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The Most Famous Unsolved Missing Person Cases

When you analyze human history, you will see that people are missing for centuries. The reasons why they disappeared were different. You can visit Mysterious Heartland to find out different strange stories that are connected with missing person cases.

Unfortunately, these stories usually do not finish with a happy ending. However, we are here to talk about cases where the victims have not been found since today. Some of them were specifically strange and that is probably the main reason why those cases grab the attention of the media.

Maura Murray

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This case happened 15 years ago. Maura Murray was a student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The first strange thing that happened is the email that Maura send to her professor. She told him that she won’t come to classes in the next week because she had a death in the family. After the case was opened, it was obvious that no one from the Murray family died.

Some witnesses confirmed that they saw here on the side of the road after her car had allegedly skidded off. Even the bus driver stopped and asked if she needs help. Still, she already contacted the roadside assistance (at least that’s what she said). Believe it or not, the bus driver felt that something was not okay. He contacted the police and told them about that. Still, she was not there when the police arrived.

You can hear many versions of this story. Some people suspect that she was kidnapped. However, some people think that she got lost in the woods where many dangerous animals live.

Natalee Holloway

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This girl missed in 2005 and since today there are no additional pieces of information on how she disappeared. Natalee went on a school trip to Aruba a couple of weeks after she graduated from high school. The night before she and her friends planned to get back home, they went to a nightclub. Unfortunately, that was the last place where someone saw her.
A couple of days after she didn’t arrive home, her parents and members of the family went to the island.

The story started to be more confusing because of the Joran van der Sloot, one of the last people who saw this girl alive. He was being arrested a couple of times. Still, there was not enough evidence to prove that he has something to do with that case. However, each time when he testified in front of the court, he was changing his story.
P.S. Van der Sloot is currently in jail, serving a 28-year prison sentence because of the murder.

Tara Calico

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Tara was a 19-year-old teenager when she disappeared. The things start to be strange already from the first day of her missing. She went to ride her bike, but before she went out, she told her mother to call the police if she doesn’t come back. Unfortunately, that truly happened.

There we a couple of onlookers that told the police about the truck that was following and harassing her. However, they thought that nothing wrong is happening because it looked to them that her friends were playing jokes on her.

It has been almost a year when the police found the mentioned Polaroid in Florida. The parking lot was more than 1000 miles away from the place where she disappeared. Besides that, the police got a photo of that truck. The officers were able to see a young woman and a boy bound with their mouths taped shut. Tara’s mother was sure it was her daughter. Still, the police were not able to identify her.

That is the last piece of information that we have about this sad story.

Sherry Lynn Marler

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The saddest fact about this story is that Sherry was only 12 years old when she disappeared. The little girl went into town together with her stepdad. Stepdad had some business to attend to and she had to find a way to make her waiting more interesting. When all duties were finished, they set in their truck and started to travel home. Still, in the meantime, Sherry asked her stepdad to give her some money to grab a soda from the vending machine. He was waiting for her in the truck, but the little girl was never officially seen again.

Since then, some witnesses claimed that they saw her. This happened 3 times, but that is the only piece of information that the police got. The details of the investigation have remained unclear today.

Morgan Nick

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This case happened in 1995 when a 6-year-old girl name Morgan Nick disappeared at the ballpark in Alma. She attended this location together with her mother. Still, in one moment she went together with two friends to catch lightning bugs. However, her mother never saw her again. The only piece of information that police got from people is that Morgan was last seen around 10 PM. She was emptying sand from her shoes.

There is another suspicious thing. Around the time when police suspect she disappeared, people have seen a red truck pulling a white camper van. They saw it driving away from the park.
The story does not end there. In the next few days, two more little girls were almost kidnapped. The description of the man who was trying to do that matches the description of the driver in the park.

Mary Badaracco

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In 1984, this woman disappeared from her house. The car that she was driving had the side mirror smashed. Besides that, the car keys and her wedding ring were on the kitchen floor. However, no one had a clue of where she could be.

At that moment, she and her husband were planning to divorce. Believe it or not, he did not even report her missing. He told police that he didn’t have any contacts with her and their daughter. More precisely, he told them that he was planning a completely new life.

Anyway, Mary’s daughter convinced police to classify this case as a homicide, but the body has never been found. There were some clues that Mary Badaracco was connected with Hell’s Angels (a criminal group).

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