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Kim Dotcom Net Worth 2024 – Famous Hacker and Entrepreneur

Kim Dotcom is a famous 43 years old internet hacker and entrepreneur. He is also well-known for his website Megaupload. Kim has great skills in hacking computers since he was a teenager. If you want to find out more about his private and business life, and his net worth you should continue reading this article.

Early Life

His real name is Kim Schmitz, and he was born and raised in Kiel, in West Germany. Kim`s father is German, and mother is Finnish, he is from a mixed marriage. He said for himself that he hacked almost all the secure US websites, including NASA and Pentagon.

At the moment, he is the richest internet magnate in the whole world. In his early twenties, he was even arrested because he hacked a mobile company and was selling private information from a phone-calling card.

Probably you heard for his famous website Megaupload, where people can store and share all kinds of files, or view and download shared files from other people. On the website, you can find all kind of music, TV series, and films.

Megaupload was on the 13th place in the list of the most visited website on the internet, but seven years ago it was shut down because of piracy. Kim Dotcom introduced  Bitcontent venture for Content uploaders, to earn money, which is similar to Bitcoin Trading. Now-a-days there are many apps that help in easy trading of Bitcoins. Here is a short review on bitcoinera, which helps you learn about how the app works

Lifestyle and Current Allegations

His lifestyle we can call an extravagant and luxury because he is an owner of many cars and yachts, and his last name Dotcom is an homage to the moment in his life in 2015 which made him a millionaire. In his luxury collection of cars, he has a Rolls Royce and a pink Cadillac. He loves to spend time on his yachts and travel to interesting places in the world. He also owns a helicopter and a beautiful mansion in New Zealand.

He lives in New Zealand from 2010, but after seven years, in 2017 New Zealand court wants to extradite him in the US because he was accused of racketeering, money laundering, and wire fraud.

Kim Dotcom denied all the accusations and said that all charges are part of the big Hollywood film studios grunge and that his lawyer is working very hard on to win this case.

After 2012, when the Megaupload was put out, he formed another website named just Mega. On this website, you can store and share all kinds of files but it has the protection of encryption.

Kim Dotcom's Family

He was in a marriage with Mona Verga, which lasted for five years, from 2009 to 2014. Kim and Mona have five children. At the moment, he is married to Elizabeth Donelly.

Kim Dotcom is also present in the music industry with his album called ’’Good Times’’. He also has four popular singles.

A Net Worth of Kim Dotcom

His net worth is estimated at around $200 million, and the majority of this income came from Megaupload because it had 180 million registered users.

At the moment he fights a battle of his life because the US wants too extradited him to the US to validate conviction, and if that happened he will be 55 years in prison, and all his fortune will go to the Hollywood studios.

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