Top Signs of a Good VPN and Top Signs of a Bad VPN – 2024 Guide

Market these days is loaded with numbers of VPN service providers. They are all very busy attracting people with discounts and feature-rich services. Many VPNs are free, however, others seem expensive. In this situation, people often get confused about how to choose a VPN and ensure a safe browsing experience on the Internet. Before selecting any service it is good to read articles like this one to know the signs of a trustworthy VPN.

It is important to know that governments, ISP, social networks and many other organizations always try to track your Internet activities. In addition, many hackers are interested to put their hands on your data too. Moreover, with the increasing cases of cybercrime, one should be more careful to avoid identity theft-related issues. 

Before you choose any VPN service to protect your online activities, it is better to recognize the common signs of a good and bad VPN. 

Top signs of a good VPN


Your VPN must be capable enough to protect your information from hackers or thieves. It is possible only if you choose a trustworthy service provider. Below we have listed five signs of a good VPN to ease your selection:

They have a clear logging policy

Many VPN service providers maintain a log of all browsing activities of their users. They save complete information about your IP address (to see your IP address visit, websites your visit, etc. Well, this thing may not be troublesome for those who are not worried about privacy but in case if you are, these logs are a big threat. 

A good VPN service provider has a clear logging policy about which kind of data will be extracted from your Internet traffic. Make sure your VPN has a do not sell your data to third parties. If you’re looking for the most robust safe and secure VPN service, head over to this guide on, there are some safest VPN reviewed which are suitable for protecting your online activities.

 Clean leak tests

One should always test VPN periodically. The way to do so is by checking your IP address. If when using the VPN, and when not connected to it, the IP address is the same, it means your VPN is not protecting you.

 Top ranking in test tables

As we already discussed that market is loaded with numbers of VPN service providers. If you want to choose the best one, it is important to compare the available options. The good VPN service provider will always rank on the top to ensure a highly secure browsing experience.

 Good VPNs are usually paid

There is no doubt to say that paid VPNs are much more reliable as compared to the free VPN. reports that free VPNs make money by selling user data to make a living. Paid services do not rely on your browsing activities to earn money. It is better to look for a good quality VPN with the most suitable premium plan. 

Reliable and fast support

Good VPN service providers are always ready to serve their clients with top-notch customer support. They use multiple lines for connections including live chat, email support, and sometimes, phone calls also. It allows customers to access them fast in different circumstances. 

Top signs of bad VPN


In order to avoid getting trapped into cybercrime or privacy issues, it is also important to know the signs of a poor VPN service. Below we have highlighted a few of them:

No reputation

It is always good to check the specific VPN service reputation on the market. As per the common scenario, the new VPN provider offers new perks in terms of features or prices. Users need to check if they are better in actually protecting privacy. A VPN service must have a good reputation in terms of encryption, speed, and support.

Cheap rates, comparable to free VPN

All VPN providers are always eager to attract more customers. Bad VPNs do so by lowering the price of the service. One should always be aware of the VPN service that is available at a very low cost or free. Also, they make more efforts while running promotions and advertisements.

Imitates other popular VPN services

While finalizing your VPN service provider, always check if it has its individual identity in the market or they are just trying to copy some reputed VPN provider. The fake ones have websites resembling some existing reputable VPN service providers. It is their trick to fool consumers so one should try to stay safe.

It has limited information on the website

If the VPN service provider has mentioned details only about pricing packages, you must get suspicious about it. It is good to find detailed information about the company, its contact info and check how many customers they are already serving in the market. Also, you must be able to connect to them via emails, chat, telephone, or any other medium of communication.

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