HTML5 And The Attributes Making It Imperative To Be Used

Many apps and website development professionals are often asked by their clients why they can’t use HTML5 instead of HTML. There are many differences between a website made with HTML5 and a website, which isn’t. You won’t be among those questioning clients once you know the advantages you would get when you get a website or application made of HTML5.

Hence, you should know what HTML5 is and why most developers and designers keep their trust in it. And, this article is here to articulate that only.

What is HTML5?


HTML5 is one of the best and newest Hypertext Markup Language. As it’s one of the standard programming languages, developers utilize it to set the web page appearances and describe its contents. Because most of the renowned web browsers, including Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and IE, offer compatibility with HTML5, it becomes the top choice of every developer worldwide.

The benefits one can gain by HTML5 usage are mentioned below.

Compatibility to Plethora of Web Browsers


The technology of HTML5 brings more capability to websites and applications with timely implementation and workability with CSS3. As we have mentioned earlier, most of the contemporary browsers are attuned with this programming language, and even IE6 can recognize the markup <!doctype html> and precisely renders HTML5 made pages.


Along with proffering the ability to utilize it without any hurdles, the DOCTYPE declaration it possesses is quite straightforward and brief as well. It’s just <! DOCTYPE html>. Hence, developers can avoid writing lengthy lines and scribbled codes with messy tags by using this technology.

HTML5 has become the Prime Choice for Mobile Games and Applications


This technology is getting widely used in developing mobile games and applications since, in this case, HTML5 is awarding developers with greater flexibilities, regardless of whether it’s about the user experience, utilization of scripts, or development.

One can also manage a diverse range of multimedia content, and as you know, there’s no need to install any plugins. Hence, when it comes to design immersive and interactive games, developers can’t think of anything but HTML5.

When we bring some light on the iGaming developers, most of the renowned names, including flagship holders like Microgaming, PragmaticPlay, Play’n Go, are constantly introducing immersive online gambling titles, developing them with HTML5. All these games are equally compatible with computer screens and mobile phones. But, for playing them, you should always prefer to visit famous and experienced online casinos like NetBet. Because, although these games will be the same regardless of the casino you select, security and promotional offers are more shimmering in renowned platform providers.

Endows Greater Usability for Achieving Higher User Experience


User experience depends on the usability of a website or application and the way it is designed. Good-looking apps and sites having greater interaction capacity that can bestow the users with contents, functionality, and all of us admire more. Another reason for HTML5 to be the top prime choice of designers is it encompasses plenty of enhanced features and technical advancements for the web. With its proper application, any proficient website developer can curve up more dynamic sites and improved applications competent for serving superb usability and user experience.

HTML5 Ends the Era of Flash and Silver Light


HTML5 rightfully acquires both the thrones of Silver Light and Flash because of the simplicity in usage it proffers. For running any app or website made by those two programming languages on your system, you had to ensure whether the device’s operating system is compatible with it or not. There were also requirements for installing the Silver light plug-in or the latest version of Adobe Flash player. These requirements are never there for a site made out of HTML5. Hence, developers opt for this technology and build up efficient websites while the stretched array of attributes enable them to avoid elongated work periods.

Improved Codes Comes with Clean Markup


Being superior to its prior versions by multiple steps, HTML5 brings cleaner codes and markups. It also empowers sites made of it to be more accessible. Being powered by it, web designers and developers can use neater codes, eliminating div tags while replacing them with elements of this programming language.

Browsing Offline

Another feature that is absent in its prior versions and other programming languages is offline browsing. Offline browsing means the visitor’s capability to load an element on a site despite the absence of active internet connections. Assume you have navigated yourself to a website, and somehow your internet connection becomes slow or disrupted. If the site is developed using HTML5, the core elements can be loaded and viewed offline.

HTML5 is More Friendly to SEO


To maintain a higher rank in search results of multiple search engines, a website should be finely optimized utilizing standard SEO modules. In HTML5, plenty of different modules and attributes are present. That’s the reason web crawlers used by search engines can conveniently find your content for indexing it correctly. Hence, the ranking of the page in the search results gets improved automatically.

Modern digital marketing experts find HTML5 made pages more suitable for applying search engine optimization methods since the programming language proffers developers with a plethora of features and a multitude of semantics, structural elements, novel attributes, media elements, and form types. Hence, they can attract more organic traffic towards the site with more practicality.

There are many other ways HTML5 can facilitate apps and web pages. One of them surely is the supportability to audio and video. We don’t require any additional plugins for audio and video rendering, which were required for programming languages like Flash Player. With HTML5, you can simply do the task by adding tags like HTML5 <video> and <audio>. The language is also proficient in finding out client devices and sharing information with others regardless of their geographical locations. So, don’t you think HTML5 should be utilized more and more?

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