6 Weirdest Online Gambling Superstitions – 2024 Guide

Casinos have been around for ages now, and they attract many different people. You wouldn’t believe what kind of people you can meet in a casino. Some of them are inclined to superstitions. In recent years we have seen the expansion of online casinos, which created the new generation of gamblers. But, regardless of the ages, there’s one thing that never changes with people who indulge themselves in a bit of gambling – they remain superstitious. Yup, you’ve heard it right, you can be superstitious while gambling online. Today, we are going to show you the six weirdest online gambling superstitions – the 2024 guide. We’re sure you have heard about some of these, but regardless continue reading.

Lucky Red


This one is quite old, and not only that – it is a superstition that is present in every corner of the world. According to many cultures, red is considered a lucky color. Once this was heard by people who gamble, they knew what to do next. People started wearing red at gambling events as if it was mandatory. It wasn’t hard for this tradition to come to online casinos. All you need to do is to wear something red—a piece of cake. Today, you’ll find many players refusing to start a game without having something red on. It shouldn’t be hard for anyone, as it can be a shirt, socks, boxers, or any part of your clothing. It doesn’t matter as long it’s red. If you are into superstitions, next time you gamble at casino, put something red on. Visit here to try it out!

Stay Away From Dogs


Pets are a no go in most casinos, but after reading this, you’ll want to put your doggy away while playing a game at an online casino. In a regular casino, you shouldn’t have this issue, but if you own a dog, and he’s close to you, then it’s another story. According to this superstition, if you start a game while a dog is near, your luck would go away. We can’t pinpoint the origin of this story, but people who refuse to gamble while a dog is nearby are numerous. So, it’s as we already said, it’s not an issue in a land casino, but at home, you’ll be in a pinch. People who have service dogs should stay away from gambling if they start losing money, as the issue is there, and they can’t afford to lose it.

Lucky Bag Superstition


This is another one, which is quite impressive, and found its way to online casinos with ease. Lucky bag superstition originates from Africa. It revolves around the idea that you can harness mojo and good luck into a bag. The idea came from African-American back in the 1800s. What you need to to to have luck close buy is to fill a red bag (of course it’s a red one), with objects that are considered lucky. They also need to be mixed with a combination of minerals and herbs. If your mixture is done right, the luck should be on your side while gambling. The reason why this superstition is present among inline casino players is that your bag needs to be hidden from other people. While this was probably hard to do on the Wild West, when playing from your home, this should be quite simple. And we know how they say it in old England – simple is the best.

Don’t Use the Main Entrance


This one shouldn’t be too hard. Of course, the idea started in land casinos, but online players adopted it quickly. Why? We’ll every house has a back door, so you can enter your home, avoiding the main entrance. At land casinos, there was a custom that people who are in for gains should never enter the casino through the front door. It was believed that if they do this, the only things that await them on the inside is bad luck. There are records of people trying to enter casinos though bathroom window or side entrances. You shouldn’t try this at home, but even if you do, we hope it would bring you good luck.

New Players Wins in Craps


This on goes 50/50. It is believed that a virgin player could bring good luck to the table. But, only if the player is a she. So, a female player who has never played Craps can bring you good luck. So, if you are playing Craps at your home, your wife could help. Of course, she can’t be throwing dices, but regarding online casinos, the presence itself could help. Now, if a player is a male, it is bad luck for him to be throwing dices at a Craps game. So, if you are into this game at an online casino, don’t bring your friend along. Or, maybe you could if they enter your home through a window or a back door.

Number Seven


Number seven is considered to be a lucky number. But, if you have ever been to a Craps table, then you know about this superstition. It would be best if you never said this number aloud. New players who do not know this often annoy older ones. If you believe in this one, then playing at an online casino should be right for you. Just keep your mouth shut, and there won’t be any issues. Furthermore, you are allowed to think about he named number, only not speak it aloud.


As you can see, some things ever change. People can switch the method of gambling, but they can not change their old habits and physiological traits. The one who was superstitious while gambling in a regular casino brought it with him to an online one. For people who are into this type of thing, it doesn’t matter if they’re gambling from their homes or on their phones. The already established protocol of superstition needs to be respected regardless of surroundings, and we think it’s great. Never change good people of gambling.

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