5 Cases when Herbal Medicine is Better than Conventional Medicine

In this time of viruses, colds, and infections in which we live we need to take good enough care of ourselves and our body. First of all, we need to regularly hydrate the body in the right way. What does that mean? This means that during a day it is necessary to ingest a minimum of 2 liters of water, and the rest to be other liquids such as teas, juices, and the like. In addition, it is necessary to regularly consume stews and soups that are naturally made from fresh vegetables to meet the required daily intake of vitamins and nutrients. Apart from the proper daily intake of fluids and nutrients, the human body needs to be nourished and maintained with natural dietary supplements and natural medicine.

What are natural supplements and natural medicine? These are primarily solutions that are designed on a natural basis. This means that their composition is 100% natural and that it is very difficult to harm the body. Of course, these natural remedies should also be taken according to a pre-determined regimen and a pre-determined order of taking to achieve the intended effect. Sometimes doctors try traditional medicines for too long and eventually recommend to their patients to try these medicines as well.

It often happens that antibiotics, analgesics, and other drugs can not help stop the pain, infections or prevent colds, flu, and the like. That is why medical professionals often put these options on hold and try solutions that are naturally based and that can also achieve results, as well as drugs that are made under pharmaceutically highly controlled procedures. Wondering if this is possible? Wondering at what point conventional medicine is put on the send by, and the application of herbal medicine begins? If you have these dilemmas, we will make sure to answer them. We have already researched in which cases a chance is given to herbal medicine, which can be solved with its application and similar information that we are sure will help you in resolving the ambiguities. Now that we have the answers to these questions, we will present them to you through this article to make things clearer. Are you ready? Let’s get started! Remember to read to the end to find out the answers.

1. When you have stomach problems here is tea and mint


Based on preparations to solve the problem – if you have chronic problems with your stomach, you often have pain, diarrhea, sensitive intestines, etc., then the solution is in nature. The most effective herb for this problem is mint, especially wild mint. Peppermint is an herb commonly found in the mountains and has long been used by humans to improve stomach function, eliminate pain, but also to prevent colds, improve immunity, and many other things for which often medicine can not find a permanent solution.

2. Are you often sick? In that case, you must take action on your immunity!


Immunity is something that our parents worked on when we were children. They took care to spend more time playing with the ground, mud, in nature to get used to the organism of all bacteria and all other things that can affect our immunity. Today it often happens that people suddenly weaken their immunity, and thus become sick and susceptible to infections. To keep your immunity strong you need to take products that are based on mint, chamomile, cranberry, turmeric (which in concentrated quantities is very effective), and many other herbs that you can find if you visit this website. and browse their offer. It is necessary to act in time to put an end to the bad immune response and to improve the body’s defenses.

3. Want to improve your sleep?


Consume tea or products based on lemon balm or valerian! – It often happens that people have a bad dream. Bad sleep is caused by the fact that during the day we are subject to a lot of stress, too much work, too many vague thoughts, etc. This can often worsen our sleep and cause insomnia or short sleep that is not enough to be able to spend the day actively at work. For this reason, it is good to consume lemon balm or valerian tea, but it is also good to consume drops or oil that are based on these herbs.

4. If you have a problem with burns, make St. John’s wort oil and apply it on the spot


St. John’s wort is one of the strangest herbs. It is an herb that is great for getting a nice bronze complexion during the summer, but also a great herb that makes oil that can help burns heal faster. All you have to do is take clean St. John’s wort and put it in a jar, then pour hot oil over it and leave it for at least a day so that the oil receives all the nutrients and good things that St. John’s wort has. Then you only need to apply a few times a day on the place where you have the burn and it will disappear in a few days.

5. If you want to protect yourself from bacterial infections, consume wild oregano tea or oil


The one that can certainly help you with bacterial infections, which is of natural origin, is wild oregano. This herb is not found anywhere in the world but is most common in Europe and the Eurasian part of the world. It is an effective herb that doctors recommend to fight bacterial infections. This is because in herbal medicine this herb is known as a natural antibiotic that helps the body stay vital and healthy. It is necessary to regularly take a small teaspoon of oil with the help of tea or water or to take one to two cups of hot tea from this herb.

These are just some of the cases in which classical medicine can not find a solution so easily, but because the solution lies in the herbs and what herbal medicine offers. Follow these recommendations that your doctor can give you and prevent in time. Solve problems in proven ways that have proven to be effective and have already been tested. To preserve our health and stay vital in these unpredictable times.

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