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SEO Trends That Are Going to Have the Biggest Impact in the Next Year

If you want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to your site, then you need to have a solid SEO strategy. This guide will help you to find out whatever you need to know.


Gary Illyes is a Webmaster Analysist. He believes that there are two ways that your site is linked to your brand. First of all, you have brand mentions. The search engine needs to know that your brand is an entity and it does this by analyzing any mentions that you have. Google can then get a much better picture of the authority you have in any given field. Secondly, you need to take into account how you manage complaints, your reputation, trust and even advertising too. Backlinks are ideal here and it’s a very strong ranking signal. You also need to cater to your reputation so that you can address your customer problems with your brand. Of course, one way for you to build even more backlinks for your brand would be for you to invest in a blogger outreach service.

Finding a reputable one is crucial here, but if you’re stuck as to how to get started then you could check out the Ocere and use their help to get to your blogger outreach goal. If you need some help with your reputation management then it is always a good idea for you to consult a professional who is able to give your customers the service that they deserve. This is very easy to do and sometimes they can even manage your social media page too.

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Mobile Indexing

The first thing that you need to do is take into account mobile-first indexing. This ultimately means that Google opts to use the mobile version of your site for both your ranking and your index (a neat way to track your rankings is by using tools like this one). If you want to help yourself here, then you need to make sure that your site is responsive and that you also take into account how search engine spiders crawl your site too. One way for you to do this would be for you to use a mobile bot. This will help you to make the right changes while also giving you the chance to expand your knowledge on the topic.

Page Speed

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Google wants to deliver the best UX and this means having sites load up quickly. Loading tips for desktops have been a hot topic for quite some time, but now the search engine is taking into account the loading times for a mobile site too. This is becoming a defining factor in the overall rank for your site, so if you want to come out on top then you need to have your site tested. There are tons of sites that can do this for you, and it’s a great way for you to get the insight you need. You can also lookup Google’s own recommendations for how to speed your site up too, as this will help you to get the best optimization score.

According to, all websites must have a SEO optimization. Though it may sound simple, but in actual, there are over 230+ factors that affect your rank in SERP.

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