Kids Love Dinosaurs – What’s The Catch?

This is an Oviraptor, this is a Velociraptor, and this is my favorite – Tyrannosaurus Rex. These very large ones are Brachiosaurus and Apatosaurus and they have a long neck to eat the leaves. Did your child ever tell you something like this? Do you also have a small paleontologist at home?

If yes, then you must have restored your knowledge of the great extinct creatures. Maybe your child learned to list dinosaur species before learning to ride a bicycle? No wonder – dinosaurs are loved by everyone!

We All Love Dinosaurs, But Why?


Almost every boy and girl becomes obsessed with dinosaurs at one point in their preschool or early school life. These creatures, extinct 65 million years ago, somehow found their way into curious children’s minds. OK, we weren’t better either – remember the Flintstones and their “pet” Dino? Even today, dinosaurs are loved by both children and adults.

Sometimes it seems in almost the same way. The dinosaur phase usually affects six-year-olds who are already beginning to understand some of the basics of science. But some children enter this phase much earlier – as early as two years old. The love for these extinct giants often does not give up and can last throughout elementary and secondary school.

Sometimes, that doesn’t stop during college or after graduation. Therefore we can often see adult men and women wearing dinosaur t-shirts, or collecting figures for them, etc. But back to the kids. Why and how are they captivated by animals that are long gone, never seen on any farm, and are scary and bloodthirsty?

1. Kids Love Dinosaurs Because They’re Scary

Children will be more obsessed with dinosaurs than cats or dogs. So, what’s the reason for worshipping dinosaurs and remembering all their Latin names that are even hard for us to remember? The reason is simple – they must engage their imagination for dinosaurs.

The reason why children are not bothered by the fact that dinosaurs are terrifying is that they know very well that these creatures no longer exist. Even the most delicate flowers among children will choose T-Rex as their favorite dinosaur, though they know that he was huge, fast, with terrible teeth and that he ate other dinosaurs.

2. Kids Love Dinosaurs Because They Can Do What They Want


We usually pick cartoon characters like Peppa Pig who teach our kids good behavior. We read them instructive stories in which heroes brush their teeth before bedtime and eat all their fruits and vegetables. And then, we read books about dinosaurs.

About how they ate tons of breakfast leaves, about how they had strong and killer extensions on their tails that they could defend against other dinosaurs who wanted to eat them, and about dinosaurs waiting in ambush. And kids love listening to it. In children’s minds, dinosaurs are free beings who could do whatever they wanted on planet Earth. And no one scolded on them for not brushing their teeth.

3. Kids Love Dinosaurs Because They Have Cool Skeletons

Believe it or not, dinosaur bones are fascinating to our children. In some museums, one can find replicas of dinosaur skeletons, but you usually have to travel far to visit such museums. However, you can find a quite good alternative for your little ones. Specifically, there are companies that deal with dinosaurs in various ways. Among other things, they can offer you animatronic dinosaurs for sale or skeleton and fossil replicas of these extinct giants.

How do they look, click here and find out… These replicas look very authentic, and you can find them at very affordable prices. Just imagine the joy of your little one when he or she takes a picture next to the skeleton of the huge head of the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex. You might get scared, but not your kids. They don’t see these skeletons as something awful. For children, these skeletons are the only real connection to their obsession – therefore, it’s cool.

Should A Child’s Obsession With Dinosaurs Be Incouraged?


Kids can sometimes really scare us when they are obsessed with something. If that obsession takes control of your child’s life, you should prevent it. But, dinosaur obsession is not something you should ban or restrict to your kid. And when you already have something that your children adore, it should be turned over for good purposes.

1. Reading books about dinosaurs with your child

Reading to children has so many benefits. For a kid who may not like a book, but loves dinosaurs, you can make reading more close through the stories about these big lizards.

2. Dinosaur puzzles

Puzzles will provide so much benefit, no matter how old your child is. Of course, you will offer two-year-olds simple puzzles, while 12-year-olds will play with those of 400 or more pieces.

Through puzzling, the child exercises fine and coarse motor skills. Your children will also exercise memory and concentration. And if they love dinosaurs, they will surely want to match the puzzles with pictures of Apatosaurus, Brachiosaurs, etc.

3. Learning letters with dinosaurs


Children can learn letters with the help of their favorite dinosaurs. A great present for the kids could be a dinosaur magnet box that has alphabet letters and magnets of different dinosaur shapes, as well as dinosaur information cards.

4. Dinosaur cartoons and documentaries

If you have entered the dinosaur stage, you can use it to watch the good stuff on television or a tablet. Cartoons like The Train of the Dinosaurs or Discovery’s short films are full of great things.

5. Dinosaur stickers

Kids love to glue. When they see a sticker, they must immediately place it on a wall, on a hat or a T-shirt. If these stickers can be peeled off and re-glued even better. Offer your child a nice dinosaur sticker kit. You may be amazed to see your 4-year-old sticking dinosaur stickers in groups! Who knows, maybe this love for dinosaurs does last, so one day your child becomes an archaeologist, paleontologist or naturalist. Or just wear dinosaur printed t-shirts.

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