How to Make Your Own CBD Coffee – 2024 Guide

There aren’t that many people in the world who do not like to have coffee. At some point in their lives, everyone has this ritual of drinking coffee at least once a day. Reasons are different, but the majority would say they like to indulge in a cup after a hard-working day, or in order to wake up. Hardworking people like sober up with it, and it has become their main fuel for the day. But what if there’s a way to make this cup of coffee also a stress-relieving ritual? Since the anxiety at work is something many have to cope with, wouldn’t it be perfect if a cup of coffee could offer you a chance to sober up, and relieve some stress off your shoulders? With a little help from CBD oil, it is possible.

Let’s Take a Look at Why Coffee and CBD Are Good for Us…

There are several properties of coffee that make it the beverage of choice for so many people. First of all, the aroma actually has anti-anxiety properties. Only its rich scent immediately makes us feel good, which can also help alleviate nervousness. Also, coffee is a natural antioxidant.

The benefits of CBD on the other hand, are well known. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps fight depression and anxiety. However, together with all the other ingredients that hemp contains completely affects the human body. Which is the reason many states worldwide decided to make their products completely legal. The industry took this as an opportunity and decided to develop different products through which one can consume it, and enjoy its beneficial effects. For example, at Happy Garden, you can choose to buy anything from pure oil to gummy bears and face creams. No wonder so many athletes are embracing this oil as their daily routine. But, let’s return to the subject – the coffee.

What Exactly is CBD Coffee?


So, you have coffee. Which in itself is rich in extremely beneficial amino acids, alkaloids, caffeine that keeps us awake, other micronutrients, and other things we’ve already mentioned before. And then put CBD in it, known for its anti-inflammatory properties. What you get is a very high-quality and healthy product, at least in theory.

To make coffee with CBD, all you have to do is make a cup and drip a few drops of CBD oil inside. However, as this oil has a slightly earthy, bland taste, what you will get may not be very tasty for you. That is why people have invented coffee in which CBD is infused, in a process in which cannabinoids bind to natural oils that are already in its beans.

In this way, the taste of coffee is stable and as you expect, and it is enriched with all the standard benefits of CBD.

Is There a Way to Make Your Own CBD Coffee?

The answer is yes. There are a couple of ways, actually, one of them was already mentioned – buying CBD-infused beans to brew your coffee. But this guide wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention at least two more. So, here they are…

1. Adding oil directly to your coffee


As was previously mentioned this may give your coffee a bit of earthly taste, but some may like it, so we encourage you to try it regardless of what others say. The process is simple, just pour a couple of drops of oil into your already made cup of coffee. As for how many you should pour, it depends on the type of oil you use.

The advantages of making your coffee like this are the easy dosage. A disadvantage would be the taste and the fact that it may be hard to mix coffee with this oil.

2. Making coffee using a CBD infused honey


This method might be more suitable for those who prefer their coffee sweet. Luckily, infused honey is available for buying in most CBD shops, therefore all you need to do is purchase one, and sweeten your coffee with it. However, the dosage is something you need to pay attention to in this case as well.

The advantage is that honey blends perfectly with coffee and has its own health benefits. A disadvantage would be when you want a stronger CBD effect, but cannot handle a cup of coffee too sweet.

What Does the Experience of Others Say About Consuming Your Coffee Like This…

The experience of people who combine this oil with caffeine is that it can alleviate the nervousness that caffeine causes to the body. It has also been noted that with the addition of CBD, people who drink caffeine experience a reduction in anxiety and nausea that they otherwise felt. The mixture of this oil and caffeine leads to a focused outburst of energy, without the negative effects that are often associated with daily caffeine consumption. So, in a way it controls the negative effects coffee brings you.

Final word

Nowadays, this oil can be consumed in so many ways, thanks to the creativity of the people who produce it. By dripping directly under the tongue, by smoking, in the form of a dried hemp flower, or by smoking an electronic cigarette that is filled with e-liquid with the addition of it. Any of these methods can be combined.

The best effect is obtained when dripping directly under the tongue, but you can also drip it into the coffee. The process is slower, but we still like it when it drips directly under the tongue because it passes through the digestive tract with food and fluid.

CBD is known to soothe and gently relax the entire body. In fact, if you drink three cups of coffee, we warmly recommend combining them with it to bring the body into balance. It is way better than using medications, as it was proven multiple times that it does no damage to the organism. In a way, it’s a herbal type of therapy.

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