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Why Do I need A Verified Email Database?

When we speak of email marketing, many business owners are preoccupied with testing and optimizing their email accounts. This is justifiably important. But before you get to testing and optimizing your emails, you need to do some other things. First of all, you need to make sure you’re sending emails to a verified email database. If you’re not using verified emails, it will be very hard for you to achieve any of the desired results.

The Importance Of Verified Email Databases

Not many people realize, but when speaking of email list building, the rule is simple. More is not more! It would be preferable to have an email database of, about 100 verified and up-to-date contacts. A much better option than a non-verified email database of 500 contacts. Why is this so? When your email list is accurate and up-to-date, everything is much easier. This will helps you avoid delivery problems, and it will reduce the possibility that you have problems with your email provider. Also, it may reduce costs for your email marketing plan.

The Benefits Of A Verified Email Database

If you are selective with your subscribers and have only verified emails on your, that will bring you some advantages. First of all, it will build a good foundation for your email marketing strategy. According to TheChecker, these are the main benefits of using a verified email database…

1. A Verified Email Database Helps You Avoid Delivery Issues

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The goal is to minimize the barging into problems that happen when you send an email to an invalid address. The solution is quite simple – just use a verified email database! This way, you’ll be able to enjoy higher deliverability and open rate. Besides, if you maintain a consistent track record, emails you send to your subscribers will land in their Primary inbox. Not in the Promotions tab, or a Spam folder.

2. It Helps You Skip Problems With Your Email Provider

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If you have high bouncing rates, the effects would be more than just having your emails land in the wrong inbox. You will also make damage to your sender’s reputation. That can potentially get you into problems with your email service provider. Keep in mind that each email provider has its policy on bouncing and complaint rates. If you send out a campaign that generates such rates beyond the provider’s allowable limit, you’ll end up with a suspended account. Therefore, make sure you send your campaigns only to verified email addresses. And keep your bounce and complaint rates low!

3. You Won’t Overpay For Your Email Marketing Plan

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This is quite simple — if you keep sending email campaigns to inactive or non-existent accounts, you’re wasting your time and money. You could probably invest that money somewhere else, and use it smarter!

In Final

If you want your email marketing to be a success, you’ve got to send your campaigns to verified emails. Simple as that. You can do that in three different ways:

  • Building your base of subscribers without purchasing email lists
  • Purchase email lists, and use an email verification tool
  • Purchase only verified emails from a trusted database

If you want a successful email campaign, we are sure you will make the right decision!

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