6 Things to Expect From the Online Gambling Industry in 2024

Online casinos continue to attract more and more people, especially during 2024, where the main reason for such popularity is linked with lockdown measures because of the coronavirus pandemic. Also, improvements in digital technology and the implementation of online platforms on mobile devices are playing a big role in online gambling popularity. Online gambling already surpassed the land-based casinos, and we expect further development and new features available over online gambling platforms. One of the main reasons why online gambling became so popular is that anyone can choose from thousands of games and play them from home or during the lunch break at work. If you never played slots, poker, sports betting, and many other types of gambling, you can easily find free games online where you can practice and learn all the rules.

Also, if you are interested in trying out some of the best online casinos, visit The great benefit of online gambling is that since there is great competition, most online casinos are offering great deals and bonuses to attract more players to create accounts and place their deposits. Also, you can choose from a wide selection of games with modern graphics and an advanced interface. Companies that are developing and updating these games are constantly improving the system and making more attractive games. Considering how fast the tech industry is advancing, we expect even more innovations related to online gambling in 2024.

1. Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies


Like with many other industries, the crypto market is also affecting the online casinos and betting houses by implementing advanced methods for payouts and deposits. We already have many online casinos that are using blockchain technology. However, the biggest change that is related to crypto payments is that most online casinos are not offering bonuses when you use cryptocurrencies for your deposit. Many people think that policy will change in 2024. Moreover, developers started using blockchain technology to create improved and more secure games.

2. More Focus on Dangers of Gambling Addiction


The only downside of modern online gambling platforms is that they are easily available over smartphones. That increases chances for addiction, which is a serious condition where people just can’t stop gambling more and more and losing much more money than they could afford. Also, there are other issues possible as well, such as depression and anxiety, which are big problems in modern society. There are already some regulations that prohibit the promotion and advertisements of gambling in many countries. Besides that, a lot of online casinos have introduced a feature called Game Stop, where you can delete your account and never be able to create a new one on the same website. When it comes to the year 2024, we expect that even more online casinos will include this option. Also, officials should raise awareness of gambling addiction and try to educate the public about that.

3. Popularity of E-Sports Betting


E-sports are getting more popular over the years, and we will have a chance to watch some of the best players in Rocket League and Street Fighter while competing for the medal. Also, there is a great chance to watch professionals in Forza Motorsport, PES and FIFA, NBA 2K, NFL, and more. During 2024, we notice that many bookkeepers started offering people an option to place a bet on various e-sports events. One of the reasons for such a popularity of e-sports betting is that we didn’t have any live sports events for a long time, especially during April and March, where most of the world was in quarantine. The only way to place a bet on some event was to gamble on e-sports. This option is still under development, and we expect that bookkeepers will try to improve and include a much bigger offer when it comes to e-sports matches in 2024.

4. Smartphone Apps


Being available for smartphones led to such popularity of online casinos in the first place. There is an increasing number of online casinos that are developing their smartphone apps, and there will be even more of them next year. The advantage of gambling over the phone is that you can play all kinds of games whenever and wherever you want, along with the possibility to easily deposit or withdraw your funds. Also, existing apps will get new updates that include an improved interface, better graphics, modern design, and more.

5. Increased Competition


While many states prohibited casinos many years ago, the situation with online platforms is much different. The fact is that it would be very hard to stop people from gambling online, even if you introduce such measures. People can install VPN and choose any website out there. Therefore, many states made online gambling legal. On the other hand, the potential downsides related to current popular online betting platforms is that big corporations became interested in this branch, which might lead to the introduction of new platforms owned by NBC, Fox, ESPN, MGM, and more.

6. VR Systems


We can already try out several online casinos with this option, but the real hype related to augmented reality and 3D casino games is expected during the next year. With virtual reality, gambling reaches a new level of entertainment. People who prefer land casinos will surely be satisfied with this new model of gambling from home. With a proper headset, you can have almost the same experience as when you are in some land-based casino. Also, there is the ability to chat with other people, watch each other at the same table, and more.

Last Words

Since the introduction of the first gambling websites in the 90s, this branch is developing by using the most recent technology updates. After the introduction of faster internet connection and reliable hardware options in the mid-2000s, online gambling started to become one of the most entertaining things for many people in their free time. The specific thing related to 2024 is linked to the pandemic and how lockdown measures affected people to become more interested in playing all sorts of online casino games. Many people faced this option for the first time this year, and popularity can only grow bigger in 2024.

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