Is Matcha Better than Coffee for Anxiety?

The ultimate coffee vs green tea battle continues and we don’t see it will die down any time soon. The reason behind that is that we constantly get new information that speaks pros and cons about both of these. The battle rages between those who prefer one or the other. Today we are discussing coffee vs green tea with persons that have anxiety and a lot of stress caused by it.

Truth be told both of these have their advantages and disadvantages in certain scenarios. Coffee is really good when you want to kick start your day early and activate your brain when it is nearing its limits or when you just woke up and you need to operate fully ASAP. With green tea, you get the same benefits but they take a while and there are other things that tea does a bit differently which we will discuss below.

In the anxiety and stress situation, you shouldn’t default to a cup of coffee because by doing so you will increase both by adding a lot more energy to the body, instead of soothing it down. This can be achieved by green tea powder which will give you the kick you need when you need it but that will also soothe you when you are stressed, anxious and on the line.

Coffee is that thing that gives you an instant kick and wakes your core in a matter of minutes and this can be beneficial on certain occasions, but a person that just got some bad news, a person dealing with any type of anxiety or someone that is constantly stressed out needs to take a different route – green tea.

Coffee, in these situations, will give your body so much energy that will be wasted in all the wrong directions that you will lose your focus quickly, you are not going to be able to tackle tasks ahead of you which will eventually lead you to make bad decisions and adding more to your anxiety. What you do in these situations is go for that green tea. A cup of coffee in general will hit you from 200 to 250 milligrams of caffeine while a cup of green tea, depending on the size of your cup will give you 50 to 75 milligrams which should be enough for you to get that perk and pick-me-up you need to get things done without creating more confusion and make your mind and body more discontented.

In the case of Matcha, we will do a quick comparison of these two and show you which one is better, for certain situations of course.

Caffeine digestion


When it comes to digestion you need to know that our body processes caffeine in Matcha a lot differently than in coffee. There is an amino acid in matcha, L-Theanine, that helps us be in a state of relaxation, focus and alertness in one. This amino acid comes from Matcha and it is more pronounced in it while coffee gives us pure caffeine that is a bit harder to process because of that, it adds to the stress and anxiety which in this case is a bad thing. Point for Matcha.

Vitamins and antioxidants

Although coffee is good and can be good for most applications, looking at it from the perspective of general health Matcha takes the points again. The reason behind this is that in Matcha you have a lot more vitamins and antioxidants. Research shows that Matcha is the richest in antioxidants among several other fruits and vegetables like spinach, Acai berries, broccoli and others. The importance of antioxidants is known to most of you but some of the important ones are – helping us to stay younger, fight chronic diseases, fight colds and flues and so on.

No addictions


Whenever you are discussing green tea vs coffee there is a question of addiction. We all know by now that caffeine creates addictions and when you get hooked on it the best way to get it is through coffee. Now with Matcha, this is out of the question. You can drink it as much as you want and you can stop tomorrow without experiencing headaches, energy deficiencies or any other caffeine-related issues. If you think you have a caffeine addiction the best thing you can use to free yourself is Matcha. It will be more than a good replacement that will not leave you craving caffeine ever again.

Energy levels

With caffeine and coffee, you get an energy boost instantly and this is great for certain occasions. What you need to know that with coffee and this type of caffeine is that you will have energy ups and downs and that you will need to drink it more whenever you are depleted. With Matcha, there are no ups and downs and you will feel energized the entire day or a good portion of it without mood or energy swings. This is especially important to people with anxiety because with this they don’t have to go through those energy crises that will only add to their anxiety, grumpiness, etc.

Weight loss


When it comes to losing weight both green tea and coffee are good. With coffee or caffeine, you can get the energy required to do your exercises and keep up with the program. You can also take caffeine post-workout and help your body maintain some of that energy, keep your cells moving and burn more fat in the process. With Matcha, you can both exercise and lose weight much faster. The reason? Well, Matcha increases the thermogenesis of your body to up to 40% which helps burn that fat a lot faster and stops your body from storing it. another thing beneficial in Matcha is that it has Chlorophyll which helps your body detox or expels bad things from your body, like toxins. With this green tea, you are doing two great things in one – energy boosting and burning more calories and fat while exercising and you are doing quality detox which is important for multiple reasons.

As you can see from all of this, I believe that Matcha green tea is a lot better and healthier solution to regular coffee. It sometimes can be hard to make a quick transition but you can try and combine a bot of both for some time before you eventually switch to this green tea in total. It will benefit you in more than one area of your life and health so why not try it today?

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