How Reverse Image Search Helps Bloggers?

Reverse Image Search has become popular among bloggers. Its use has eased its content-producing process in a number of ways. Plus, it has brought transparency and originality to blogs and articles as well. You can upload photos that no one can claim. Plus, you can search for pictures that match with the original. So this way, reverse search helps bloggers in multiple ways. In this article, we are writing some of the best ways in which a reverse search favours a blogger.

Business and Reverse Image Search:


There are a number of advantages that are available for bloggers in using a reverse image search. We are attempting to list some of them.

1- Taking Digital Presence to Another Level:

Consider yourself a digital marketer with a picture. The photo suits your site content perfectly, yet it is not instantly noticeable. What plan do you have? This is where reverse image search comes in. You may search for this photo to find the greatest results and links to that photo . You can determine what is missing and trace it back to other photographs making it perfect for your business.

2- Gives Understanding of Impact:

Another purpose of reverse search is related to the understanding it gives about the audience. If the people you are targeting are using your images, then it is a good sign that your content is having an impact. So with a reverse image search, you can look for people who are using your photos and can have an idea of the impact.

3- Protects Copyrights of Your Images:

The last benefit that it serves for bloggers is the protection of copyrights. With a reverse search, a blogger can easily identify who is using the image of his content anywhere. Plus, he can lodge a warning of a copyright claim with the help of a reverse image search.

How to use a Reverse Image Search for a Blogger:

So there are multiple reverse image tools that are available to be used. We are listing some of the best tools that are easy to use and can serve best for a blogger.

1- CopyChecker Reverse Image Search Tool:

Copy Checker Reverse Image Tool is the first place to look for a reverse search. The website’s features are the product of many search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Aside from that, the program has a very user-friendly interface that requires no logins or signups. So for bloggers, the tool will serve better as it gives results from more than three search engines. Plus the blogger can track down what is required

2- Google Images:


Google Picture Search is the most user-friendly and popular picture search tool, and it is a must-have for many businesses. It aids you in discovering the exact picture, determining copyright, and estimating the size of the image. Google Search is easy to use and absolutely free. Also, Google Search is a platform that gives a number of advanced search options to its users. You can select the quality of the photos. You can select its dimensions and you can even select from a particular source. Lastly, you can even select the time at which they were taken, like 2 days old, 2 years old etc. So, Google is a good platform for reverse search.

3- Yahoo:

The next tool that can help you with reverse image search is Yahoo. Yahoo has the most number of photos in its database — after Google now. So, if you can search images, you will receive better results. You can also reverse search if you can find that the results on Google do not match with the profile you are looking for. Yahoo reverse search also does content analysis. With content analysis, you can select the part of the photo that you want to search. For instance, in a photo of different celebrities you can see any one of them and can search it separately. This way, you will be better off in terms of reverse search.

4- Pinterest:


The next popular brand for reverse image search is Pinterest. Launched in 2015, the tool is doing a fabulous job. It has tons and tons of pictures in almost everything. Also, it is free in case you are thinking that you have to pay for it. The photos you find on Pinterest have much greater quality than you find on other platforms. The reason for this is that Pinterest has successfully managed to gain the trust of photographers around the world. It gives them ample opportunity to showcase their work with good features and retains their trust through credits. So Pintrest is another platform that can help you do reverse search.

5- Getty Images:

Getty images is a popular platform for stocks of images. Many digital content creators take help of it to find photo of their use. However, only few people are aware that there is a reverse image search tool available for free in GettyImages. The process of doing a reverse search is the same: upload a picture, click on the search and get results. Plus, there is an auto suggested feature as well. You can take the help of this feature as it narrows down the results that are relevant to you.

6- Picsearch:


Picsearch is another platform to reverse search. The platform, although look similar to other platforms mentioned above, offers over 4 billion pictures in its database. That’s a huge number. You can look for varied results and can attain multiple sizes and quality on a given subject. You can also do reverse search through keywords and through selecting the content of the images. So, if you are looking for a good platform for reverse search, Picsearch can be the one.


Bloggers have tremendous usage of images in their content. For this, there is greater usage of reverse search tools as they track down their images and provide them the due credit. So we have listed down the important points in which the reverse engines are working for the bloggers.

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