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Andrienne Bolling Net Worth 2024 – Early Life, Family and Earnings

It that moment when we are on our keyboard and all sources possible to dig every bit of our celebrity, today we are going to give all you need to know about Andrienne Bolling. In this article, we shall tell you the bio, love life, how masculine she is in terms of financial strength and any other relevant information that concerns her.


Adrienne Bolling is Eric Bolling’s better half who gained prominence after their union. Adrienne’s Love is better known for his television personality as a commodity trader, political commentator and outstanding co-host for ‘The Five’ show. He has spent a good share of his career days working for the Fox Media Network, after working for a couple of years at the New York Mercantile Exchange. Currently, Eric works with Blaze Media in his show ‘America’ that has attracted great traffic of his old fans as well as new fans whom they parted way when he was kicked out of Fox media in 2015 following Sexual harassment allegation to colleagues after sending male genitalia to a female colleague.

Though Adrienne and Eric have been friends since college life, is quite fascinating that not much is known about Adrienne’s personal life before her marriage to Eric. Except for the basic and the observable like; her complexion, and nationality not much is known of her before she met with Eric, surprisingly not even where she schooled, her family or anything else that seems so obvious and basic.

Adrienne is the wife to Eric and a mother of one Late Eric Chase who died on September 9th, 2017 after an accidental overdose of a mixture of narcotics, opioids.


‘A friend indeed is a friend in need’ and the vice versa is correct a well. Adrienne and Eric met through a mutual Friend Gretchen Carlson who was also a workmate to Eric Bolling at Fox Network before he was terminated. Instantly had a ‘crush’ on each other, and started a relationship. They went through a normal dating process except that they skipped the engagement phase and jumped directly to Knot Tying in 1997.

Having nothing to wait for, they welcomed their son Eric Chase the following year. All was well until 2012 when Eric Junior suffered a spleen injury as he was enjoying his hobby -Snowboarding- at Albany. His condition seemed hopeless and critical, with the great support of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of Albany Medical center he survived. Chase passed one later in his late Teenage after an accidental Overdose as reported in the coroner’s report.

Death of Eric Chase is a big and double loss to Bolling family which took away their only son and the only child as a result of an overdose of an opioid. Trickling highly concentrated citric acid in a fresh wound over the firing of Eric Snr from Fox Network is the demise of Eric Jnr. Eric Chasing was an established talented baseball player who spent his leisure on snowboarding, not until the fatal incident as he was snowboarding at Albany.

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Eric has been terminated from Fox Network as a Trade commentator, Co-host of ‘The Five’ and the best seller author following alleged sexual harassment allegations to pave way for investigation over the alleged felony. Eric has since July 4, 2019, worked with Blaze media and has launched his Show America which launched outstandingly on 4th July. On this show, among whom he has hosted are; first lady Melania Trump, Lara Trump, Jim Jordan, Rick Harrison, Wayne Newton among others who used to appear on his old Fox News Programming.


Adrienne J. Levanthal as originally named before migration to Adrienne Bolling after vows with Eric Bolling was born on 10th June 1968 in the United State of America. She is from a white ethnic background and holds a single nationality associated with American nationality. Talking of one’s life in this era, we cannot period it without touching on social media life.

Adrienne is not a fan of any social media platform from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Perhaps we can say she uses her husband’s handles which are flocked with millions of followers. They are estimated to earn around $366 to $611 per post via Instagram by September 2019 as per Influencer Marketing Hub.

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Being the wife to a millionaire and a celebrity, though with her off the camera and public lifestyle, it is open to anyone that she enjoys the lifestyle in their mansion worth millions of dollars, and huge expenses bills. Sources site it that, they live in Washington DC where the median house of their class goes at $383,90 along with $1,196 per year.

In February 2019, Eric Bolling put his 4 bedroom and 6 bathrooms condo on market for $2.7 million, originally bought at $1.8 million and comes with a property tax of $27,480. Their mansion located at 212 Bellaire Road, New Jersey has an elevator home theatre, full bar, three fireplaces, a lavish kitchen with a wolf 48- inch oven and a double subzero refrigerator. Welcome to the Bolling master bathroom with all white marble with custom ventile, multiple body spray and freestanding tube.


Net worth

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Adrienne seems to be pretty in playing hide and seek, and she knows to hide pretty well. Though as famous as she is she has managed to keep her professional life of the lime-lights which is the exact opposite of his husband whose life is an open book to the public? Adrienne’s hubby is believed to own a $25 million net worth as of January 2024.

Sources have it that wife of American political commentator and the author is a Social lite. Though her actual net worth is under review, her net worth is assumed to be the same as that together of Yvette Fielding, $8 million, Debrah Farentino, $2 million, and Sherry Stringfield, $8 million. Adrienne is believed to share the husband’s empire with the worth of $1 to $2 million.

Though the couple has undergone hell, they have remained firm and determined to make it through strong. After the dark, the light comes and Bolling’s family believes in no different as well. Adrienne has remained supportive of her husband even after messy allegation on his previous workplace of sexual harassment moves to colleagues and those invited for his shows.

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