Seven Reasons to Play Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of Duty is a first-person shooting game that was created by Activision in 2003. The Modern Warfare update of the game was released in November 2019. Besides giving an amazing shooting experience, Call of Duty gives a realistic experience that helps you stay hooked on to the game to the very last minute.

Play the campaign and experience the best twists and turns. Also, in this article, we will try to avoid spoilers as much as possible. In this game, the name of the shooter is Barry Solane. He plays the role of captain price in Call of duty, Modern warfare.

Unlike his previous endeavors, in this update of the game, he has taken a more significant role in this game. He is much more focused on the work at hand as compared to his previous versions. Most of the other characters in the game are new and only a few have appeared in the previous version. The other two primary characters in the game are Alex and Kyle Garrick. The story is centered around the environment of modern times. Moreover, it is not futuristic or historical.

Three fractions are pitted in the story against one another. There are switches between Alex and Kyle, and you will have to bounce here and there all over the place to complete several missions.

From the beginning to the end, the campaign of Modern Warfare is quite challenging, tense, and brutal. However, it is one of the most beautiful experiences provided by the CoD MW service. After all, it is the Call of Duty, and you cannot expect an emotional and profound story out of the game. All you can expect is intense shooters packed with a lot of action, several jargon, a few relatable characters, and violence all around.

Get to experience everything in an excellent campaign, and you will be thrilled by one of the most amazing experiences. Call of Duty; Modern Warfare feels different this year. Experience the game through the eyes of a first-time player and stay awe-struck with one of the exciting adventures.

Let us know a few reasons why you should choose to play Call of Duty; modern warfare.

If You have not bought the Call of Duty, Modern warfare yet; then we go over seven reasons as to why you should buy it. Read on to know:

  • Right Pricing


Believe it or not, the price of a co-combatant captain is just right for the audience. The price is set in such a way so that you can again go back into the battle. Act as a moral arbiter sometimes with the Call of Duty, Modern Warfare. The legacy is capitalized very well, and a new dimension of familiarity is added. If you have not yet played the game, grab it today at the best possible rates online.

  • Smart Narratives


The narratives of the entire game are so real. They move ahead as we do in real life. In the later scenes, as you move forward in the game, you will see that Farah and her brother have grown old. They become wiser as well and have no fewer capabilities to fight along with you. The campaign has added backstory from the heft of the campaigns. The game has a renegade justice of cinematic sense, revenge, and much more. No more spoilers!

  • Campaign mode


The players did not much like the last incarnation. It lacked the decision to cater to the players. They just wanted to play through a narrative story that was self-contained. The problem no more exists, and its remedy is found. However, the solution is not too deep. It is just done for those who are not familiar with online co-op battles.

  • Confronting Characteristics


It is not just a dog of war that people are playing. There is a sequence in the game when the player takes the role of a Middle Eastern girl named Farah. She is terrified but is very brave. He is defending herself and her brother from the Russian soldiers who are after her. She will also protect herself from the chemical weapons used.

  • Variety in Mission


Beyond destroy and seek, things get mixed up in Call of Duty very well. For instance, in one mission, you will have to guide an embassy worker to stay safe by using a cell phone and a video camera. Whereas, in other missions, you will have to control an assault aircraft taking out varied gunning positions. There is an additional feature where you can tag a target easily with the help of air support.

  • Pure Realism


The multiplayer format in Realism is a brilliant addition. You will find it seated somewhere in between the core and hardcore modes. You can consider more damage here, without a shot being taken out. With this game, you can learn to play at high speed. This game is just for you if you are looking to develop your multiplayer skills effortlessly. Hence, it has much more beyond imagination.

  • Battle Royale whispers


This is one of the best formats and was not included when released for the first time. It is not just in the industry standard for 100 players format either. According to the rumors, it has 200 players, and all of them can compete for a solo at any time, if necessary. You can also fight in duo or quarter teams. It has a great deal of buzz, and the game is an excellent update from the previous Call of duty.

The final words

The most recent Call of duty, modern warfare, is a bit of triumph. The new themes are questionable in the game and are notwithstanding.

With its current warfare release, the game has gained considerable popularity. It is ultimately the game people are craving for. This version made the game very popular among high schoolers at the turn of the decade.

It is filled with violence that is fast-paced and no other shooting game, stands, a chance against it. Enjoy a thoroughly immersive experience with this game!

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