will surely find millions of blog posts that have already done that. If you do the same, you won’t be different in any way from your competitors.

One way to be attractive to people is to use different formats of content. Indeed, you can write evergreen articles that can be useful to people for a longer time. However, it seems that people are not aware of the influence that interviews have. This especially counts if you do it with a person that truly has the credibility to talk about the current subject.

Well, in that case, every second needs to be important to you. You need to respond to the requirements that readers have promptly. The best possible way to do that is by using different transcription software tools. Fortunately, you can find a lot of them online, but not all of them are equally good.

You can to the right place to find top useful transcription software tools for journalists and bloggers. Let’s find them out together.


Every journalist knows how tough it can be to transcribe the video or audio format yourself. Spending hours or days to do that will negatively influence your effectiveness. Well, this is the moment when Transcribear can become your best friend.

By a couple of clicks, you can transcribe and video or audio file. You have to upload it to the program, wait for a few minutes, and get the editable transcript. We attached the website where you can get familiar more with this software solution. The users have the option to manually transcribe files for free. However, there is also a free trial available for automated transcription. It would be a great decision to use that and prove the quality of the program to yourself.


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The first thing that we need to highlight this program is Artificial Intelligence support. It is a great tool that allows users to transcribe and organize audio files. Let’s imagine that you did an interview that lasts shorter than 30 minutes. Well, with the web-based version of the program, you can finish the entire work within 3 or four minutes.

There is one common disadvantage of many software solutions of this type. It is hard for them to achieve 100% accuracy with automatic transcription. However, Sonix’s creators developed its own editing studio. Every journalist or blogger can polish the final product and compare it with the audio recordings. Even better, each word is automatically indexed. This means that the users can refer back to a certain part of the video at any point.

P.S. The free version of this program does not exist, but its’ price is affordable.


This program found a unique way to increase the accuracy and speed of the entire transcription process. It uses a powerful combination of human-powered and automatic transcription. Because of this combination, the price for using the services that this program offers is affordable.

The entire transcription process is easy even for first-time journalists. You upload the audio file to its platform and the file automatically gets uploaded to the server. You will get a transcription in less than 5 minutes. Yet, the developers of the program did not want to stop there. Descript tries to improve its accuracy for each file that you upload. It offers a so-called White Glove service and ensures 99% accuracy in 24 hours. Well, this might be a disadvantage for journalists that do not want to wait. Yet, after those 24 hours, you will get a perfect final product.

Anyway, there is a basic plan that you can use for free. This plan allows users to upload interviews and other audio files shorter than 30 minutes. However, you can also pay 15c per minute to use the software for longer materials.


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This might be a great option for people that have a problem with a lack of money. Every blogger can use the 10-hour free transcription service each month. Most of the bloggers that are newbies are willing to use this opportunity. Despite that, Otter is very accurate and you can upload the files recoded by computer or phone microphone. For the end product, the journalists will have to wait around 5 minutes. Still, if you want to get a more accurate version, then you will have to wait a bit more.

There is one thing that most of the tools do not offer today. Otter can get trained by the user. You can “teach” the program to recognize the voice and learn some special technology. In this way, the accuracy of the files is going to improve over time.

The program itself is available in two different ways. You can use it by visiting Otter’s website, but you can also download an app to your device. Both ways are equally good and they will satisfy the requirements of its users.


Before we say “goodbye”, there is one thing that we need to highlight. Do not rush when picking the right software. Pick only those that feature accuracy because that is the only way to get high-quality articles. Use the free trials if that opportunity exists and check if the software satisfies your needs.

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