What is Email Verification and Why is It Important

Why Email Addresses Validation is a Must

Electronic marketing plays an important role in business development. Therefore, the bulk mailing is one of the components of a successful promotion. Every marketer is familiar with such a problem as inactive or fake email addresses that customers use to register on Internet portals.

When sending an email, you can receive a notification that it was rejected. This may seem insignificant, but it is not. Sending of such emails still requires expenses, but they don’t bring any income. The use of email validation will solve this problem.

Some email address databases have been compiled long ago, which can lead to outdated information in them. This means that many addresses may no longer be valid. When planning an email marketing strategy, such data will lead to a decrease in the sender’s authority, as there will be no feedback from emails, income will not grow. Thus, checking addresses is one of the most important aspects of the way to an effective advertising campaign.

How Exactly You Win With Emails Validation


There are many ways that you can check the relevance of email addresses. Various tools allow you to fix the collected database, after which it will only contain current addresses of potential customers. The program is able to:

  1. Check the syntax of an address. With this tool, all mail addresses formatted incorrectly will be deleted. The verification process begins with address marking. Those emails that don’t comply with the rules for their names are excluded from the database. After all checks, it will not have any addresses with typos or other errors made on purpose.
  2. Verify domain. It is the main feature, based on which the relevance of emails is checked. If the domain is not recognized as valid, further tests don’t make sense.
  3. Analysis of the mail server response. At this point, the program sends a message to a server and analyzes its response. This test makes it possible to verify the correctness of an existing email address.

After each verification step, the entire database of mailing addresses will be filtered out. Real ones can be used in the future, while nonexistent addresses will be deleted.

Importance of an email check


Most Internet services offer users to fill out special forms necessary for registration or further use. During filling out the form, people can make intentional mistakes, which leads to creating an incorrect database. Sending mass emails to such addresses will not lead to any feedback from potential customers. Because of this, the authority of the service may also be affected, and such an IP address will be blacklisted. Therefore, the availability of valid addresses available for sending emails is very important.

Timely verification of addresses and delivery of reports leads to defining such parameters as:

  • conversion rate;
  • percentage of clicks – customer feedback;
  • a number of unsubscribed users.

Therefore, don’t ignore the check, as it will significantly increase the income of your business.

What addresses should be checked?


You need to check every address in the database. This applies to both the already formed lists and new addresses that come after registration or other user actions. The validity of emails will improve the site’s conversion and allow you not to spend the whole budget on sending messages to non-existent mailboxes that are not used by real people.

The platform for checking addresses will allow you to quickly identify incorrectly entered or invalid addresses. It also conducts the Identification of customers who are not satisfied with the newsletters. Reports and statistics allow us to find out how effective an advertising email campaign is.

When to check addresses?


No need to constantly monitor email addresses. All lists in the database should be checked, after which new emails can be used for analysis. Periodic verification of a complete database will ensure none of the clients has stopped using their mailbox.

Testing is also required when the bounce rate or the number of unsubscribed users exceeds 2%. With a sharp decrease in the rating of the company, you should think about the relevance of addresses and the response from potential customers.

A monthly check will be enough to get rid of incorrectly entered and invalid addresses. If you send not too many letters, a quarterly check will be enough. To use the list of addresses only to notify active users, it is worth setting a schedule for checking emails. Lists in the B2B category require a more thorough check than those in the B2C.

Mailbox validity check


The easiest way to check an email address is to send a letter. Upon receipt of refusal or unsubscription, the address will be excluded from the mailing list. But in some cases, this approach doesn’t work. If a user forwards your letter to a spam folder or issues a complaint, it can affect the authority of your domain. Test emails have their advantages, but there are other ways to collect only valid addresses in your database.

An alternative way is to check the connection to the server. For this, a test letter will be sent to ask the mail server whether the selected email address is valid. In this case, there will be no need to send a letter directly to a client. But this process takes a lot of time and effort, so marketers prefer more advanced methods of checking the collected database.

Email marketing automation tools perform all procedures as quickly as possible. There is no need for additional configuration of the software. It is enough to download your database, after which the system will study all valid addresses.

The use of the application installed on your computer ensures maximum data security. There will be no way the information contained in the database will fall into the hands of fraudsters if you use the necessary security services.

To Sum Up

Regular checks of email addresses will improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. The use of email marketing automation software will allow its users to conduct tests in the shortest possible time without worrying about the results. Your list will contain only valid mailboxes, which owners are your target audience. The rich functionality of the program will allow you to identify inactive or fake addresses created for vague purposes. One of the best assistants for this is

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