Keep Track of Your Package With China Post – 2024 Guide

China post is actually an online parcel and postal items tracker which gives service to China and beyond. It is owned and operated by the State Post Bureau of the People’s Republic of China. China post international mail tracking provides a huge volume of shipments from big companies like Aliexpress and similar platforms and offers their services both within China and in international routes. Worldwide popular marketplaces like Aliexpress, FastTech, eBay, GearBest use services from China Post to deliver the products for the customers.

Why and what is China post:


China Post parcel tracking is one of the most reliable worldwide economic package tracking and shipment services. It’s very cheap compared with others. But it takes a bit more time like 2-4 weeks to arrive at the destination country. You can keep track directly by China Post’s tracking number or with courier tracking services like My-Package-Tracking.

Keeping track of your product:


China post regular mail tracking has an easy and effective tracking system by which you can track every movement of your product. When a product gets registered with the China post then it is assigned a unique China post tracking number. And only registered email can be tracked through this tracking system.

China post works with online vendors mainly so it will be also beneficial to get direct contact with vendors. Most of the companies like Aliexpress give that opportunity to make conversations with buyer and seller and that’s a good option for both too. This way you can have a strong fallback if things do not go well sometimes.

Below are the three useful options to track your goods:

  • Using the website from where you made the purchase: We previously mentioned that tracking can be possible from the marketplace from where you bought the product. You can get all tracking information right from there. But there is a small drawback and that is the status of the shipment changes too slowly.
  • Using directly the China Post website: It doesn’t matter from which website or marketplace you buy your product from. If it uses China Post then you can directly track from the China post website. Here you need to provide just the tracking number. However, this system has small disadvantages too and that is you can track all information efficiently while the product is inside China. And when you need to track the product outside China you can try the next option.
  • Using You need to create an account there. You can track your product outside China with this option.

How does a China Post parcel tracking code look like?


Every package/parcel from China Post has a unique tracking number. China Post or ePacket postal tracking number looks like the below format:

( A# xxx xxx xxx CN ) ( C# xxx xxx xxx CN ) (L# xxx xxx xxx CN)

This format is set to detect the courier you use to track the China Post Priority Mail, an ePakcet or a China EMS package. For unregistered parcels that use the tracking number like (U# xxx xxxx xxx CN) may not be trackable so they recommend using the registered shipping option.

Different kinds of the packaging of China Post:


China post has difference parcel packaging system depending on the size of the product like:

  • China Post international Large Package
  • China Post Products
  • China Post Small Package

Shipment options of China Post:


China Post has various shipping methods depending on transport, the weight of products, and tractability. Delivery time depends on the type of courier you’ll use for ordering a product. You can choose the method of delivery during the purchase. Take a look at those options below:

By nature of delivery:

  • Air (fastest and most pricey option) which is china air post mail tracking.
  • Surface (cheapest and slowest option. Delivery is made by land or sea and takes around 40-70 days
  • SAL (Surface Air Lifted). Combination of both air and surface and can take around 15-20 days.

By Tractability:

  • Registered. Normally trackable from anywhere.
  • Unregistered (China post Unregistered). Only trackable within China and the tracking number starts with U.

By weight of the package:

If your package is under 2 kg then those are below options for delivery

  • China Post Registered Air Mail
  • China Post ePacket
  • China Post ordinary small packet Plus

If your order is above 2 kg to 30 kg those are below options

  • China post Air parcel
  • China post EMS

When the product will arrive:


With the delivery date China Post never gave an exact delivery date. There are so many reasons related to this. One of the main reasons is China Post actually goes through a network named Global Postal Union, you may have heard of. Members are from many countries and postal services. So parcels from China Post will go through many members’ countries and postal services before the destination country. And the destination country’s main post office or reputed one will make the final delivery.

  • As they have different services like air parcel or by road or sea shipment the delivery time varies. But they always give a range of dates. But we have seen exceptions too in those date rages. Sometime it may come a bit earlier and sometime it can take 1/2 more days with the date range provided.
  • For an Air Parcel it can take 5 to 10 days to arrive in the destination country. Inside china it can take 5 to 7 days. If it is Europe it can take 7 to 30 days.
  • If you use a Surface like land or sea it normally takes 15 to 20 days but in some cases it can take 30 to even 45 days or the highest 70 days. Sometimes holiday seasons take more time. Sometimes sellers take more time too for the holiday season.

China Post always recommends using registered tracking only otherwise tracking information will be limited to mainland China only. Those who order many parcels from companies like Aliexpress know that it’s the cheapest and reliable service ever.

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