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Top 5 Celebrities Who Love Flowers

Lifestyles of the famous and the rich are always in the news and while most things about their project and love lives hit the front pages and the things we hear much less about are their interests and personal hobbies. Unsurprisingly there are a lot of celebrities who are big flower fans out there. Here are some of the biggest celebrities who love flowers.

Elton John

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Sir Elton John is one of the most flamboyant characters in the music industry and he loves flowers in his home, however, a lot more than people may think. It was reported that in the year 2000 there was an investigation that put all his expenses in a spotlight during a legal dispute that Elton John had spent over 300,000 UK pounds on flowers in just a few years.

During the court deposition, when he was questioned on his extraordinary expenses on flowers, he simply replied: “Yes, I like flowers”. Although this is paled in comparison to the nearly $1 million on average that he spent in one month around the time, which he admitted that he was spending like crazy during that period.


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If you are a big fan of the Smiths then it will not come as a surprise that Morrisey, the lead singer of the band is on this list. When the band was at their top, the eccentric lead singer was regularly seen carrying a huge bouquet of daffodils and gladiolas on stage or on his clothes. The reason for this was because he was inspired by Oscar Wilde.

The habit then spread to their fans who would also bring bouquets of flowers and throw them on the stage, which was a pleasant contrast when compared to the more unpleasant things thrown at other rock concerts. Morrissey has also elaborated on his love for flowers “I think flowers are very beautiful things, very nice and innocent things. They don’t harm anyone”.

If you got inspired by these stories and feeling like delivering flowers to someone you care, check out Flora Queen.

Leonardo Di Caprio

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This Oscar-winning actor is a big lover of green and eco-living having already started his own foundations focusing on environmental issues, and heavily investing in solar energy and trying to reduce his carbon footprint. He has also stated that he is a great fan of flowers, requesting florists to dress his homes in Europe and LA before he arrives to stay.

Jennifer Garner

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Regularly photographed carrying around large bouquets and vases of flowers. This Hollywood actress is well known to frequent the many farmer’s markets around Boston and Los Angeles, with delphinium, sunflowers, and gladiolas as her favorites. Another proof that she is a big fan of flowers is because she has used floral-inspired names for her children, Seraphina Rose and Violet. She definitely is a huge lover of flowers.

Katy Perry

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The colorful singer is another huge fan of beautiful flowers. She buys flowers daily with her favorites being peonies and hydrangeas. Most recently she was surprised by her now fiancé on her birthday by being “buried in flowers”.

So these are just a few of the famous celebrities who love flowers even though there are a lot more we did not mention.

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