Is an Expensive Horse Racing Track Restaurant Worth the Price?

In terms of thrill, excitement, and fun-packed into entertainment, you can get on a premium horse racing weekend, there is hardly anything capable of matching the U. S. Triple Crown events. Horse racing easily managed to spread across the whole of America by a storm and it is easy to understand why. The races contested by some of the world’s most popular and prestigious thoroughbreds are enough of a magnet to attract large masses of the sport’s aficionados.

Nevertheless, attending a top-tier racing event is much more than just watching thoroughbreds compete with each other. It comes in together with a whole range of other activities, from at least a two-night stay at a nearby hotel to fine-dining at elite restaurants around the racetrack.

Moving forward, the most popular events bring a vast array of betting opportunities and give you an opportunity to recover from hefty bills by landing a big winning bet. For example, Country House was an enormous 62/1 underdog according to most sportsbooks listed at BettingBilly, yet he won the 2019 Kentucky Derby event. Those who were lucky enough to predict his win did certainly not worry about the standard costs of their attendance at a prestigious race. The costs, particularly those you’ll encounter at horse racing restaurants, will be the main theme here. Are they genuinely worth the money? Do horse racing attendants truly get the value for their stunningly big food bills? Well, these are by all means unanswerable questions because the responses depend on the repliers. As you know, premium events are usually attended by wealthy classes and the majority of them will not even pay attention to restaurant bills. The others will say the prices are way more expensive than they should be in reality.

Regular costs of attending the Kentucky Derby


The Kentucky Derby is one of the most famous races in the world. It is the first of the U.S. Triple Crown events and, as such, attracts large masses. Thousands gather to watch the most thrilling race in the country on the first Saturday of May every year. As such, Kentucky Derby is ideal to serve as an example regarding the main theme of the article.

Prices for all types of services or amenities jump drastically near and on the first weekend of May in Louisville. A standard budget hotel thus almost doubles its prices to near $400 a night on the occasion. The same goes for airfare tickets, uber rides, and restaurants. And bear in mind this is only a budget-friendly mode. Gentlemen who’d like to take advantage of everything on the menu will easily spend tens of thousands of dollars for several days. Just a single ticket for Millionaire’s Row seating department can be bought for no less than $6,780. If you want to spend a luxurious night in a historic Louisville hotel get ready to pay $1,000. Bowties & Bourbon Derby Day party will take more than $200 from you, while you’ll have to pay as much as $1,000 for a limited edition Mint Julep.

Entertainment can be priceless


The above-described costs at the Kentucky Derby are pretty much similar at other premium racetracks, not only in the United States but across the planet. Once we have analyzed them, can we say they are worth it? In terms of the overall experience, the answer is normally positive. The unparalleled enjoyment and fun are priceless, and that’s exactly what you get at such premium events. Restaurants are the main theme of the article and they are well included in everything mentioned above. If you are having good times hanging out with your friends/family watching a sport you love, you usually won’t even think of the bill at a restaurant. We have to look at these prices as a whole, not just the prices for a particular meal you are going to have that day. You are not paying for that meal only, you are paying for the luxury of presence at such a prestigious event. If you can’t afford a $150 treat at a restaurant during an elite horse racing weekend, try staying home and saving money for the next year. The experience will be a lot better if you don’t have to think of how much you can spend on that day. This is why it is very hard to compare the prices at horse racing restaurants to those at regular dining establishments. Of course, you’ll spend more on the former but always bear in mind that the entire experience you get is calculated in the price.

When it comes to food taste, horse racing restaurants are not worth the money


On the other hand, if you look only from a food taste perspective, horse racing restaurants are clearly not worth the hefty bills. Only a small portion of expensive dining facilities has exceptionally tasty food in general. The percentage is even lower when it comes to horse racing restaurants. These facilities are not supposed to amaze you with unique recipes or amazingly-executed dishes. They should do it for the price you are paying, but they are so expensive only thanks to the location at that specific period (on race weekends).

There are always exceptions on the other end of a scale. A hefty price at a restaurant around a racetrack does not necessarily have to be unjustified. Places whose food you’ll tell your friends about do exist and are well worth the price, especially being a part of a premium horse racing event. The problem is still that these are in minority compared to those whose prices can mess up someone’s weekend.

At the end of the day, there will always be different opinions and a true answer to the question asked in the title of the article does not exist.

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