A Battle Of Nord VPN vs Express VPN – 2024 Guide

With there being so many VPN services out there right now it can be sometimes difficult to know which ones are the best and the ones that you should use. In recent years, the need for privacy and anonymity on the internet has increased significantly. Whether you want to secure your information from millions of hackers and malwares online or you want to access a website restricted in your region, a VPN is what you’ll need to do so. Two of the very best companies available right now providing VPN services to customers are Nord VPN and Express VPN. Offering different things to different customers, these two are battling it out to see who is the best. We have taken our own look at them in order to finally determine which one of them you should use. To read another comparison of these two VPNs, go here.

What Is A VPN?


VPN, or Virtual Private Network, extends a private internet connection, allowing users to share information between devices without the devices actually being connected to the shared or public network. As a result, the advantages of a VPN range from accessibility, security and administration of the connection. One of the primary reasons that users connect to VPNs is to encrypt their information, reducing the chance of their device being hacked and their information being stolen.

VPNs were initially developed to provide corporations remote access to other branches and resources. However, in recent years, the technology has become prominent amongst average consumers. As of now, internet users may connect to VPNs to access blocked websites or content restricted to other geo-locations, or just for their own security. VPNs form a virtual end-to-end connection for a network, making the network think as if it were actually present in another geo-location.

What Is NordVPN?


NordVPN is another virtual private network (VPN) service providing company based in Panama, since there are no compulsory information retaining regulations in the country. NordVPN is available to download on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS and even Android TV devices. It can be installed manually onto internet routers and NAS devices.

As of April 2024, the company has 47 virtual servers in 19 cities and 8 countries across the world, allowing users uninterrupted access to their favorite websites regardless of where they reside.

What Is ExpressVPN?


ExpressVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service distributed by Express VPN International Ltd., a registered company of the British Virgin Islands. The company presents the application as an internet anonymity and security utility, allowing users to encrypt their information to the on-going public traffic on the internet and protect their IP address(es).

ExpressVPN is available to download on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux and even internet routers. As of March 2019, the company has more than 3,000 servers based in 160 countries and 94 locations, including Canada, France, Germany, Spain, and many more. This ensures that users receive uninterrupted connections to all their private and public networks.

Nord VPN VS. Express VPN:


Express VPN is known for having lots of different security features incorporated into their service. Because it is really easy to use, their service is perfect for those individuals who have never used a VPN before. Should you ever experience any issues with the service, then the company can be easily contacted thanks to the 24 / 7 customer support that they provide. The feedback that they give is highly precise whilst also being personal at the same time. Express VPN uses in the region of 3,000 different servers that are located in 94 countries and territories across the world, thus providing their customers with a good level of global server coverage. Because 3 % of these servers have virtual locations, it means that there are less areas where the Internet speed is slowed. As a result of all these different functions and features, the VPN service comes with an expensive price tag. For a month’s subscription to their service it costs $12.95 per month. However, if you pay for it on an annual basis, this goes down to $8.32 per month.

Nord VPN promises its customers super fast connection speeds, as well as being highly functional. It offers customers a good level of privacy, as it does not log any of their online activity. In fact, because their server is based in the Central American country of Panama, it is actually against the law for the company to share any of their customer’s personal information. These things make Nord VPN great for sharing large files via a peer 2 peer distribution application. However, the speed that customers experience when downloading torrent files are not that fast. When being used on an Apple Mac computer there is no system wide kill switch for customers to use. The service is very reasonably priced and so is ideal for those customers who are looking for a more budget VPN service. A monthly subscription to the service costs just $11.95 and if you purchase an annual subscription instead, the monthly cost comes down to just $6.99 per month.



The winner of the battle of these two VPN services is Nord VPN. This is mainly because of its fast connection speeds, good functionality, and its attractive pricing plans. However, Express VPN is not far behind with its functionality and uninterrupted connection to servers in 160 countries across the world. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your needs. If you care about pricing, Nord VPN is the obvious choice for you. However, if you’re more interested in accessibility to more virtual networks all over the world, Express VPN justifies its increased subscription pricing.

We hope this article helped you in any way to determine which VPN is the finest for you, based on your requirements.

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