6 Biggest Myths About Using Adult Toys In Bed

Sex is a ‘give and take relationship. For better sexual relations it is necessary that both the partners involved in the act get an orgasm. Women and men have often shared their desires and tales about sex, but do you know what people expect from their partners during sex?

According to sex therapists, every person wants his partner to not only get an orgasm but also to take care of his desires. They want their partners to try such things which helps both to reach climax. For this reason, people try new sex positions, seduce their partner in a romantic setting, or use sex toys. Believe it or not, but sex experts believe that these toys can make sex between a couple extremely exciting and amazing. If you are also looking forward to buying these toys, check out Lovify.

Many women often shy away from using these toys because of the numerous rumors surrounding them. They fear to try these toys to obtain ultimate pleasure. A lot of myths are found floating here and there regarding the use of these toys in bed. Today, we bust some popularly believed myths, so that you can bring back the romance in your bedroom. Let us learn a few common myths that people usually believe about sex toys and discover the true facts behind them.

Myth 1: Sex Toys Should Be A Substitute of Penis


Intercourse provides ultimate pleasure, but the parts inside a woman’s vagina do have highly sensitive nerves. Instead, the clitoris, i.e the outer part of a woman’s vaginais very sensitive and this part doesn’t get activated through vaginal sex. That being said, women often are not able to attain the utmost pleasure. Toys like small vibrators available for external use are often believed to be the most effective toys, even if they are not in the shape of a penis.

2. People Using These Toys Prefer Staying Single


It is a common myth that people accustomed to using these toys more often do not want to get married and prefer to be alone. Such people feel that their sexual needs are being fulfilled by these toys and there is no need for a partner.

However, this is anything but true. Both the partners can enjoy using these toys and they also help in building intimacy in couples. Moreover, sex toy is very beneficial for making yourself aware of sex. Only after using it, a person comes to know about the lesser-known facts such as the genitals of a man get excited by touching which place of his body and for how long. These toys help you to explore your own body and thus increases the chances of having amazing sex.

3. These Toys will Soon replace the male partner of a woman


This fact is a complete myth since no toy can ever replace a human being. Couples make the most of their time when spent together, they can take hot showers, can do romance, partners help each other in household chores, bring each other gifts, etc. For instance, if you think of your lover with whom you have some unforgettable memories, what is that one thing that makes you keep thinking about them? Is it their body smell, their figure, their way of kissing, or is it the chemistry that you both share? That being said, a couple likes to have sex for a variety of reasons. These toys are just a great addition for pleasure in a person’s life, and they can never replace your partner completely.

4. These Toys Decreases Sexual Performance


People often believe that using these toys decreases people’s stamina and desire in having sex. However, it is quite the opposite. Having sex with a toy increases sexual performance and boosts your sexual activity. This is because using these toys is a better way to have sex and with its help, different ways of having sex can be learned very easily.

5. Using Them Is Not Healthy


Since sex toys are artificial equipment, the biggest advantage of having sex with them is that the person not only gets an orgasm but also does not suffer from any sexually transmitted diseases. Apart from this, there is no risk of women becoming pregnant by having sex with a sex toy.

Stress is the main mental problem of all types of mental problems. It usually happens to men and women of all ages, and thus using sex toys helps to reduce stress and improves mental health. The study has also found that sex toy is very beneficial in dealing with mental problems. Using them also boosts immunity power, provides better sleep, and helps to increase brain power.

Moreover, Sex with sex toys has fewer side-effects and it can prove helpful for people to enjoy orgasms. It gives many people the pleasure they never felt before.

6. Sex Toys Stretches out the Vagina


This statement is a plain and simple no. When a woman is aroused, her vagina relaxes and it thus prepares the body for all types of sexual impulse that can give a woman extreme pleasure.

Final Word

We hope that this article helped you to debunk some of the common myths. You should not shy away from using these toys. These toys are one of the best ways for elevating the sex life of men. They are sure to deliver sensations of the next level to your entire body. The best part is that you can use them with or without your partner.

If better sex is something that you have been looking for, you are in the best place. Creativity is an asset, but you should always refer to the instructions for guidance. Choose to either try a new sex toy or an entire batch. Give your hands a break and try the fun of the next level with a few best options available. However, make sure to use skin-safe products.

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