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5 Clever Ways to Improve Sleep – 2024 Guide

Getting a good sleep at night is essential if you want to be as productive as possible, energetic, and happy throughout the day. As documented here and many other sources, sleep is very influential when it comes to the overall health of an individual.

Not getting enough of it at night may impact both your physical and your mental health, and that is something that you definitely not want. Your emotional balance may completely shift, you may lose your appetite, you may gain weight, and so on.

However, sleep is not a magical thing that cannot be controlled. On the contrary, everything you do will affect it. This means that you have complete control of how your night will unfold. You will have to focus on your daily activities to find the cause of your restlessness.

Every unhealthy habit you are accustomed to throughout your day can leave you with your eyes open while lying in bed. Luckily for you, we know all about the ways you can improve your sleep, so make sure you read the tips we have listed to help yourself get a good night’s rest tonight.

1. Create a Sleep Cycle

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One of the best ways you can “make” yourself get better sleep through the night is by getting your body used to your sleep-wake cycle, and incorporating the use of Vital Red Light can help enhance this process. By following a regular schedule, you will feel a lot more energized for the next day. This means that you should decide what time will be your bedtime.

You need to keep getting into bed at the same time, you cannot do it constantly at random times. By constantly following your schedule, you will teach your body and your mind to rest at the right time. You won’t feel the need to rest during the day and you will not have trouble falling asleep at night too.

Keep in mind, you will need to choose a bedtime where you will feel tired enough. If you choose an hour that you are not used to, you will need at least a few days or maybe even a few weeks to adjust yourself to such a change. The best thing about having your own schedule is that you will never forget to set your alarm on your phone the night before again. You are probably thinking what does that have to do with anything?

Well, by following a regular schedule, your body becomes a type of alarm clock. Instead of needing something to notify your brain to wake up, your body will start working at a much faster rate which will trigger your brain that it is time to get out of bed.

2. Get a New Mattress

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Yes, it is actually that simple. A lot of people suffer from bad sleep because of their pillows and mattress. Humans used to lay on almost flat ground which might be a bit rough, but it keeps your neck and back straight. By keeping them straight, you will feel more comfortable which will help you fall asleep.

So, if you have an old mattress and you wake up with back or neck pain every morning, it is time to completely change it. Thanks to today’s advancement in the knowledge we have about both mattresses and what humans need for proper back support, we have a lot of different types of mattresses that will help you sleep more comfortably.

We recommend that you consider getting one that is completely made out of organic materials such as wool, latex, and cotton. This review highlights the best organic mattresses currently available on the market

3. Less Blue Lights

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This is another way you can improve your restless nights. Our body has a natural way of telling your body when it is time to rest, but for that hormone to be secreted you need to be in a dark room for a longer period of time.

Unfortunately, with the modern life we live, we have hundreds of different sources of light that confuse the body and reduce the amount of melatonin that we produce. So, while you are looking at your phone at night, your brain and body think that it is still not time to sleep because the sun is still up.

So, how do you deal with this? Well, you will need to get more sunlight during the day and a lot less light through the night. This means you will have to avoid watching TV for hours and hours before you go to bed. If you have to look at your phone for multiple hours a day consider adding a blue light filter. Spend more time outside while the sun is out.

4. Exercise More

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Another reason why a lot of people have trouble falling asleep is that they simply do not spend enough energy throughout the day. So, how does one get rid of this extra energy after work or school? Well, you could either consider getting into other activities that require more physical attention or you could just start exercising.

You could either start running around your block or you could just do bodyweight exercises at home, it doesn’t really matter, just find a way to get rid of all that energy.

5. Healthier Diet

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Your sleep is also heavily influenced by what you eat during the day. You can’t expect a good night’s rest after drinking 3 cups of coffee just hours before. Caffeine does not get released out of the system that fast, so consider cutting down on coffee a bit.

You should also avoid eating a lot before bedtime or maybe even quit eating before bed completely. You could also cut down on the sugars you consume with your diet because sugar can be very rich in energy value which will keep your body awake through the night.

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