How to Make The Most of Your Time in World of Warcraft?

So you’ve started playing the legendary World of Warcraft Classic for the first time, or you’ve returned to this outstanding game and you want to know how can your experience be even better?

This game is one of a kind, and even if there are now plenty of similar games, not one of them is that good as WoW. But sometimes things can get difficult and nerve-racking, and the main problem you can be faced with is time. Meaning that this game can be quite time consuming, and we don’t mean in the sense of plain playing. To have great results you need to do a lot of side tasks, and that can distract you from actually playing the game.

We are here to help you with our tips on how to make the most of your time in World of Warcraft. If you want to become a pro and enjoy this game, continue reading this article.

Always Loot Everything


Everyone will say this too you, and they will be right. You should always loot everything if you want to collect good stuff. Even the grey items are good for picking up, and you should not be avoiding them, you can always sell them. Try to pick everything up that comes your way, items that are dropped by your enemies for example. If you don’t have enough space for collecting new items you can sell them or you can mail them to another of your characters.

You Need Bags


You can craft bags by yourself easily with the Tailoring profession, but there are also other solutions. Sometimes you can see a bag being dropped and you can pick it up. Or you can ask in chats, General or Trade one if there is someone with tailor skills that can make you a bag. Many people will do you a favor and make you a bag for free, or for a small gift. Like with the previous tip, you can always send bags to your other characters, or you can use them for additional bank space as you upgrade.

Learn Good Professions


If you don’t want to go around and ask other players favors then it would be convenient to learn a profession. This can help you in the game if you need to craft a piece of equipment or you need to make gold, and remember gold is very important (will get back to that). And when it comes to choosing a good profession it depends on your character. You will want to learn more, and always be sure to combine professions that go well with each other. Blacksmithing goes great with Mining, and Alchemy goes superb with Herbalism. See what will best fit your character and what you will need the most in the game, and learn that.

Stick To Your Faction’s Zone


You know that there are some neutral zones that can be used by anyone. But some zones are reserved only for specific factions. And this is where the magic happens, always go to your faction’s zone, as much as possible. Why is this important? Because there are a lot of benefits you’ll get. You will also have more time to spend completing quests because you will reduce your run-ins with the enemy.

Gold Gold Gold


Gold is the most important currency in WoW. There is also Copper and Silver, but you can’t do much with them as you level up unless you decide to use wow classic power leveling which you can find at Boosthive. Make your priority to make as much gold as you can. You will get gold by completing a quest and selling items to vendors. When we mentioned you need to loot everything and stick with anything that you find this is what we meant. Even the things that are not significant to you, and things that are not useful, you can sell. You can also sell items on the Auction House. When you defeat your enemies or when you steal for them if you are rogue, you will also get gold. But there are also other ways to get gold, to find out more about that click here.

Visit Dungeons


One of the best ways to level up is by visiting dungeons. You will need friends for that, but you can easily find them in General chat or around your level. With them, you can complete a couple of dungeons. This will help you boost your experience and shorten the time questing.

Go To An Inn


This is important when you want to log out. Be sure to not just simply log out, but rather go to an inn and then log out. You can do this anywhere in the capital city, but if you are too far away and you need to travel a lot you can go to any inn. Once you log out while in a rest area your character will get rested XP and that will increase the experience you get by 200 percent when you kill your enemies. This way you will get rested XP four times faster than if you log out somewhere else.

Enjoy The Game

This is the most important tip that we can give you because we assume you are playing this game because you love playing it. Don’t get too stressed and just enjoy the gameplay. Do what you like and do it at your own pace. The less you stress about unimportant things, the better experience you’ll have

These tips were of course for the World of Warcraft Classic because what’s better than to play a Vanilla game. If you follow them, your experience will be outstanding and you won’t want it to end. Also, be sure to research on which professions are best suited for your character and be smart when choosing, because that’s something that will help you a lot while playing and upgrading. Follow these tips for great and stress-free gameplay and savor every bit that this game has to offer you.

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