Everything You Should Know about Public Cloud Security Tools 2024

We have noticed that many people heard about cloud security. Yet, it seems that many people are not truly aware of what that might be. If you are looking for this sort of answer, then this article is a perfect place for you.

First of all, it is good to mention that every business needs to protect itself from different types of cyberattacks. It doesn’t matter if you are the owner of a small business or a large company. The majority of businesses use the benefits that the Internet brings. Because of that, each business needs to safeguard the network from malicious attackers.

If something like this hasn’t happened yet, that doesn’t mean it won’t. We do not tend to be negative here. Still, it is important to get prepared. That’s why it is necessary to get familiar with this subject. Check thissite for Cloud Computing Courses.

Private vs. Public Cloud


The first thing that you should know is that there are two types of cloud security solutions – private and public. The difference is probably obvious, but we would like to analyze it in details.
Well, private clouds are exclusive to a single enterprise.

For instance, this includes an enterprise company’s internal storage system. We can say that they are easier to secure in most cases. Yet, they are not as flexible as you think in terms of rapid scalability. Despite that, private cloud security strives to bring higher operational costs.

On the other hand, there are public cloud security tools that we want to analyze in this article. These tools are operated by third parties that offer their cloud as a service to the businesses.

Is Private Cloud Network Less Risky?


Many businesses would say that private cloud security will bring them better results. They do not regret to have higher expenses because they feel more secure. It seems that everything will be much safer because the cloud is always under the company’s complete control.

Yet, there is one big drawback here that many business owners do not see. They are not able to afford the same level of security as some online businesses such as IBM or Amazon. Despite that, there is one thing that might happen.

The biggest risk of all comes from the company’s employees. We do not want to say that your workers will trick you. However, they have access to the private cloud. That opens them many opportunities to do cause unintentional accidents and malicious acts as well. Finally, this type of network usually does not have geographic failover options. Because of that, your data is even more at risk.

So, Public Cloud Security Was Always a Better Choice?


Well, we will choose to stay objective until the end of the article. We understand why people are afraid to pick this sort of network. The main reason is probably multitenancy. Your company will have to share the cloud with other business that includes direct competitors as well. They are afraid that their data will somehow get into the hands of the other users of the public cloud.

Yet, things have changed a lot in the last couple of years. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found different ways to make the public cloud safer and less accessible. Because of that, we now have many public cloud security tools that will raise the level of your security.

We know that you will find a dozen of them on Google. Yet, we suggest that you do not use any of them before checking their true quality. Fortunately, we want to highlight a couple of them that will completely satisfy your needs. So, let’s find them out together!

The Best Public Cloud Security Tools


We do not want to say that you need to follow our recommendations strictly. Some of them that you find online are also good. Still, the quality of the tools from our list is verified. So, let’s start reviewing one by one.


There are a couple of reasons why pCloudy is in the first place of our list. This tool allows users to perform tests directly from their browser. Despite that, you will have the option to do a test on a comprehensive list of real Android and iOS mobile devices.

Besides that, users will not have to choose between automated and manual options. Fortunately, both options are available.
Finally, this software offers high security of all your devices. You will get high-quality data and IP protection. For instance, you will get an auto-cleanup option after each testing session ends.


This software with a creative name is a cloud-based vulnerability scanner. It easily finds weaknesses in your online system. You won’t have to spend a lot of time to find new threats. The program works proactively and offers a unique threat prioritization solution. The developers were inspired by the security tools that big banks are using. That’s why you can expect the same level of security, but with less complexity.

Finally, this tool perfectly integrates with Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure cloud provides, and AWS.


WebTitan is actually a DNS Based Web Filter and Web security layer. MSPs and businesses from different fields will have the ability to block malware, phishing, and ransomware as well. Despite that, it is good to mention that the software provides web content control.

Anyway, this tool is popular among public cloud security users. Believe it or not, it filters over 2 billion DNS requests daily! It also identifies around 300 thousand malware iterations per day.


Well, this is actually flexible and scalable encryption software for the cloud. The good thing is that supports more than 30 provides including NAS encryption on all the platforms.
The users will have the opportunity to enjoy three different features. It offers audit, collaboration, and management features. These three allow secure collaboration on all types of files while being compliant with privacy regulations.

Besides that, if defines custom policies, manages users with Active Directory and Single Sign-On, and protects the account with 2FA. This German tool will ensure you more effective and secured work in the public cloud.

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