5 Ways Clogged Gutters Can Damage Your House

With the beginning of autumn, rainy days are becoming more frequent – and they put our homes in front of new challenges. One of the very important items is the regular cleaning of the gutters. The price of gutter cleaning varies significantly. However, it is one of the basic things when it comes to house maintenance. If you don’t clean the gutters regularly, damage to the house can occur – which can cost you even more. Sometimes people don’t take this issue seriously enough. Therefore, we will draw your attention to 5 ways how clogged gutters can damage your house.

Gutter Cleaning Is Important For The “Health Of Your Home”


When we deal with household chores – we mostly deal with what is in front of our eyes. Things we don’t see are often overlooked, and one of them is gutters. Before the beginning of heavy rainfall and the first winter months – the safety and cleanliness of the gutters are of great importance. A clogged, or gutter full of accumulated dirt – will not be able to receive larger amounts of water and conduct it. That way, it will overflow during the first heavy rain. This is especially dangerous in houses where roofs don’t have a drain ditch over the walls. Then, the water flows through the walls – and there’s no need for a special explanation of what consequences this may have. If the water goes between the insulation and the wall – it can cause big problems.

Even houses with drain ditches are not immune to the overflow of water from the gutters. It is because the water will fall next to the house, splash on the walls at the bottom – and in that place, walls will absorb moisture. That will cause them to decay. And all this can be prevented very easily.

Autumn: The Right Time To Clean Gutters


Autumn is the right time to pay some extra attention to gutters and roofs. This is especially true for houses near which some trees reach the lower edge of the roof with their height – because such objects collect much more dirt. High roofs and houses which are away from greenery don’t have to be cleaned that often – because even if some dirt appears, the first heavy rain will wash it away. Gutters are usually cleaned in late autumn – that is, when the falling of leaves is completely over. However, if you didn’t do it before last winter – then early autumn may be a good time to check the condition of the gutters. That way, you are going to be ready for the coming rainy days.

How To Clean Gutters On Your Own?


The cleaning procedure is quite simple, provided that it is not a multi-story building. All you need from a serious tool is a ladder. You can clean the gutter with a stronger plastic brush – preferably on a longer handle or a stick. This way, you will be able to clean a longer length of gutters in one take. Another option is to take the plastic bag, remove dirt from the gutter by hand – and put it in the bag. That way, there will be less clutter around the house. Don’t be surprised, but in more neglected gutters you will find soil – and maybe even plants that grow from it. With gutters that are regularly maintained – cleaning will be much easier.

How Clogged Gutters Can Damage Your House?


The outer elements of the buildings form the protective wrapper of our living and working spaces – and they are constantly exposed to the wind, rain, and sun. So it is with gutters. Insufficiently well-maintained gutters can also do great damage to your home. Many homeowners don’t take this issue seriously enough. They only seek help with gutter cleaning when the damage occurs. And what is it that can happen? What kind of damage can clogged gutters cause at home? Here are some of the most common problems.

1. Problems with walls and foundation of the house


When you have a house with several gutters, it means they need regular maintenance. When you don’t do it regularly or you don’t do it properly, one of the biggest problems can occur – and that is the collapse of the foundations of the house and the structure of the house. Any gutter that works properly will drain the water along its entire length and flush it out. The rain then overflows and in the fall it reaches the sewer opening which will take it further. If the gutter is clogged, then you can expect problems, so experts like are needed. The water can’t pass because of the blockage – so it seeks its way and usually erupts and spills on the walls. Also, water that has accumulated in the lower part can collapse the foundation of the house. In that case, the water causes small erosions, which can lead to cracking of the foundation – and that can be very dangerous.

2. Damaged or broken gutters


If your gutter is not cleaned properly – there’s a high chance that it will become clogged with accumulated leaves, earth, or twigs. When the gutter is clogged, then the water has nowhere to go. Instead of going out – it accumulates inside the gutter, filling it slowly to the top. Under the pressure of the accumulated water, the gutters often burst, – most often at the pipe joints. Moreover, during severe congestion and accumulation of large amounts of water – gutters can separate from the roof. Such a situation will cause significant material damage – but it is also potentially dangerous for people who are nearby.

3. Damage to ceilings and interior


Obstructed gutters can make water spill inside your house. Obviously, outside walls and exteriors will be harmed first. However, in case that the protection, that is, isolation in your house is poor – you can count on having multiple issues inside the house. The walls or ceiling will endure first. The water will penetrate behind the gutters, wrecking the external wall – providing good conditions for moisture, condensation – and the appearance of mold. In the cold weather months, it can be worse because ice likewise collects in gutters – which causes extra issues during the melting process.

4. Wet basement

This can also be a problem even with gutters that are not clogged – so be careful. The key is to have good waterproofing at home. If this is not the case, water can flow down your foundation – and penetrates the basement. Keep in mind that walls without good waterproofing are porous and leaky. This can lead to flooding, the appearance of mold – but also rodents that can inhabit your basement.

5. Insects


With the appearance of moisture, there are also insects. First of all, mosquitoes that like moisture very much. We will agree that no one likes mosquitoes in the house or yard. But the moisture that comes out of the gutters can be the ideal habitat for these little bloodsuckers. Also, the accumulated leaves and mud inside the gutters – can be a suitable environment for bees and wasps that often place their nests there.

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