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How Long Does it Take to Detox your Body of Toxins – 2024 Guide

Detox diets have reached tremendous popularity at breakneck speed as they have, somewhat, fortunately, become a trend. Today, you will even hear about them from the conversations of random passers-by on the street. Or, more often, from women at the table next to yours in the cafe, who’ll passionately explain to their friends how great it is and swear that she was reborn once she started practicing it. Even if you aren’t very familiar with the detoxification process and its beneficial properties, you must have at least once wondered what the best way to cleanse your body would be. Harmful substances lurk everywhere – they are transmitted by touch, breathing, food intake, through the skin… and all these toxins are deposited and accumulated in our body. Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

So, when certain periods come and when you would rather grumble because you have gained weight and because your love handles are sticking out of your jeans… First, think about the fact that it’s only an external consequence – the internal ones can be much worse and more destructive.

Some see detoxification as a miraculous and beneficial solution for excess weight, skin, hair, and nail problems, which is mainly true, but it’s a misconception that this can be achieved in the blink of an eye. The process of getting rid of excess and detrimental substances and matter doesn’t happen in one day – it takes a little longer to make sure these substances are away from you.

How does detox (or cleanse) happen?

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First thing – are you aware of how miraculously and perfectly the human body is made? As a human species, we are endowed with organs and parts of the body that help us every day to eliminate waste that is introduced into our bodies in one way or another. Through the skin and sweating, through the liver, kidneys, and intestines and their functions, piles of such substances come out of it: that’s the way our body struggles with external as well as internal influences.

These, but also many other organs are under their constant invasion, so the main goal is to actually improve their condition and deprive them of everything that isn’t good.

The main way to achieve this is to completely change the diet. You already assume that this aspect is most responsible for the harmful substances that settle in us. Mainly because we enjoy food that, in addition to being high in calories, also contains certain undesirable ingredients and substances.

This includes numerous chemicals used to treat fruits and vegetables, emulsifiers, preservatives, and other similar substances. If taking care of our diet isn’t our strong point, we’re often unaware of their presence and negative effects.

So, removing toxins comes along with following the main tips. If you hardly remember to have even a cup of water during the day, you’ll have to change this habit by ingesting large amounts. Be prepared to replace coffee with unsweetened teas and lemonade and eliminate all sources of fat, cholesterol, sugar, and other substances that can lead to numerous problems.

So, how much does it take for our body to get rid of these?

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It’s important to understand right at the beginning that a few days of adhering to the rules of diet, regular sleep, and healthy life aren’t enough to get rid of everything that’s undesirable from your body. However, it’s up to you to decide how much and in what way you will practice this regime.

Because you know yourself best, you’ll be able to determine for yourself how long and how often you’ll want to repeat this process. However, that doesn’t mean that three or seven days will bring a huge change. It can either be the beginning of more serious engagement in this field or turn into a failed attempt.

Indeed, after the initial crisis that will certainly last for a few days, when you’ll want to eat everything you have in the fridge and probably be nervous, in the first few days your body gets used to the new situation. It’s during this period that you may not feel better at first – on the contrary, you may experience fatigue, nervousness, drowsiness and you may feel that this has no effect at all. However, when these two or three days pass, you’ll already be able to feel the progress.

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Of course, this routine doesn’t mean that you should drink only juices and water – this sequence of events can lead to excessive weakness and depletion of precious substances that our body contains. However, if you intend to remove as many harmful substances as possible in a short period of time, seven days is the optimal amount of time needed to see the first shift. Yet, this doesn’t guarantee that your body will be completely cleansed.

Some experts state that this is enough for average results, and after that you’ll definitely feel better, more energetic and healthier. If you think that this regime suits you, and if it doesn’t endanger your health in any way, you can continue with it as much as you think you need and as much as you like.

It has been medically proven that it takes about a year for old cells to be regenerated and swapped with new ones, and the same amount is needed for the complete detoxification of the organism. After that amount of time, all the toxins contained in the tissues will be eliminated. So, basically, it’s up to you and depends on you. The more you practice it, the sooner the overall state of your organism will improve.

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If we’re talking about cleansing due to drug intake, MedSignals seems to be quite a reviewer among virtual places of this kind. According to its articles, there are rather successful supplements like Toxin Rid or Detoxify Mega Clean that help marijuana enjoyers cleanse their organism within 10 or 7 days, which, you must admit, seems to be pretty quick. Does Toxin Rid work? How do you use detox kits? What’s the recommended dose of Rescue Detox and other assets of this kind? Well, it’s easy to find out precisely thanks to them.

However, this helps only in case you don’t want any traces of prohibited substances to become visible after urine drug tests or any other kind of examination. Again, you’ll need more time in case you really want to remain absolutely ‘clean’ for other reasons – between six months and a year, for sure.

Before you decide what kind of cleanse seems the most appropriate to you, you should make sure you possess enough knowledge within this topic and explore further. A doctor is always the most helpful option, but when you want to do the research by yourself, then it might be best to turn to books and the internet. There are various types of diets and regimes, as well as some great reviews accessible all around the online world, but the only thing that matters is the fact that it needs time. Nothing happens overnight – with a little bit of patience and much strong will, there comes your health appreciation: don’t let it run away!

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