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5 Cases When It Is Best To Call A Plumber – 2024 Guide

It is well known that in every house or apartment sooner or later there may be a malfunction in the installations. Most often it is about plumbing. The problem usually arises when people who try to solve the problem – make it even worse. Sometimes when the breakdown is minor – most of us will be able to make the repair. However, most of us will more likely create even bigger chaos or breakdown than we had at the beginning. Therefore, the suggestion is not to take matters into your own hands – but to invite experts who are well trained for that. So, what are the situations when we can react on our own, and when it is advisable to call a plumber? Here are some of the cases when you really need the help of a plumber.

Plumbing: An Important Part Of The House

You have decided to buy a house and provide for your family. Besides the usual things you are looking for – such as location, proximity to work, school, etc. – you also need to pay attention to other things. This mainly refers to the age of the house. One of the important things to pay attention to – is the age and condition of the plumbing. If it is an older house, you should check whether there have been repairs or works on the plumbing – as well as whether they are working properly. Such a question arises even when it comes to houses of a more recent date. That’s because it often happens that the installations are not working as they are supposed to. Therefore, you should take an expert who will advise you after the insight into the situation – and tell you if there is a need for any repairs.

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Choosing A Plumber: Ad or Recommendation?

It is very important that in any circumstances when you need it – you have a good plumber. It is desirable that he is experienced and has good recommendations because this will further instill confidence in you if you find yourself in an unenviable situation. You need to be careful today because you don’t have to trust everyone. The golden rule is that you should call reputable institutions or use someone’s good recommendation, which is perhaps the best solution. For every plumber in every household – there is always some work to be done.

When To Call A Plumber?

A plumber should not be called only in situations when you think you have a malfunction. It is necessary to call an expert from time to time to perform a check so that you are calm and know that the plumbing is working properly. However, there are also those situations that are uncomfortable in most cases. Of course, we are talking about failures and you can read more here and find out what are the situations that you need help from a professional. When this happens, you need to react quickly because water finds its way through all the cavities in the walls and can create additional problems. Very important note: If you are leaving the house for an extended time or on holiday, it would be wise to close all the water valves – or ask someone to check your house while you are away. We will give you some examples of failures and situations when it is necessary to call a plumber.

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1. Valve Replacement

Valves are very important items in plumbing. They all have their purpose, starting from the main valve, from which the water is distributed to the kitchen – to the bathroom and toilet valves. For each of these rooms, there are additional valves for hot and cold water – while a separate valve is used for the toilet. Each of these valves should be inspected at least twice a year. It is because we need to see their condition and check how they work. In case of a valve failure – the water supply should be switched off immediately – and a plumber should be called in to replace the valve.

2. Bursting Water Pipes

This is one of the most unpleasant situations that can happen to you. This situation requires an urgent reaction. It means that water must be turned off – and a plumber should be called to detect the place where the pipe burst. Today, experts use special detectors as well as probes with a camera, to find the fault easier and faster. A hole opens around the cracked pipe and makes room for work. The old pipe is usually cut – and a new part of the pipe reinforced with double threads is inserted. The opening around the fault should not be closed immediately. On the contrary, it should take some time for the place to dry – and then, you can be sure that the defect has been eliminated.

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3. Water Heater Failures

In case you notice that the boiler is leaking or difficult to heat water – immediately unplug it. Boilers are under pressure, so this situation can be dangerous. In most cases, the fault refers to a boiler leak, a fault in the heater, or the safety valve. In all these cases, the plumber can make a replacement. If his opinion is that your water heater is still unsafe – he can install a new water heater.

4. Replacement Of Sanitary Elements

In this case, people most often call a plumber because of the age of the toilets. Such an intervention usually involves a change of old sanitary elements such as a bathtub, shower, toilet, sink, etc. However, there are situations when people want to make some adjustments. For example, instead of a bathtub – you want to have a shower cabin, or you want to make a different arrangement of these elements in your bathroom. Certainly, this cannot be done without a plumber. However, keep in mind that such things require additional costs and additional work in the house, which can sometimes take time.

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5. Tap Change

Very often, due to malfunctions or replacement of worn-out faucets in the kitchen or a bathroom – we call a plumber. The most common cause of failure that requires replacement of the faucet is water. The water is often full of limescale so it clogs the faucet drains which often leads to problems. Sometimes these problems can be solved by simply using cleaning agents – and sometimes the situation is such that it is impossible. Then we usually decide to change the faucet. Sometimes some of the minor breakdowns are at work, and the plumber will replace your rubber or vents for hot and cold water.


Today, in the modern age, the work of plumbers is quite easy. Heavy pipes have been phased out – while plastic pipes that are safe enough and much easier to install – are being used more and more often. Instead of heavy tools, today plastic fasteners are used and they easily fit. Most people today also install pipes outside the walls and close them with decorative boxes. So, your bathroom gets both safety and an improved design.

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