Celebrities Who Are Also Musicians

Imagine a life you just saw out there on the big screen, red carpet, high profile parties, all you can eat and drink, with people waiting for you to spot them – sounds pretty amazing? Celebrities have that kind of social-power onstage and they are often seen with admiration by the “commoners”.

People tend to overlook the efforts and energy required for a person to be successful in show-business and only focus on the bright side of the story. Understanding the bigger picture will only increase the value of the mentioned celebrities and their work.

Actors are a specific group of celebrities that genuinely surprise us when they want to. After countless hours of demanding efforts, they invest in roles that shape there next project, a lot of energy and will-power is burned, we would think so.

Still, actors are versatile personalities that generate will-momentum from different creative sources. Music represents the source of interest for many various celebrities out there, no matter of their primary profession. We have done the research and prepared a list of celebrities that are also into music.

Idris Elba


What can you say about Idris Elba that is not positive? He is the first A-list Hollywood star that we are going to mention in this article. We still feel for him because he is not the next 007, but we hope he will be soon. Whether for his topnotch performance on the big screen or red carpet, he has fans all over the world in love with.

Known for his open-minded expressing attitudes, he has earned respect in off-the-movies fields. Still, many people don’t know that Idris is an actor that has been on the crossroads between music and movie career.

At the end of the 80s and the start of the 90s, he made his name as DJ Big Drills experimenting at the time. He abounded the calling of music to focus on the movie stage and soon came back to his passion.

Idris is well-known today for his singles Private Garden, his cooperation with names like Sean Paul, Timbaland, and many others. Elba is a successful actor, singer, DJ that has managed to perform even on the royal wedding mentioning that was one of his highlights in life. Keep on bringing the more of the same, please Idris.

Bruce Willis


My personal favorite is the second actor-musician legend of Hollywood Bruce Willis. The unbreakable connection between movie stars and music and the other way around has been present for as long as we can remember.

Bruce made his name with staggering performance in various movies that will be classics and examples of quality for time to come. The star of Die Hard had his mind on music and performed to exceptional dimensions in the 80s. In the year 1987, Motown released his album The Return of Bruno, the successful combination of Pop and R&B was a hugely popular album at the time.

Probably the most recognizable music video, in our opinion from Bruce, is the live performance of the song Save The Last Dance for Me. With a smile on his face, he gets the crowd on their feet in a second, and everything feels and seems so easy, right? With his charm and singing skills relaxing and giving that smoothing according to chillout radio.

A significant number of people still are under the impression that the song mentioned above is his, only because he made it his own. The Hollywood legendary actor plays the harmonica every chance he gets, and we hope to see him making waves again soon.

Ryan Gosling


The in-demand Canadian actor Ryan Gosling is a surprise to many people to be included in this list. All the blockbusters movies have his stamp face on it, but some songs are his also (like  City of Stars recently released).

If people were to watch the Mickey Mouse Club and the performance of Ryan in the song Cry for You, along with a certain Justin Timberlake back in 1993, they would be blown away. His singing capabilities were recognized at a young age, but he decided to focus on his acting career more.

Besides knowing how to sing and becoming a Disney star, Gosling always had music in his blood. Maybe his first choice in the show-business is family entertainment through movies, but music seems to follow him around.

This Canadian actor and musician plays the piano stunningly good, knows to make the guitar cry, and sings beautifully. People think that he is the lucky one when they see his wife, Eva Mendez. Still, he is a class actor, musician, proud father, and devoted husband. We are sure to hear and see much more from him in the years to come.

Will Smith


No actor from this generation has been in the spotlight and recognized as a multitalented person for acting and singing as Will Smith has. He began his emerging as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, where he’s singing, and acting skills were recognized on the big screen.

In the early 80s and the start of the 90s, Will collaborated with Jeff Townes using his popularity from the series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, to its benefit. Before becoming the world-wide known in Men in Black, he started his solo singing career in 1997.

And absolutely every person on the globe at the time was dancing to his bits from the movie. The famous actor and rapper still have a point to prove, and the next 22 years after the hit Men in Black, he keeps creating more hits.

Will Smith has influenced his son, Jaden Smith, into the acting and singing waters, making an excellent example of a job well-done. It’s no wonder that Mr. Smith has four studio albums, 18 singles, and over 20 music videos to his name. With such a successful acting career, he has managed to have an incredible music career also. We can’t wait to see his next project whatever it may be.

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