5 Things to Do When you Can’t Unlock your Apartment

Before we leave our homes, we always double and even triple check if the front door has been locked. It is said that every person will go back to their apartment, long after they’ve left it, just to check if the door has been locked. When we leave the home, we usually don’t pay attention to the things we do every day, and sometimes we can forget if we actually locked it or not. We try to set reminders and do everything to remember this moment, and we pay close attention to our keys, and panic if we cannot find them right away. Well, all of these things are normal, but one thing that does not occur that frequently is not being able to unlock your apartment.

If you suddenly realize that you cannot unlock the door and that you cannot get inside your home, the feeling is terrible. We start to question if we are in the right building, on the right floor, and if we are actually trying to open the door of our own place, and not someone else’s. If you notice that you cannot open your front door, you should stay calm. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the things you should do if you cannot open the door, and what you need to unlock it with ease. Remember these things, because you never know when is the next time this is going to happen to you or someone you care about.

1. Call the landlord or the leasing office


The first thing you need to do is call the landlord, the leasing office, or the management of your apartment building. If you rent the place, your landlord will have a spare key. On the same note, if you live in a building that has a good management system, they will probably have a spare key as well. In some buildings, the cleaning service should also have a master key, but this all depends on the type of building you live in.

In case this is not an option, then you should remain calm and check some of the other things listed in this article.

2. Check to see if there are any open windows


This is something that is definitely worth checking, especially if you live in a smaller building and if you have good relationships with your neighbors. If you live on a lower floor, and if you can easily move from one balcony to another, you should try to get into your home from your neighbor’s place.

If possible, switch the alarm system off, so you don’t raise any unnecessary noise, as suggested by

In some cases, you can use the fire escape to get into your home, if you’ve left a window open or unlocked. What we are suggesting here is pretty much breaking into your own place, but if this works, it is going to save you a lot of trouble. Note that if you live in a high-rise place, you should never try these things, and you should never risk your safety.

3. Call a locksmith


Your best bet, when you are locked outside of your home is to call a locksmith. The professional service will help you get into your place without having to think of alternative solutions, and without causing any damage to your property.

According to, when you are looking for a locksmith, Cardiff, you need to choose a reliable place, that is fully accredited and insured, and that will offer you the best price. Note that in case you’ve lost your key, and if you need to change the door, you may need to inform the landlord, the leasing office, or the management in your building.

4. Try to open the door on your own


If you want to try your luck before you call a professional service, there are some things that may work to your advantage. It is said that in some cases, you should be able to open the door with a credit card. You will need to put it between the frame and the latch, wiggle and slide it so it opens the door. Note that this will destroy your card, and it may not even work.

You may also try to use paper clips or bobby pins, to create improvised tools. Know that if you break something in the lock, the whole process is going to become much more difficult, and you may risk paying for a whole new lock.

You can also try to remove the doorknob, and get into your place that way. The last thing that is not recommended, but you may want to try is to remove the hinges, detach the whole door, and get into your home. For this, you will need a lot of tools, and you will definitely need help from someone else.

5. Call someone who has a spare key


The last thing we are going to mention in this article is something you may forget while you are stressed. Most of us give a spare key to a family member or a friend. In case you live with someone else, they will definitely have a key, so you may just go get a cup of coffee while you wait for them to show up. Think of the people who may have a spare in case you live alone, and think about the people who take care of your place and water your plants while you are on vacation. This sounds like a long shot, but it may be something we forget about when we are in a state of confusion and panic.

To prevent these things from happening, you should always hide a spare somewhere you can easily reach and find it, or you should give a key to someone you trust. In case there is someone else locked in the apartment, and you fear for their safety, you should immediately call the police or the fire station.

Locking yourself out of your home is not something uncommon, and you should try to remain as calm as possible. The worst thing that could happen is you testing different things out, ending up with a damaged door, and a great story to tell to your friends. If you want things to be done as fast as possible, you should call a locksmith and everything will be finished in less than an hour.

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