The Importance of Email Marketing for Small Businesses

While some people regard email as an outdated form of communication, the reality is that email is still a big part of our lives. Whether they are professionals, individuals, or consumers, large numbers of people still check their email regularly. In fact, over 90% of adults in the United States use email, according to Pew Research. This continues to make email marketing relevant.

Email marketing can be especially useful for small businesses. This is because email marketing allows small businesses to reach their target audience and engage with them regularly. Whether you want to send personalized messages, advertise sales, or get out important notices, email marketing can do that.

Great For Mobile Marketing


One of the most focused-on phenomena within the world of marketing is the growth of the use of mobile devices. With the number of mobile phone users surpassing the 5 billion mark, and those users outnumbering computers, it’s time to take the world of mobile seriously.

Businesses are continually looking for better ways to interact with their customers on mobile devices. Luckily for those who take part in email marketing, most emails are read on mobile devices. For that reason, email marketing is a great way to reach their customers on their phones.

The world of mobile marketing will continue to be the center of attention as the Internet of things continues to grow. According to Statista, from 2015 to 2024 alone, web traffic coming from mobile devices increased from 31% to 52%. Expect that growth to continue as the prices of smartphones decrease and more people browse from mobile devices.

A Lot of the Process Can Be Automated


An excellent thing about email marketing is that a lot of it can be automated successfully. This means that once your system is set up, you don’t necessarily need to work on sending out emails for a lot of your workdays.

In fact, automation can actually help make your email marketing campaigns more successful. When automated, emails will reach your customers exactly when they should, increasing the effectiveness and conversion rate.

Once you’re able to automate your email marketing campaigns, it will allow you to save money on marketing costs. Rather than having someone on your team caught up with sending out timely emails, you can have them sent out automatically without a second thought.

Email Marketing is Cost-Effective


Email marketing is the most cost-effective option when it comes to marketing strategies for small businesses. This becomes especially important when you consider how costly paid advertising channels can be, such as television or PPC.

Overall, there are very little costs tied to email marketing. This is due to a couple of factors. To start off, creating email content is relatively cheap. In fact, most of the time companies can just outsource it. Also, as we’ve mentioned, email marketing can be automated. While it costs money to set up the automation system upfront, it will save money in the long term.

In addition to the low costs associated with email marketing, there is also a high return on investment. This makes it the perfect option for smaller businesses that need to get the most out of their marketing budgets.

Personalize Content For Your Email Lists


Personalization has changed how we view marketing. Serving everyone the same generalized ad doesn’t work as well as it used to. People want stuff that is tailored to them. Email marketing makes it so much easier to personalize marketing campaigns for consumers.

One of the easiest ways to personalize email marketing campaigns is to address customers by their names in emails. While it seems like something trivial, studies have found it to increase conversion rates significantly.

The bulk of personalization in email marketing campaigns comes through segmentation. In the most basic sense, it involves breaking your customers’ emails down into distinct groups based on their interests. That way, you can deliver specific content for each group. Some examples of ways to split up customers into groups include location, demographics, and interests.

Making personalized content for your customers makes your emails more relevant to them, which will ultimately keep them subscribed to what you’re sending out. It will also increase the conversion rates of those emails you send out.

Tracking Performance is Relatively Easy


Due to email marketing analytics software, tracking your campaigns’ success is simple. No more guessing whether or not your customers are interested in your marketing efforts. With easy-to-understand analytics, you can view who opened the email, who clicked the link, and who converted.

With that information, you can then make changes to the campaigns to improve them. Another great thing about email marketing software is that you can go really in-depth if you need to. With top of the line software, you can also ensure that users who sign up to your website have a valid email address and even analyze specific elements of your emails to see what customers are responding well to and what they aren’t. Check this website to learn more about email verification.

The Bottom Line On Email Marketing

The reality that marketing teams and businesses alike need to realize is that people still use email in one form or another. Due to the nature of email marketing, it is especially effective for small businesses.

Unlike big corporations, small businesses don’t have massive marketing budgets. The more they can stretch their dollar on marketing costs, the better. Email marketing is arguably the most cost-effective form of marketing because of its relatively low costs and a higher return on investment.

Not to mention, for small businesses that don’t have a department specifically for marketing, they can automate most of the email marketing tasks. This means a small business can outsource personalized emails, and they can hire someone to set up some kind of email marketing system – then the business is all set.

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