4 Effective Packaging Solutions For Small Businesses

Did you know that 52% of shoppers buy again from an online store just because they liked the packaging? It may not sound like a big deal, but packaging a product can help your store be successful.

When selling online, there is practically no physical interaction between the buyer and your store. This interaction happens until the package reaches the recipient. This is when you need to stand out, shine, and make your customer say: wow!

When we talk about having good packaging, we don’t just look for the products inside to be well protected. This is your only chance to show buyers what your brand means and how passionate you are about your project and what it represents.

Today we will tell you importance and X most effective packaging solutions for small businesses.

Importance of it


Having attractive packaging can also help you go beyond surprising whoever opens it, it is an excellent technique to generate content for your brand on social networks.

Just as kids are overwhelmed with joy when opening their Christmas presents, adults also have a similar feeling when opening their online purchases. Like everything today, social networks are the best channel to share that happiness.

Approximately 4 out of 10 people will share one or more photos on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat if they consider that the packaging of their purchase is exclusive and special. In doing so, all friends and acquaintances will see your logo, your products, and how passionate you are about what you do.

Most effective solutions

Custom made


For small business custom made are always the best choice. The colors and type of materials will depend on the personality of your brand and the products you sell, but there are 5 elements that you should always include it stand out from the competition.



Very important to reinforce your brand. Something as simple as wrapping the product in the paper the same color as your logo makes everything look more presentable. It will certainly be noticed that you made the extra effort.

We recommend that you keep the outside of the box as simple as possible, with no indication of what can be found inside. In this way, opening the box and seeing the decorations will be a pleasant surprise.



Even on a cardboard box, including one or more stickers to the box will help it to be identifiable from the moment the parcel delivers. It is also a very cheap method if you still cannot invest in printing your logo or your phrase directly on the box.

Thank-you note


There is no better feeling for a buyer than reading a handwritten card for you where you simply thank for the purchase. A small detail like this makes a huge difference in maintaining loyalty to your products and your brand.

If your product has benefits for the environment or is made with materials from the region, you can include these details in the message. In this way, you appeal to the feeling that buying in your store helps a cause. Slam dunk for every small business.

Free samples

Do you want to ensure that they buy from you again? Give them a taste of other things you have in your catalog. We all like free samples.

Treat them with an extra gift


Perhaps it already represents an additional cost, but it is a strategy with which you will undoubtedly win the hearts of the buyers. Include a promotional item that people can use every day. It can be an object like a pin, a set of stickers, or a patch. Although it can also be some knowledge such as a cookbook or a guide on how to care for the skin.

Stand Up Pouch

Very effective and increasingly popular. It cannot be used for toxic products, but it is ideal for food, for example. You can often see nuts, coffee, and similar products packed in a stand-up pouch, as it has a special sealing that ensures that moisture does not reach the product. It is not an expensive choice, you can decorate it as you wish, and it will be very useful. Click here to see types of stand up pouches.

Use Kraft paper


The Kraft paper is a solution to ecological packaging with many utilities and advantages. It is easy to recycle, comes from sustainable resources, its use is easy and reduces the carbon footprint of your company, this will help your customers see your company values with a unique unpacking experience.

So why choose plastic materials to protect your products when there is a 100% recyclable and more environmentally friendly option?  Companies are starting to bet on a green and plastic-free future. Kraft paper also reduces damage, is quick to use (because you don’t have to wait for it to inflate), and saves space in the warehouse as it takes up much less space than any other air-filled packaging. One of the most important characteristics of kraft paper is its versatility, it can be used as filler, cushioning, or to wrap your products.

You can find different types, such as recycled kraft paper, natural, colored which is a great choice to catch attention. And paraffin kraft paper. And no matter which one you chose, it is not expensive.

Don’t forget to use moisture absorbers


Quality packaging would be worthless if it fails to properly protect the products inside. Depending on your sector of activity, and the type of merchandise you send, it may be interesting, if not essential, to consider the use of anti-humidity bags to guarantee optimal protection within your packages. The definition of an anti-humidity bag is simple. As its name implies, it is a product that has the function of absorbing environmental humidity. Often present in packages containing food or clothing, moisture absorbers improve the transport conditions of products. Use them for the safe protection of delicate goods against humidity and corrosion.


No matter how good a product you offer, it must be accompanied by effective packaging. Otherwise, it is very possible that it will not be widely used.

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