10 Bad Food and Drink Habits That Can Damage Your Teeth – 2024 Guide

A beautiful, healthy, and bright smile is something that everyone wants. As everyone probably knows, the food we eat is as much important for our oral health as flossing and brushing. The reason why all the things we drink and eat affect oral health to such an extent is in the bacteria that these foods cause.

Proper nutrition can considerably prevent the development of various dental diseases and contribute to making your teeth whiter and more beautiful. Also, a preventive visit to the dental office is always a good decision, but regular oral health care is necessary because you cannot have constant supervision of your dentist.

The oral cavity, much like the intestines, is inhabited by over 800 different bacteria. Most of them are good bacteria that contribute to the optimal condition of teeth and gums. But there are also bad bacteria that can cause health problems.

That is why it is not a coincidence that we can often see healthy teeth next to apples or fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet and avoiding foods that are bad for teeth and gums will certainly have a positive effect on your smile, mood, and overall health.

1. Sugar


For those who already take care and avoid sweets after a meal, unfortunately, that does not necessarily mean that you do not eat food that contains sugar. It is one of the ingredients that is hidden even in food in which you would not expect it at all. Sugar is an integral part of your favorite juice, ketchup, salad dressing, muesli, bread, etc.

Most sweets get stuck between teeth and stimulate the bacteria in the mouth to convert sugar into a substance called exopolysaccharide. When this substance covers them, harmful bacteria settle more quickly and impair the strength and health of teeth.

2. Gummies and dried fruit

The first one probably seems like a completely logical thing to be on this list, but where do dried fruits come from, hm? Both gummy candies and dried apricots, figs, plums are full of sugar. Nevertheless, that is not the only reason why they have a bad impact on our teeth.

Sweet snacks like these leave a sticky layer over the teeth surface, which allows sugar to more easily stick to them. Dried fruit is certainly a much healthier alternative to sweets, but it is true that your teeth do not make much of a difference between dried apricots and some sweet snacks.

3. Snacks


The harmfulness of chips and other salty snacks consists of their content and texture. Crispy food bothers our teeth the most, and not just that, salty snacks also have a high level of starch, which, when in the mouth, converts into sugar.

If that didn’t convince you how much chips don’t suit our teeth, here’s another reason to opt for popcorn rather than chips:

Just like gummies, chips have a tendency to get stuck between teeth and thus attract various harmful bacteria.

4. Citruses and highly acidic foods

Although it may come as a surprise, lemons and oranges are not in a group of fruits that are most suitable for teeth. Too high acidity in food and drink is dangerous because it damages tooth enamel. For those with sensitive teeth, try to reduce the intake of citrus, lemonade, tomatoes, alcohol, and highly acidic drinks. Their excessive intake can affect enamel and lead to overexposure of nerve endings in the teeth.

5. Cereals


Another food you probably didn’t expect on this list is cereals. However, they are not suitable for teeth for a completely different reason.

Due to the high content of phytic acid and gluten, which burden digestion, the body loses the necessary minerals (including calcium). Instead of cereals, a great alternative is rice, quinoa, millet, and gluten-free cereals if you want to ensure healthy teeth and a beautiful smile in the long run.

6. Energy drinks

All energy drinks, including those we drink while working o or running, are full of refined sugar, and not only that, they often include a lot of different sweeteners and acidic ingredients that destroy tooth enamel. For those who need something more than “just” water, opt for drinks that naturally contain electrolytes.

7. Protein and muesli bars


Although they are always presented as healthy food or snack, it is often just the opposite, and their ingredients include many sugars and grains that are not good for oral health.

If muesli plays a big role in your diet, then a great solution would be to make your own mix, because then, you can add nuts, almonds, honey, along with a bunch of other healthy foods that will only contribute to your overall well-being.

8. Alcohol

As we have already mentioned, alcohol contains too much acid and sugar. Also, alcohol reduces the hydration of the body and affects the amount of saliva in the mouth. Saliva has the function of establishing an optimal atmosphere in the mouth that will feed the good bacteria and gradually wash away plaque from the teeth.

9. Coffee and tea


Not surprisingly, coffee is not something that works well with white teeth. Something that often happens with the people who take great care of their oral health is a habit to brush their teeth after every cup of coffee. It is something that specialists do not recommend, as it can actually be counterproductive because when doing so, one can cut and scratch their gums.

These two drinks that are a huge part of almost everyone’s day also have a severe effect on the color of your teeth. We are not saying that one should stop consuming them. Just try to drink enough water while sipping your favorite hot beverage.

10. Ice

After everything mentioned above, someone could think – well, this is just water, just in a different state? No sugar, no harmful acids, no risk of dehydration…Ice is perfectly okay for teeth! It’s true. The ice itself is just fine until someone starts biting it.

If there is damage to the tooth enamel, ice can finish up the work and create a painful and pretty problematic crack. Also, there is no need to chew ice, and one should use it only to cool favorite drinks.



The holidays are coming. It is a time of relaxation and delicious meals. That is why everyone should pay special attention to regular dental hygiene as it is a time of frequent carbohydrate meals. Regardless of the fact that dentistry has advanced so much, we advise you to be responsible and take care of your oral health because the most beautiful smile is a healthy smile, and since there are too many choices, especially when it comes to the toothpaste, you can also check thebeastreviews, and find the best one for you.

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