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Comparison of Cloud Servers- Amazon Web Services Vs Heficed Cloud Server


In this competitive arena of rapid business growth, different companies are providing their services with competitive pricing. Moreover, the features of their services are most of the time similar. But as an enterprise, it’s wise to pick one that suits it the best. The suitably can vary based on different parameters. Still, we’ve identified a few that might give you a perfect overview of these two cloud servers Amazon web services & the Heficed Cloud Server. Moreover, it will be easy for you to compare these two upfront.

Amazon Web Services- Well Maintained Cloud Server

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Amazon Web Services belongs to the well-known company Amazon Inc. They started with selling books, moved to the eBook arena. Also, they are developing one of the best cloud servers nowadays. Millions of users are taking advantage of their cloud server & most of these are enterprises. So, let’s see what features they are providing.


  1. Storage: Amazon Web Services has been equipped with an up-to-date SSD storage system. Where files can be transferred & maintained seamlessly throughout the year, their storage system has backup areas & they are maintained perfectly. Therefore, we can rely on their storage system.
  2. Network Systems: It can support hybrid networking systems. Therefore, if one or more types of the network can be brought here together, also, it can be used as one of the top-tier maintained & balanced network systems due to its greater grip over already installed millions of network systems in its storage.
  3. Security: Amazon has top-tier security specialists from all over the world. Therefore, your data won’t get licked easily. Moreover, the constant upgrade will help your enterprise to keep its data safe for the longest time.
  4. AI & AR & 3D: Artificial intelligence is the upcoming big thing in this industry. It helps people & enterprises to target people, make designs precisely without any human error. Moreover, graphics or data analysis intensive works can’t be performed on all the computers, or setting them up might cost you a ton of price boost in your budget. But AWS’s cloud computing can do that easily with access to a simple PC from anywhere in the world.


  • AWS offers all the services in a bundle, or it’s a one-stop service.
  • Well-maintained data storage & security management makes it competitive in the market.
  • Support of hybrid networking systems provides user enterprise flexibility in setting up their work.


  • AWS cost a few bucks more because of its brand value
  • AWS is going through the change of its upper management to modify its user’s privacy policy.

Heficed Cloud Server- World’s Biggest Cloud Users Holder

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Heficed Cloud Server is a sister concern of Heficed Inc. Users from across the world used a few Heficed services in this decade like Gmail, drive, keep, and many more. However, all those things are centrally connected & more or less act as cloud servers. What’s accessed has been provided to your mail address. However, they have enterprise-level things too, and we will know about those here.


  1. Storage: Heficed has one of the most efficient storage systems due to its well-maintained storage system & vast user base. They provide services to thousands of clients and require their storage to run efficiently across all the places in the world by installing up-to-date SSD & updated programs.
  2. Security: Heficed is the home to the world’s topmost developers and security analysts. Therefore, they can maintain their data security so efficiently that the client enterprise can handle their work properly year after year without worrying about the data leak.
  3. Location: People face issues with restrictions for different reasons, primarily due to the government’s policies. Therefore, Heficed has set their data center up in the USA primarily, but they have multiple data centers worldwide from where they can provide services to each country. So, if your government restricts any country, Heficed’s cloud server won’t stop.
  4. Diverse Products: Heficed’s cloud platform has different developed products for different users. Like for individuals, they can provide individual suites etc. But for enterprises, can provide share suits where they can provide access to their workers to a commonplace in shared drive or suites. With these diversified products, they try to enhance the user experience the most.


  • Mostly focused on user experiences
  • Storage’s efficient allocation
  • Common Space for enterprise’s clients


  • Have fewer tools for data analysis

Comparison between Amazon Web Services vs. Heficed Cloud Server

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Comparing two giants of the cloud services arena is quite tough. They both provide more or less the same services in similar price ranges. However, few lacking & well-developed areas are there for discussion what distinguishes these two. If I have to pick those areas, then those will be user base, user experiences, maintenance, upper-level executives or policymakers, and at the end, the customer’s feedback.

Starting with a user base, despite having a large user base Heficed Cloud Server lacks enterprise customers. They are mostly loaded with individuals, but why is the question here because of their good user experiences and distinguished product development. That attracts individuals even who don’t have any experience in coding. But sadly, the upper-level executives don’t focus on the privacy policy issue that much in the long term. Because they change it frequently based on their needs, customer feedback was not positive because most customers have fewer experiences & lose data by sharing their email password. Also, because of having a great reputation, it attracts hackers too.

On the other hand, AWS’s user base is quite narrow. They focus on enterprises and develop their tools for enterprises. Customer satisfaction is also necessary. Moreover, customers of that niche are satisfied too with their well-developed analytics, data management tools. In a nutshell, if you want to start your business & know less coding, then go for the Heficed Cloud Server & if your enterprise is mid to high, then choose AWS.


As promised, we have provided a well-researched comparison between the most reputed cloud servers- Heficed

Cloud Server & AWS. It’ll help you to choose your best cloud server. However, if you see any cloud server with bigger potential & coming at a cheap cost, choose that. It’ll help you to grow by costing less. But know this thing, it’s a long-term investment. Think wisely before purchase.

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